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Auction Fees

Listing Fees

A fee will be charged upon listing a registration in the auctions. The higher value of the starting price and the reserve will be used to calculate the fee as follows:

Lower Amount Higher Amount Listing Fee
£0.00 £4,999.99 £10.00 (+VAT)
£5,000.00 £9,999.99 £15.00 (+VAT)
£10,000.00 £24,999.99 £20.00 (+VAT)
£25,000.00 £49,999.99 £50.00 (+VAT)
£50,000.00 and over £100.00 (+VAT)

Re-listing Fees

If your registration does not sell, for example if it does not meet its reserve price, you can re-list it within 30 days of the end of the auction and the following re-listing fees will apply:

Lower Amount Higher Amount Listing Fee
£0.00 £4,999.99 £5.00 (+VAT)
£5,000.00 £9,999.99 £7.50 (+VAT)
£10,000.00 £24,999.99 £10.00 (+VAT)
£25,000.00 £49,999.99 £25.00 (+VAT)
£50,000.00 and over £50.00 (+VAT)

Selling Fees

If a registration is successfully sold at auction, Registration Transfers will be due a selling fee as detailed below. This selling fee will be deducted from the amount that we return you. The fees are as follows:

Lower Amount Higher Amount Sale Fee
£100.00 £999.99 20.00%
£1,000.00 £2,499.99 15.00%
£2,500.00 £9,999.99 10.00%
£10,000.00 £24,999.99 8.00%
£25,000.00 and over 5.00%

Selling fees may vary from time to time. The selling fees payable on an auction sale will be those displayed when the registration was listed in the auction, not those on display when the auction begins or ends.

What is a Buy It Now price?

If you wish, you can set a Buy It Now price. If you enter a Buy It Now price, someone could bypass the bidding system and buy the mark at the Buy It Now price. For example, you may enter a starting price of £1000 but a Buy It Now Price of £1995. In this event, a customer could buy the mark for £1995 even if there are bids up to £1994. If bids are equal or over the Buy It Now price, this option will disappear and the bidding will continue. The Buy It Now price is an optional extra that costs £5 plus VAT.

What is an Enhanced Listing?

This option is a great way to make your listing stand out as it will push your listing to the top of the auction results with along with any other Enhanced Listings. This will also add a premium search term and be included in the rotating auction advert on the front page of the Regtransfers website. An Enhanced Listing is a premium option that costs £15 plus VAT.

If you have any questions, or need any help, please remember that we have staff here every day, who will be happy to speak to you on 01582 473788 or email us at: