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Car Make & Model Number Plates

There are several ways to choose a personal registration number that reflects the make or model of your vehicle. Most obviously, you can try to find a combination that represents the letters spelling out the make or model’s name. For example, H1 LUX would be the perfect registration for a Toyota Hilux; JEN 553N would be excellent for a Jensen Interceptor and SAA 8S for a Saab Sonett.

It can be quite hard to find good representations spelling out the make/model names - especially for popular cars - as the demand is high and the number of available combinations is limited. Where the brand consists of initials, such as BMW, MG and the like, there are often many more examples still available and a larger pool to choose from.

The limited pool to which we alluded above is not necessarily a bad thing. For those with an eye on investment, snapping up the very best examples can provide profitable resale opportunities later on. Our magazine, The World of Personal Number Plates featured Ferrari dealer John Collins, who paid more than half a million pounds for the registration 25 O. When one considers the prices paid for classic Ferrari cars, and the fame achieved by that registration when it became the UK’s most expensive auction number, it is very likely that Mr Collins could find a willing buyer for 25 O at a much higher price than he paid. All it needs is one determined and wealthy Ferrari 250 GT owner with money to spare.

Similarly, it can also be easier for vehicles whose manufacturers use model numbers instead of, or as well as, names. Combining a car model number with one’s initials can produce striking results. 911 BD, for example, would be a fine choice for a Porsche 911 driver named Brian Davies.

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