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Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions carefully as it governs our relationship with you.

Together with our Privacy policy and our Terms of Use they govern our relationship with you in relation to this website.

Please note

  • In every situation: Sections 1, 14, 16 and 17 always apply.
  • Buying a registration: Sections 2, 3, 4, 6 apply
  • Selling a registration: Sections 5 and 6 apply.
  • If you are using other services: Sections 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 may apply.
  • If you are entering one of our competitions: Section 13 applies.

1. Introduction

1.1 Who we are and what this document is

The website is owned and operated by Registration Transfers Limited (also referred to in this document as 'we', 'us', 'our', 'Regtransfers' and 'The Company'). We are a company registered in England. Our registered office is 139 High Street South, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU6 3SS. Our company registration number is 3933658 and our VAT number is 403 9563 55. You can also contact us via our contact form or by phone at 01582 967777.

1.2 What this document is

You may make a copy of this document for reference. This document is called the 'Terms'. It is:

  1. is a legally binding agreement between any user of our services (whether online or offline) (called a 'User', 'you' or 'the Customer') and us. It is the legal rules that govern our relationship; and
  2. is accepted by you if use our website or use any of our services (including telesales services and our Internet social networking pages and channels). If you do not agree to the Terms, then you may not use our website or services.

1.3 Version of the Terms

This version of the Terms is dated 16 October 2013. We may update these Terms from time to time at our discretion by displaying changed terms on this website. However, the version of these Terms that is current when you visit this website or use of any of our services, will apply whenever you use this website or our services.

1.4 What we do

We deal in rights of entitlement to display vehicular registration marks (called "Registrations" in this document). Note: When we use the word 'own' to mean ownership of Registration, we mean the person who has primary rights at the time, subject to government authorisation.

1.5 Governing law and jurisdiction

English law shall apply to these Terms and to any dispute which may arise out of, under, or in connection with these Terms or services we provide. You irrevocably agree that the English courts will have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise out of, under, or in connection with these Terms or any of our services.

2. Buying a Registration

2.1 Sources of Registrations

This Section 2 applies when you want to "buy" a Registration for yourself or someone else. We may promote and deal in Registrations as follows;

  1. For Registrations we own ourselves, we may make these available for you to buy (by way of transfer), subject to these Terms and
  2. for Registrations which we do not own, we may broker a deal between you and the owner, for transfer of the Registration from the owner to you, subject to these Terms; and
  3. for Registrations which the government owns, we may make these available for you to buy from the government (by way of transfer), subject to these Terms.

NB: All purchases of Registrations are conditional and are subject to availability and to other conditions set out in these Terms (see for example paragraphs 2.6 and 2.7).

2.2 When a Contract is complete

A contract to transfer a Registration between us and you or between you and a seller of a Registration (where we are brokering a deal) (which we call a 'Transaction') is only complete when we send you an email confirming the Transaction is complete or, if your contact with us is by telephone, when one of our telephone operators specifically confirms to you on the telephone that the 'sale' or Transaction is complete (which will only ever be at the end of (but not at the start or otherwise during) a phone call. We may also ask you to pay a deposit which is non-refundable.

2.3 Two types of supply

When you "buy" a Registration, the Registration can be transferred in 1 of 2 ways. If we agree that it is:

  1. transferred to go onto a vehicle, you must submit (or make sure there is submitted) to us the correct documentation within 4 weeks of purchase if you require us to transfer the Registration onto that vehicle. (If that documentation is not received in time, or is incorrect in any way, we reserve the right to place the Registration onto a 'retention document' or a 'certificate of entitlement' (known collectively as 'Certificates') and (where practicable) supply the Registration in this format, recovering any costs of doing this from you); or
  2. transferred supplied on a Certificate, you must transfer it to a vehicle by the expiry date of the Certificate. This is your responsibility. However, there are some Registrations that we cannot supply on Certificates. For these, you must supply the correct documentation (as described in paragraph 2.3.1) so that we can supply that Registration to go onto a vehicle.

2.4 Transfer time

All transfers of Registrations can take up to 12 weeks, although some can be considerably shorter. Although we do often try to give you an idea at the 'point of sale' of the timescale for a particular Registration transfer to be completed, this can vary due to unforeseen circumstances. Also, where we are brokering a deal between you and a seller who owns a Registration, the Registration is held by the seller (and not by us) until he transfers it, so slow action by the seller may occasionally cause delay. However, if a transfer is not able to be effected within 12 weeks of receipt by us of cleared funds and correct documentation from you, at your request, you may cancel the transaction and we will provide a full refund of all monies paid to us.

2.5 Ownership of the Registration

Any Registration in any Transaction remains our property (if we are the seller) or the property of the seller otherwise, until receipt by the seller of the final instalment of all payments for that Transaction. Please note if you are accepted for finance, our standard terms and conditions related to the transfer of registration ownership apply upon acceptance and confirmation of your finance agreement.

2.6 All sales are subject to availability

All Registrations are promoted and 'sold' subject to availability. Although we check the availability of every Registration before promoting it, a particular Registration can become unavailable for a variety of reasons. For example, for a Registration which is not owned by us, the seller may change his mind about selling after he told us to promote it(!) or we may be unable successfully to broker a deal or, for any Registration, human error may occur (although we will always use reasonable care and skill in whatever we do) or the Drivers Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) may have mis-listed a Registration or there may be a timing mismatch between lists they supply to us and the availability of a particular Registration. Please note that if a Registration does become unavailable, we will try and find a suitable replacement Registration or provide a refund in full (which is our exclusive liability). However, where the failure is in some way due to your fault (or that of someone acting on your behalf), we cannot accept any liability of any kind.

