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Number plates as an investment

You may be buying your personal number plate to personalise your car, to hide its age or simply as a bit of fun, but did you know that you may also be investing in something that will bring you a nice profit should you decide to sell it in the future?

A healthy market

Private number plates, once an elitist flourish seen only on the luxury cars of the rich and famous, have become a universally popular way for car owners to personalise their vehicles.

There is still exclusivity at the high end of the market but people now realise that there is a wide choice available, with something to suit every budget.

This growing popularity has driven the growth of a multimillion-pound industry around the buying and selling of car registrations. Astronomical sale prices frequently make the news and every number plate auction seems to produce at least one record-breaking or headline-grabbing sale.

Since it began selling personalised registrations in 1989, The DVLA has sold a staggering 6 million registrations.

Recent data shows that the British public owns a staggering £4.3bn worth of private number plates and personalised plates are now taken into account as assets when bodies such as the Office for National Statistics calculate the UK's national wealth [1].

Chart showing percentage increase of valued items

The hidden value in your private plates purchase

In recent years, alternative investments such as classic cars, wine, jewellery etc have consistently gone up in value and have often outperformed traditional stocks and bonds.

The value of private registrations over the same period has shown a similar trend. Actually, in percentage appreciation terms, top quality private registrations have performed even better than classic cars, antique furniture, watches, wine, art or jewellery. Here are just a few examples showing how much the value of good registrations can grow.

Registration 1st Sale 2nd Sale Overall Increase
2 TL £3,500 (1995) £48,200 (2020) 1277%
JAM 3S £9,200 (1998) £95,000 (2021) 933%
1 AJT £8,800 (2001) £72,000 (2021) 718%
AY55 HAA £1,500 (2015) £9,800 (2019) 553%
97 J £9,000 (2011) £55,000 (2018) 511%
80 WES £4,700 (2012) £25,000 (2021) 432%
CAS 51N £2,400 (2019) £12,500 (2021) 421%
BLA 6K £3,500 (2007) £17,000 (2019) 386%
P14 STA £3,250 (2018) £7,750 (2020) 138%

Who buys?

There is no shortage of millionaire and entrepreneur owners of private car registrations. These astute people earned their reputations and their fortunes by investing wisely. Here are just a few of the successful people who have come to Regtransfers for their private registrations: you will know their names.

Duncan Bannatyne with his 23 D number plate

Duncan Bannatyne

of Dragons' Den

Theo Paphitis with his number plate RYM 4N

Theo Paphitis

of Dragons' Den

James Caan with his number plate 28 JC

James Caan

of Dragons' Den

David Gold with his number plate D6 OLD

David Gold

Co-chairman of West Ham United and owner of GGI and Ann Summers

Kelly Hoppen with her number plate T8 UPE

Kelly Hoppen

of Dragons' Den

Sir John Madejski with his number plate 1 JM

Sir John Madejski

Founder of Autotrader

The bottom line

Unlike a car, a private registration holds its value very well indeed. Furthermore, a well-chosen registration may bring a genuine investment benefit and, ultimately, a very tidy profit!

Let's find yours!

Our sales advisors are available to help you find your perfect number plate.

And they are rather good at finding great combinations that you've never thought of.

Call us on 01582 967777, 9am - 9pm, 7 days a week.


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