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The search panel below features tabs that give you a number of search options. Super Search is an all-purpose search that will suggest matches based on the details you provide. Naughty Numbers and Jobs & Interests are self-explanatory, themed selections. The Make Your Own approach allows you to construct your own personal registration in prefix or current registration formats.

With millions to choose from, we are sure that we will have just the plate for you. Happy searching!

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Find Your Perfect Plate
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There are many ways to approach the quest for a personal number plate. Some people prefer a plain, clear name, while other people prefer something a little less obvious - their initials, for example.

The plates we show here might be suitable for someone named Ray, who was celebrating his 55th birthday on 19th March. The first registration represents a kiss (X) on Ray's 55th Birthday. In the second registration the M represents March, the month of Ray's birth.

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