2.7 All sales are subject to DVLA and government approval

Please note that all Registrations and transfer of Registrations remain at all times subject to DVLA and government approval (even after you buy them!). Once the purchase of a Registration (i.e. its transfer) has been authorised by the DVLA), we disavow, and are free from, all liabilities regarding the Registration in question. Please note that the Secretary of State has rights to cancel a Registration at any time without compensation.

2.8 All sales are subject to the General Transfer Terms

All sales are subject to the 'General Transfer Terms' in Section 6.

2.9 Your consumer rights

Nothing in these Terms affects any of your non-excludable rights as a consumer. However, please note that the rules regarding cancellation and return under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 do not apply to a personalised product or service (such as a right to display a particular vehicle registration or number plate). Our services in respect of supply of Registrations begins immediately on formation of a contract with you to buy a Registration and cannot be cancelled.

2.10 Price fluctuations

At any time until there is a binding contract in place between you and us (or between you and a seller in some cases where we act as a broker), prices of a Registration may be subject to change without notice. However, all prices displayed by us are correct at the time they are promoted, except that although we make every effort to ensure that advertised prices are correct, we acknowledge that occasional errors can occur. If you purchase a Registration from or through us that is subsequently found to be incorrectly priced, our liability shall be limited to a full refund of any monies paid on return of the Registration (which is something you may have heard of known as 'errors and omissions excepted')

2.11 Extending Certificates

Some Certificates can be extended by us but only where we are the 'purchaser' or 'grantee' on that Certificate. If you want the Certificate to be extended and it is a Certificate that can be extended, to extend the Certificate for 10 years you must pay to us before the Certificate expires.

2.12 Be clear in what you are buying

It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you supply the correct details of a Registration you want to buy. This is true whether you are entering characters online or saying them over the phone. In the latter case, since many letters sound the same, you should use the standard NATO phonetic alphabet, or similar aid to clarity, when referring to the characters in a Registration.

2.13 Rules for use of promotional codes

When using one of our valid promotional codes in conjunction with your purchase, the following apply;

  1. discounts available on selected Registrations refer only to Registrations we own and not to Registrations not owned by us (i.e. owned by a third party seller);
  2. where an end date has been specified for a promotional code, the discount is only valid until that end date;
  3. discounts cannot be "added up". In other words, only one promotional code (or only one discount) can be used per buyer per Transaction;
  4. any discounts must be claimed at the start of a negotiation. Discounts may not be claimed in addition to, or subsequent to, any negotiated reductions to advertised prices; and
  5. subject to paragraph 2.9, subject to applicable law, we reserve the right to suspend, alter or cancel any advertised discount at any time, including prior to the advertised expiry or end date, without notice.

2.14 In case of the withdrawal of registration marks by DVLA

Very rarely, under exceptional circumstances, DVLA may withdraw an issued registration number and prohibit its use. This may be because the registration number resembles an offensive or controversial word, phrase or acronym, or for some other reason. In such a case, where Regtransfers sold the registration in question, the sale was completed successfully and the registration number assigned to a vehicle or provided on a Retention Document or Certificate of Entitlement, Regtransfers will accept no liability should DVLA later withdraw the registration.

All sales are conducted in good faith and no responsibility is accepted for subsequent action by the issuing authority. In such cases, any claim for compensation pertaining to the withdrawal of a number must be directed to DVLA and not to Regtransfers. Regtransfers considers it DVLA's responsibility to ensure, before release, that all registrations issued are safe and appropriate for display on vehicles.

3. Price and payment if you are buying a Registration

3.1 Price

Once you enter a Transaction (a word which is defined in paragraph 2.2), you are liable to pay the price agreed (called the 'Price').

3.2 Other amounts

  1. Some Registrations are subject to VAT
  2. All Registrations are sold subject to Department of Transport fee. However, we will always make clear the total Price.

3.3 Payment

Any full or part payment of the Price is non-returnable (unless the transfer of the Registration cannot proceed as we set out in paragraph 2.6). Also:

  1. f part payment is taken at any point, then the balance of the Price shall be due within 7 days, unless alternative payment arrangements have been made and confirmed by us in writing. Failure to pay any balance within the time limits specified will result in the forfeit of any monies paid and the Registration will be placed back on the market; and
  2. The maximum amount of any transaction that may be paid by credit card is £10,000. Any balance in excess of £10,000 must be paid by another acceptable method

3.4 Cancellation charges for cancellation or overdue payments

If any scheduled payment for a Registration becomes overdue, we may cancel the Transaction by giving you written notice of cancellation. In that case, or if you cancel the Transaction, we will:

  1. retain any deposit you have paid (which is non-refundable);
  2. in addition, charge you a cancellation fee of 20% of the total Transaction value (i.e. the Price);
  3. retain any payments we have received from you in excess of these amounts (except if you have used our Payplan which has separate terms about this); and
  4. place the Registration back on the market.

