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Funny, novelty, rude & naughty number plates

Humorous number plates are very popular. In fact, of all the light-hearted numbers, the cheeky ones seem to attract the most attention.

We have included this page for those of you who may be looking for something to raise a chuckle and, perhaps, raise a few eyebrows too.

We know that no two people will entirely agree about what is funny or about what is in good or poor taste. The last thing we want to do is to upset any of our visitors, so if you may be offended by registration numbers that bear a passing resemblance to a rude word or insulting phrase then please don't proceed any further into this section.

The registrations depicted are all genuine, legal registrations. They were not created to deliberately resemble words, it just sometimes happens by chance. Most number plates in this category reflect nothing more than the kind of traditional, bawdy British humour that one used to see in Carry On films and in the television comedy of Benny Hill, Frankie Howerd and others. It's still popular, but it's not for everyone.

Please let us know if you find any of these number plates genuinely offensive: we want to get the balance right. Meanwhile, we hope you find something here to raise a smile or two.

The links below will help you find combinations that make excellent amusing number plates.


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Greatest plates?


Look inside

And here's a selection of funny plates that are ready to buy now.


This one is a bit of a star. It's made headlines and even been discussed on TV thanks to its cheeky, and very strong, resemblance to a certain word. Not only is this an amusing plate, it is also a perfect example of a good word registration. The numbers really do work to achieve that immediate visual impact. In fact, this one ticks all the boxes: it gets people smiling, it balances perfectly on that fine line between cheeky and offensive and it's a visual stunner. Best of all, ORG 45M is available to buy from Regtransfers!


Like the elusive location it describes, this one is highly sought after and generates a lot of interest. Like ORG 45M, this number stays safely in the realm of cheeky rather than rude and, once again, the spelling of the term it represents is just about perfect. G5 POT is also a relatively short registration, which aids its visual impact.

There's no question that it's another fine plate and we often wonder what kind of person will eventually find our G5 POT. We imagine it may be someone who wishes to hint at their romantic expertise. Of course, it could be bought by someone named Pot with the initials GS. Time will tell, as G5 POT is for sale!


We sold this one a few years ago but BOT 70M is now available again.

The previous owner was a young lady who was constantly teased, in a complimentary way, by friends and family about her curves. Far from being insulted, she embraced her physique and the humour, celebrating both with this excellent plate. But things move on and, some years later, she decided to cash in on her investment.

Once again, it is an eye-catching and cheeky (get it… cheeky?) plate whose message is spotted at a glance. We wonder who will be the next enthusiastic purchaser to pinch our BOT 70M.


In a similar vein to the preceding example, B11 XOM would suit a person of voluptuous proportions who was happy to embrace their curvy appearance. These days people tend to see through the unrealistic and unhealthy ideals hawked by airbrush-happy, trendy magazines. We now realise that people come in a whole, wonderful range of attractive shapes and sizes.

This number would be perfect for a confident, statuesque free-thinker, whether they bought it themselves or received it as a gift from an admiring partner.


Similar to D1 CCK, this personal registration can represent either a diminutive name for Walter or Wallace, or a mildly insulting term for a silly or foolish person. Another light-hearted plate that stays safely away from offensive territory. What it may lack in rudeness it more than makes up in quality - a genuinely perfect representation that we are delighted to advertise for sale.


Another oddball. NOB 1 covers a number of possible references. Nob is an archaic term for a wealthy person, an aristocrat or another person of high social standing or authority. It is also, as we hardly need explain, a variant spelling of yet another anatomical nickname. Tangentially related to the previous definition, it is a mildly insulting label assigned to stupid, foolish or annoying people. Last, and in the context of this page, probably least it's a phonetic spelling for the name/nickname Nobby - the moniker used by the late, legendary Man Utd footballer, Norbert "Nobby" Stiles. It's also often given to people with the surname Nobbs.

Finally, it is also a cracking number 1 plate which is, of course, available to buy from Regtransfers.

123 CUM

We're not sure why this one is included in a collection of humorous number plates that are mostly a bit on the naughty side. No, we really can't imagine. Unless, of course, it's supposed to represent the counting and "Ready or not, here I come!" from a game of hide-and-seek. Yes, that must be it, although it's not even spelt correctly.

Still, if someone did find it amusing they would, no doubt be chuffed to find that we have it for sale.


This is a great personal number plate. Yet again, it stays on the respectable side of the good-taste border and is a terrific representation of its message. For the purpose of this page, we imagine a buyer with a high opinion of their own attractiveness, but there are so many possibilities. JU57 HOT could just as appropriately be displayed by a firefighter, a fire-eater, a fashion brand or a successful person in any field.

This excellent private registration is for sale at the moment but we don't expect it to have any trouble finding a buyer in the near future.


This is something a little different - an incomplete spelling that works as well as, or better than, the full word "exposure". Even missing its initial vowel, XP05 URE passes the at-a-glance test. There is no head-scratching or overthinking to be done here: the meaning is clear.

So who would buy this? An investigative journalist might find it a bit tricky to go undercover in a car sporting this eye-catching number plate, so maybe a top photographer would snap it up, or an exotic dancer perhaps…

XP05 URE is available to buy now!

Grab your very own funny number plate!

We hope the examples above have given you a few laughs and, maybe, a few ideas of your own. If the links on this page don't lead to anything that immediately appeals to you, why not use the ideas here as the starting point of your own search for the perfect funny number plate?

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