4. Finance if you are buying a Registration

4.1 Price

Once you enter a Transaction (a word which is defined in paragraph 2.2), you are liable to pay the price agreed (called the 'Price').

4.2 However;

  1. credit is provided subject to status;
  2. our online retail finance partner is V12 Retail Finance Limited (a trading name of Secure Trust Bank plc) and any contract for finance is between you and them. (Please see paragraph 4.5 for details about V12 Retail Finance Limited.) Registration Transfers Limited trading as is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is the broker and not the lender. Our registration number is 683825. Registration Transfers Limited offers credit products from Secure Trust Bank PLC trading as V12 Retail Finance. Credit is provided subject to affordability, age and status. Minimum spend applies. Not all products offered by Secure Trust Bank PLC are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. If your finance application is successful, you will enter into a Credit Agreement directly with Secure Trust Bank Plc (V12's parent company) which will be administered by V12 Retail Finance Limited.
  3. to be eligible to be offered finance, you must:
    1. be over 18 years of age;
    2. be a UK resident, with at least 3 years' continual address history;
    3. be or your partner is, in permanent paid employment, self-employed, retired and receiving a pension, working student in part time work or in receipt of a disability benefit;
    4. have a UK bank account capable of accepting direct debits;
    5. have a debit or credit card in your name, which is registered to your address, in order to pay for the deposit (if a deposit is applicable to your purchase)
    6. have a valid email address and phone number
  4. have the registration documentation delivered to the address where your credit/debit card is registered; and
  5. we reserve the right to decline to offer a finance option should any error cause the "Finance" option to appear alongside an ineligible Registration.

4.3 Finance stands alone

Finance may not be used in combination with any negotiation, price reduction offer, discount, code, voucher or other promotional activity that might normally reduce the price of a Registration. Finance is available only for a Transaction for a Registration at the full advertised price.

4.4 Finance payments

All monthly payments are paid by direct debit from your personal bank account. Typically the first payment will be due 1 month after the date of your finance agreement with V12 Retail Finance and subsequent monthly payments will be due every month for the length of your term, on that day of the month.

4.5 V12 Retail Finance Limited (A trading name of Secure Trust Bank plc)

The consumer credit service is provided by V12 Retail Finance Limited (a trading name of Secure Trust Bank plc). V12 Retail Finance Limited is Registered in England and Wales under company registration number 4585692 and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under Firm Reference Number 679653. There registered office is Yorke House, Arleston Way, Solihull, B90 4LH and correspondence address is 25-26 Neptune Court, Vanguard Way, Cardiff, CF24 5PJ.

V12 Retail Finance Limited act as a credit broker and introduces you to Secure Trust Bank Plc, its parent company. If your application is successful, V12 Retail Finance Limited will receive a commission, the amount will vary depending on the product chosen and the amount of credit taken out.

Secure Trust Bank PLC. Registered in England and Wales 541132. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Registration number: 204550. Registered Office for both: Yorke House, Arleston Way, Solihull, B90 4LH. Visit V12.

5. Selling a Registration

5.1 Price

Once you enter a Transaction (a word which is defined in paragraph 2.2), you are liable to pay the price agreed (called the 'Price').

5.2 What we do

If you want to sell a Registration we might do 1 of 2 things (each a 'Sale Transaction'):

  1. we might buy your Registration ourselves so that we are the Buyer, where the contract with us is complete once you agree with us the price you will sell it to us at (called the 'Actual Selling Price'); or
  2. we might try and find a Buyer for your Registration, acting (on our own behalf) as a deal-broker. In this case, you tell us the minimum price you would be happy to accept for your Registration (called the 'Minimum Price'). (During a negotiation that we broker, you may raise or lower your Minimum Price.) We then enter into a conditional contract with you that you must sell us your Registration for onward transfer to the Buyer if (and only if):
  3. we find a Buyer who wants your Registration (called 'Condition 1');
  4. that Buyer is willing to pay a sum so that you end up with at least the Minimum Price (the actual price which the Buyer agrees to pay to us being the 'Actual Buying Price' and the actual price we convey to you that you accept as being the price you will sell your Registration at being the 'Actual Selling Price') (called 'Condition 2'); and
  5. that Buyer pays to us the Actual Buying Price and supplies all necessary documentation (called 'Condition 3').
    1. As we are a deal-broker, we have no obligation to maximise the Actual Selling Price
    2. As a deal broker, we make money on the spread between the Actual Buying Price and the Actual Selling Price
    3. If the transfer is not to take place due to failure of Condition 3, we shall not be liable for any payment to you. However, in this case, with your permission, we will re-advertise your Registration for sale.
    4. Once the Conditions above have all been fulfilled, if you fail to transfer the Registration without good reason, we may pursue a legal action against you for breach of contract. (We may determine what a 'good reason' is at our sole discretion.)

5.3 Conveying an offer and your obligation to sell

When we put to you an offer from a potential Buyer which is at your Minimum Price or above, any verbal or written acceptance of that offer by you is a setting by you of the Actual Selling Price and Condition 1 and Condition 2 will have been fulfilled. At this point, you are legally bound to sell your Registration provided Condition 3 is fulfilled. However, once Condition 1 and Condition 2 have been fulfilled, you may no longer legally withdraw from the obligation to sell unless we tell you that Condition 3 will not be fulfilled. (Please note that we record telephone calls to preserve evidence of verbal acceptances of an offer which may be used in legal proceedings - see paragraph 16.9.)

5.4 Transfer of your Registration to the Buyer

We will always send you a confirmation letter of the Sale Transaction. On receipt of that confirmation letter, you must follow whichever of the following courses of action is applicable:

  1. if the Registration being sold is held on a Certificate, you must send to us as soon as possible (and always within 7 days of the confirmation letter):
  2. that Certificate (which must be current and must not have expired); and
  3. if the Registration is currently assigned to a vehicle, you must send to us as soon as possible (and always within 7 days of the confirmation letter):
  4. the original vehicle V5C Registration Document (also known as the 'log book') - note: this must be the original and NOT a copy;
  5. a copy of the vehicle's current road fund license disc (also known as the 'tax disc') unless the vehicle has been declared SORN (i.e. Statutory Off-Road Notification) with the DVLA. (If SORN is declared after road tax has expired, or if SORN, which is valid for 12 months, has expired, then you must tax the vehicle in order to proceed with transfer of the Registration);
  6. if the vehicle requires a new MOT certificate showing the vehicle's new Registration then you must also send the original current MOT certificate.

5.5 Payment to you

We shall make payment to you of the Actual Selling Price on 'completion' of the transfer of the Registration. 'Completion' is defined as follows:

  1. Completion of Certificate-to-vehicle transfers is when we have received the Buyer's new tax disc and, where applicable, MOT certificate, each showing the transferred Registration;
  2. Completion of vehicle-to-vehicle transfers is when we have received a copy of your new V5C document;
  3. Completion of vehicle-to-Certificate transfers is when we have received the new V778 from the DVLA showing us as the grantee; and
  4. Completion of Certificate-to-Certificate transfers is when we have received the new V778/V750 from the DVLA with the relevant nominee added and our address added as grantee.

5.6 Form of Payment

We will usually make any payment to you by cheque. However in certain cases we may agree to make payment by standard bank transfer directly to the account nominated by you. We reserve the right to pass on any relevant bank charges. Any bank transfer is always subject to standard banking conditions. It is your responsibility to give us correct bank details. We accept no liability for payments that are lost because we were given incorrect bank details.

5.7 Transfer Terms

All sales are subject to the 'General Transfer Terms' in Section 6.

5.8 Auctions

If you are selling a Registration through our Regtransfers Auction service please see Section 9 which takes precedence over anything to the contrary in this Section.

6. General Transfer Terms

6.1 Department for Transport rules

It is illegal to display a Registration before its transfer has been completed by the Department for Transport.

6.2 Changing a vehicle's 'age' through the Registration

A vehicle may not appear younger than it is by changing the Registration. (For example, putting an 'R' prefix registration on a 'P' prefix vehicle would make the vehicle appear younger and is not allowed. However, any prefix registration from 'A' to 'P' may be put on a 'P' prefix vehicle.)

6.3 Registrations on vehicles

Vehicles to which Registrations are to be transferred must be taxed and have valid MOT or GVT (Goods Vehicle Test) certificates where applicable.

6.4 Registration on Certificates

For Registrations on Certificates, the following rules apply

  1. For Registrations transferred on a Certificate to a recipient, we will usually be the 'grantee' or the 'original purchaser' on the Certificate and that recipient will be the 'nominee'. Changes must be made though us. The registered keeper will assume control over that Registration when it is assigned to a vehicle.
  2. Certificates will be valid for a maximum of 10 years. After this, they need to be extended by the DVLA (usually through us as grantee).

7. Our Price Match Policy Service

When you are looking to buy a Registration, before a Transaction we will use reasonable endeavours to try to match or beat any price quoted by another independent dealer for an identical or similar Registration (our 'Price Match Policy' service). Our Price Match Policy will not be applied:

  1. retrospectively once a Transaction has been entered into; or
  2. where we would be unable to do so without pecuniary loss.

8. The New Registration Release Service

When you are looking to buy a Registration, before a Transaction we will use reasonable endeavours to try to match or beat any price quoted by another independent dealer for an identical or similar Registration (our 'Price Match Policy' service). Our Price Match Policy will not be applied:

  1. New releases of Registrations occur at various times as announced by the issuing authority. We offer a service whereby at your request and on payment of the relevant fee, we will try to buy a Registration on your behalf on the relevant day of release.
  2. As with all UK vehicle registrations, a new-release Registration can only be assigned to a vehicle registered in or after the period indicated by the Registration's year identifier code. Alternatively, new-release registrations may be held on a Certificate ready for later transfer to a suitable vehicle.
  3. In the unlikely event that we are unable to secure a new-release Registration on your behalf, we will refund any of the Price you have paid, within 48 hours of the release date of the Registration in question.
  4. All new releases are subject to the 'General Transfer Terms' in Section 6.

9. The Regtransfers Auction Service

9.1 Our auction service

We operate an auction service (called the "Regtransfers Auction") which is open to people registered on our website. The service is available only for DVLA-registered numbers which have previously been submitted by a seller for valuation. This Section 9 applies to that service.

9.2 Operation of our auction service

By listing a Registration in the Regtransfers Auction, the seller is authorising us to advertise that Registration for sale. The advertised price of the Registration will be based on the reserve price, if specified. If no reserve price is specified, the valuation the seller was given by us will be used as the basis for the advertised price unless the seller contacts us to specify a price. After the auction is over, if the Registration is unsold, we will continue to advertise the Registration for sale on behalf of the seller for 2 years from the listing date. Authorisation to advertise may be renewed or withdrawn by the seller at any time within the seller's Regtransfers account on our website.

9.3 How long auctions run for

Auctions run for 7, 10 or 14 days from commencement.

9.4 Price

Sellers specify a starting price and a reserve price. Sellers are contractually bound to sell the Registration if the reserve price has been met. We cannot be held liable for any auction sales which complete with a low sale price, where an insufficient reserve price has been specified.

9.5 'Buy it Now'

For an additional £5 fee, a seller can specify a 'Buy It Now' price, and is contractually bound to sell at this price if a bidder wishes to purchase the Registration immediately without the delay and uncertainty of the auction process. The Registration will be available at the 'Buy It Now' price until bidding has reached or exceeded the 'Buy It Now' price. When a bidder opts to use the 'Buy It Now' feature to buy a Registration and bypass the auction process, the buyer will be transferred to our 'Secure Order Form' to complete the purchase and paragraphs 2 and 3 of these Terms will then apply to the purchase.

9.6 Rules for bidders

Bidders using the Regtransfers Auction must comply with the following rules:

  1. A bidder bidding on a Registration is contractually committed to buying that Registration on winning the auction. Bids may only be retractable in exceptional circumstances at our exclusive discretion (e.g. if a Seller has misrepresented a Registration or does not have any legal rights to a Registration).
  2. For a bidder winning an auction:
    1. the balance, or the greater of £100 or 10% will be taken from the bidder's credit/debit card as a non-refundable part-payment. The bidder then has 7 days to pay the balance before the Registration is placed back on the market (in which event that bidder loses his part-payment);
    2. the bidder will be required to supply suitable vehicle documents for the Registration to be assigned onto (as per paragraphs 2 and 3 of these Terms);
    3. where Registrations owned by Regtransfers as stock numbers are offered for sale in auction, the purchaser will have the choice of having the Registration transferred to a vehicle immediately or of having the Registration supplied on certificate for transfer to a vehicle at a later date.
    4. the conditional nature of the winning bid is the same as that for purchasing (see, for example, paragraphs 2.6, 2.7 and 2.8 of these Terms).
  3. There is a 'transfer fee' of £80 payable on top of a winning auction bid by the new owner.
  4. VAT will often be payable on top of any bid price. If so, this will be clearly displayed at each stage of the auction.
  5. For any Registration in an auction, the current location of that Registration will (where specified by the owner) be displayed on the first bidding page. If the Registration is currently on a Certificate, then the expiry date will also be shown. Bidders should take note of this information as the Certificate may need to be extended soon after winning an auction.
  6. The first time a bidder bids on a Registration, the bidder will be asked to register the credit or debit card to be used to pay the relevant deposit. £0.01 will be deducted using the credit card details submitted as part of a security validation process to validate the means of paying for any auctions won (and it also helps to ensure that only serious bids are entered). Maestro cards cannot be registered for payment of deposits. However, Maestro cards can be used for paying the balance of the cost of a Registration.
  7. Discount and discount offer codes may not be applied to auction transactions.
  8. If a bidder selects to be alerted by SMS text alerts these will be sent when the bidder is outbid on an auction or when an auction is ending soon and the bidder is not currently the winning bidder. Text messages are free of charge.

9.7 Rules for sellers

Sellers using the Regtransfers Auction must comply with the following rules:

  1. A seller entering a Registration into an auction warrants that the Registration is transferable, i.e. that:
  2. It is on a valid Certificate or on a vehicle which is fully taxed and tested;
  3. the seller has legal rights to the Registration;
  4. the seller has previously submitted the Registration for a valuation;
  5. if the Registration is on a Certificate which needs to be extended as part of the transfer process, that the seller may have to pay an extension fee.
  6. By listing a Registration for sale using the Regtransfers Auction, the seller agrees to pay the relevant listing and selling fees as detailed in the schedules on the our auction web pages.
  7. The first time a listing fee is payable, the seller will be asked to register the credit or debit card to be used to pay the listing fee. £0.01 will be deducted using the credit card details submitted as part of a security validation process to validate the means of paying for any listings. Maestro cards cannot be registered for payment of listing fees. All listing fees are non-refundable.
  8. Once a seller's reserve price has been reached on a Registration, that seller may not bid on that Registration (or authorise or procure anyone else to do so). If no reserve price has been entered for a Registration, the seller may not bid (or authorise or procure anyone else to bid) on that Registration at all.
  9. Discount and discount offer codes may not be applied to auction transactions.

9.8 General rules

The following general rules apply to the Regtransfers Auction service:

  1. All participants in an auction accept that we are not responsible or liable for:
  2. the failure of sellers or buyers to provide required documentation;
  3. verification that the conditions for successful transfer have been met, as described (among other conditions in other places in these Terms) in paragraph 9.7.1; and/or for the consequences of failure to have those conditions met.
  4. We may withdraw a Registration from auction at any time and for any reason. (For example, we may do this if we discover that a Registration has been misrepresented or the seller does not have any legal rights to the Registration.)

9.9 Indemnity

Each participant in an auction on the Regtransfers Auction service hereby agrees to indemnify us against all damages, costs, charges, losses, liabilities and expenses incurred by us arising from or connected to the consequences of that participant's failure to comply with any of the rules in this Section 9.

10. Bespoke Finding Service


Regtransfers offers a new registrations sourcing service. This is a procedure by which we identify unissued registrations in which customers have expressed interest and apply to the issuing authority to have them released for sale.


Where the application process is employed successfully, registrations will be released for general sale, not reserved for any single prospective purchaser. Therefore, Regtransfers cannot and does not guarantee successful acquisition of any registration by this service.

10.3 Payment and Fees

  1. Upon receiving an expression of interest from a customer wishing to acquire a registration using the service, Regtransfers provides the prospective purchaser with a Guideline Price. This is the price at which Regtransfers expects to supply the registration to the customer.
  2. If the customer accepts the Guideline Price, and undertakes to proceed with the transaction, that price + VAT becomes known as the Agreed Price (Guideline Price+VAT=Agreed Price). In the event of successful acquisition on behalf of the customer, the registration in question will be purchased from Regtransfers by that customer for the Agreed Price.
  3. The process of researching and applying for release of a registration incurs a one-off Finder's Fee charge of £250+VAT. This fee is payable in advance of the research and application process.
  4. The Finder's Fee is non-refundable unless Regtransfers is unable, within 6 months of the Finder's Fee payment date, to advise the customer of a release month announced by the issuing authority. In the event that Regtransfers cannot advise of a date within this period, the Finder's Fee is refunded in full.
  5. Upon being advised by Regtransfers of the month during which the registration will be released, a 25% part-payment becomes payable immediately.
  6. Upon successful acquisition of the registration by Regtransfers on the customer's behalf, the balance of the Agreed Price is payable by the customer within seven days of the date of acquisition.
  7. There is an £80 government transfer fee on all successful registration purchases.


Regtransfers only accepts the customer's instruction to proceed, and the associated payments, on condition that the customer accepts the Agreed Price that Regtransfers has indicated. If the customer's budget will not accommodate that price then the customer must not proceed.


Although Regtransfers undertakes to inform the customer, within 6 months from the payment of the Finder's Fee, of a date of release for the registration, the release date itself may be several weeks or months in the future.


Should the customer fail to make the agreed part-payment of 25% within 7 days of Regtransfers' announcement (by telephone or email) of the registration sale date, the transaction may be cancelled, the initial finder's fee may not be refunded and the registration may be withdrawn from sale.


In the event that a registration, in respect of which the customer has paid a finder's fee to Regtransfers, should subsequently be withheld or withdrawn from public sale by the issuing agency, Regtransfers' liability shall be limited to a full refund of the fee paid by the customer.

11. The External/Third Party Auctions Service

11.1 Our attendance at auctions on your behalf

We offer a service where upon request, and at our discretion, we may attempt to secure Registrations on your behalf at a third-party auction (including DVLA auctions), that we may attend. This Section 10 applies to that service.

11.2 Establishment of the price you will pay

If we are successful at auction in acquiring a Registration you have asked us to bid on, the price you pay to us can be established in one of several ways (and we call that price the Established Price):

  1. Before the auction we will estimate the price at which we believe the Registration in question will sell at. If you accept this estimate, this price shall be the price you will pay if we successfully acquire the Registration at auction.
  2. Instead, you may select a bid as your maximum bid, which will be the price you will pay if we successfully acquire the Registration at auction. (We will attempt to secure the Registration at or below your maximum bid price provided there is, in our opinion, a realistic prospect of success but we may decline to act on your behalf should we consider your proposed maximum bid unrealistic.) Note: Auctions usually charge fees in addition to the sale price of a lot. Therefore, when deciding the likelihood of success for an Established Price, we will calculate the value of your proposed bid minus the estimated auction fees. This will allow us to assess the sale price that the bid would accommodate. You should allow for fees when judging how much you wish to bid.
  3. Consequence of establishment of the price you will pay: Once we have established the price you will pay, subject to these Terms, you agree that you will purchase the Registration at that agreed price if we successfully acquire the Registration at auction.
  4. Payment: Upon acceptance by you of the Established Price, you shall immediately pay to us a part payment of 25% of the Established Price. (This part payment is not a deposit but is a part payment.) If we successfully acquire the Registration in question then the balance of the agreed price becomes payable by you within 7 days of that acquisition. If we do not successfully acquire the Registration in question, then any part payment you have made will be repaid to you in its entirety (which shall be the whole of our obligation and liability to you).
  5. VAT: Where applicable, VAT and a transfer fee will be payable in addition to the Established Price.
  6. No guarantee of success: We can give no guarantee that we will be successful in any attempt to acquire at auction any Registration in question at the agreed price. You accept that should the sale price of the Registration in question reach a sum higher than the Established Price, then we will cease bidding on your behalf and the Registration will go to the highest bidder as per the terms and conditions of the auction in question.
  7. Your consumer rights: Nothing in these Terms affects any of your non-excludable rights as a consumer. However, please note that the rules regarding cancellation and return under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 do not apply to a contract under this Section 10 as a particular Registration is a personalised product or service. Also, our service in respect of a contract under this Section 10 begins immediately once you ask us to bid on a Registration for you.

12. Acrylic Number Plates Service

12.1 Supply of plates must be legal

You may ask us to supply acrylic number plates, which is a service we offer (the 'Plate Service'). However, Registrations must be displayed correctly according to law. This means that we will not supply number plates in any shape, construction or format other than that prescribed by law.

12.2 Transferability

It is illegal to display a number plate showing any registration number other than the one that has been officially transferred to the vehicle. Your number plate must display the registration shown on your V5c registration document. If you wish to display a different number, then you must acquire and officially transfer the desired registration to your vehicle before displaying it on the vehicle's number plates. It is not possible to change a vehicle's registration just by buying different acrylic plates: an official transfer must be completed.

12.3 Your warranty

You warrant that, in connection with the Plate Service, you shall not misrepresent, alter or wrongly space the letters or numbers on a number plate in any way. Doing so would be illegal.

12.4 Delivery address

For security and traceability purposes we will only send this product to the credit/debit card holder's address.

12.5 Small print on plates

All number plates we supply in the Plate Service will bear "small print" as required by law. (All suppliers have to include this small print.) The small print, which appears discreetly, in small characters, at the bottom of the number plate must include the name and postcode of the supplier, the manufacturer's registered ID code and the British Standard 'BS' number. This small print may not be shown on some number plate preview images that you will see on our website. This is due to difficulty in rendering very small text clearly on-screen. Even if the small print is not shown on the previews you see, it will be present on your acrylic number plates when they are supplied to you.

12.6 Your consumer rights

Nothing in these Terms affects any of your non-excludable rights as a consumer. However, please note that the rules regarding cancellation and return under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 do not apply to a contract under this Section 11 as a the creation of a particular Registration number plate is a personalised product or service. Number plate orders are submitted for manufacture immediately upon receipt and cannot be cancelled. If your goods are of unsatisfactory quality, arrive damaged or develop a fault within the first 30 days please contact us.

12.7 Order fulfillment

Although your order is placed with, your order will be fulfilled by our supplier partner, Number Plates Limited.

13. The 'My Regtransfers' service

13.1 Scope of 'My Regtransfers' service

On a trial basis for the present, we provide the 'My Regtransfers' service which is a single logon service for access to all other services on this website. As a beta service, it is provided 'as is' and no warranty is made regarding its accuracy or fitness for any purpose. We are not bound by any erroneous or spurious communications that may originate with the 'My Regtransfers' service should any information incorrectly indicate that any payment or process is complete where that is not the reality. In such a case, a corrective notice, issued as soon as possible, to a user of the service by us shall be deemed sufficient remedy to any error.

14. Competitions and Prize Draws


From time to time, we hold competitions and prize draws.


The following general rules apply to any and all such competitions and prize draws:

  1. We will appoint an independent judge to pick from the total number of eligible correct entries received.
  2. In competitions or draws where the prize is a Registration, the prize may be a specific Registration or an unspecified Registration to a value set out in the competition's specific terms.
  3. Where the prize is a Registration, there is only one prize Registration for each competition or draw and there will be no cash alternative.
  4. The winner will be notified in writing after the closing date specified on the competition page and invited to contact us to select their Registration (if applicable).
  5. By taking part in one of our competitions or draws, the winner agrees to take part in reasonable promotional activity specified by us and to be bound by these Terms.

15. Publications

15.1 How we display number plates

Sometimes, we and/or our websites and/or other publications may publish or display images showing number plates that do not conform to current legal standards. This will only occur when the image features a vehicle that actually bears a plate, or plates, that do not conform to current legal standards. In such cases, we simply depict the reality of how the plate is being displayed. We do not promote or condone the display of non-regulation number plates, and we actively advise against it.

15.2 No endorsement

We are not affiliated to the DVLA and we do not take any part in the policing and enforcement of the current legal standards for display of number plates in any way. Accordingly, we do not censor of images that may show failure on the part of the authorities to enforce those regulations. However, if we accept an image submitted for publication by someone else that depicts non-regulation number plates, that is not an endorsement of any kind by us of the display of such illegal number plates.

15.3 Submissions of contributions by you

When you submit any contribution (be it text, photographs, graphics, video, audio or otherwise) to us, either expressly for publication or as part of a competition entry or otherwise, you agree, by the act of sending your material, to the following conditions:

  1. You grant to us a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free right and licence to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, distribute and create derivative works from your contribution. If you do not want to grant us free use of what you send, then we request that you do not contribute items to us;
  2. By submitting your contribution to us, you warrant that your contribution:
    1. is your own original work and/or that you have the legal right to make it available to us for the purposes of our business;
    2. is not defamatory;
    3. does not infringe any law or any person's rights.
  3. You hereby indemnify us against from and against all claims, liabilities, proceedings, costs, damages, losses, or expenses incurred by us caused by, or in any way connected with your breach of any applicable law or infringement of copyright.

15.4 Freelancers

Freelancers wishing to submit material to us on a possible commercial basis should contact us before submitting contributions, as all material received by us without prior discussion will be dealt with as described above.

16. Gift Voucher Terms & Conditions

16.1 Redemption gift vouchers are redeemable against any registration number listed for sale on the website.

16.2 Non-transferrable

Gift vouchers are not transferrable and may only be used by the person the voucher has been sent to.

16.3 Limitations

Gift vouchers cannot be used to purchase books, cufflinks, gift vouchers or services such as auction listings or enhanced listings.

16.4 Multiple vouchers

Multiple gift vouchers may be redeemed in the same transaction up to the value of the goods being purchased.

16.5 No cash value

Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.


Where the value of a gift voucher exceeds the price of the registration or registrations being purchased, the unspent balance will remain on the voucher. That balance may be applied to future qualifying purchases within the voucher expiry period.


Gift vouchers must be submitted at point of purchase. They may not be applied to a transaction retrospectively.


Gift vouchers will expire on the date marked on the gift voucher. Gift vouchers presented after their expiry date will be treated as void and are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.


Please treat gift vouchers as cash in terms of security. Gift vouchers cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged.


Gift vouchers cannot be returned or refunded.

16.11 reserves the right to refuse to accept a gift voucher which it deems to have been tampered with, duplicated, damaged or which otherwise is suspected to be affected by fraud.


Purchases using gift vouchers are bound by the same terms and conditions as any other registration purchase.


Gift vouchers are issued by Registration Transfers Limited. Registered office: 139 High Street South, Dunstable, Beds. LU6 3SS. Registered in England & Wales. Company registration number: 3933658

17. Privacy Policy and Security

17.1 Personal data

All personal information that may be collected by us, regardless of how we acquire it, will be treated as confidential, stored securely and handled and treated in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

17.2 Policy

Our full Privacy Policy can be found on our Privacy Policy page. We never share customers' personal data with third parties except where:

  • it may be necessary to provide an address to enable delivery;
  • we may be compelled by law to divulge information to authorities (e.g. the police); and
  • you have given us permission for data to be shared in order to complete a service or to achieve some other end desired by you.


We never sell personal data.


We are compliant with the very stringent requirements of the PCI data security standards. This means that it is safe to conduct credit card transactions with us.

18.1 Sending documents to you

Where we say in these Terms that we will send you certain documents or forms, if you have email and you have a printer, we may instead send these by email and it is your responsibility to print these. Once we send them by email in this way, you agree that we will have 'sent' them to you.

18.2 Indemnity

You shall indemnify us against all damages, costs, charges, losses, liabilities and expenses incurred by us arising from or connected to your breach of any of these Terms.

18.3 Events outside our control and Force Majeure

If and to the extent that we are prevented or delayed by any event outside of our reasonable control (e.g. delays or errors caused by the postal system, email, the Department of Transport, DVLA, etc.) from performing any of our obligations under these Terms or otherwise, we shall be relieved of liability for failure to perform or for delay in performing such obligations (as the case may be) but only as directly resulting from that event outside of our reasonable control.

18.4 Whole agreement

These Terms contain all the terms agreed between you and us and they supersede and exclude any prior agreement, understanding or arrangement between you and us, whether oral or in writing. No representation, undertaking or promise shall be taken to have been given or be implied from anything said or written in negotiations between you and us which contradicts or otherwise cuts across these Terms except as expressly stated in these Terms. No person shall have any remedy in respect of any untrue statement made by us upon which that person relied in entering into any contract with us incorporating any of these Terms (unless such untrue statement was made fraudulently) and that person's only remedies shall be for breach of contract as provided in these Terms.

18.5 Severability

Should a court decide that any part of these Terms is invalid and/or cannot be enforced, that particular element of these Terms will not apply, but the rest of these Terms will remain in force.

18.6 No waiver

No waiver by us of any violation or default in performance of the provisions of any of these Terms by any person shall be deemed a waiver of such provisions or of our right to later enforce such provisions.

18.7 Survival

Those provisions of the Terms that either are expressed to survive their termination, or from their nature or context it is contemplated that they are to survive such termination, shall survive termination of the Terms.

18.8 No third party rights

Nothing in the Terms or otherwise shall be enforceable (under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise) by a third party.

18.9 Telephone calls

Calls may be monitored for training and to provide evidence in the case of dispute.

18.10 Interpretation

In these Terms:

  1. the headings to clauses of these Terms (and summary words at the start of each clause) are for convenience and reference only and do not form a part of these Terms and shall not in any way affect the interpretation.
  2. references to the singular includes the plural and vice versa; and any gender includes all other genders (as applicable);
  3. references to 'include' and 'including' shall be deemed to mean respectively 'include(s) without limitation' and 'including without limitation' and
  4. references to 'person' or 'persons' shall include partnerships, bodies corporate and unincorporated associations of persons and vice versa. (including, for the avoidance of doubt, persons, individuals, companies, firms, governments, states, regional or local authorities, agencies of a state, joint ventures, trusts, charities, societies, funds, associations whether or not having separate legal personality and whether incorporated or not).

18.11 Complaints procedure

We operate an internal complaints procedure (via the contact form). You can contact us at our registered office which is at 139 High Street South, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU6 3SS. You can also contact us via our contact form or by phone on 01582 967777.

We also comply with 2 independent Codes of Practice. As members of the CNDA and RMI, we can offer the use of an Independent Conciliation and Arbitration process. The Codes of Practice for both CNDA and RMI can be downloaded from the RMI Website. Alternatively, the RMI can be contacted by writing to: Head of CNDA, RMI, 201 Great Portland Street, London W1W 5AB.

Document last updated: 13/12/2023

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