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The World of Personal Number Plates

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The World of Personal Number Plates - a fantastic magazine, stuffed full of articles, tips and special features and it is free.

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Regtransfers magazine cover

Inside this issue

  • Tyson Fury, Gypsy King (88 GK, 1 TLF)
  • 120 Years of UK Registrations
  • The Heritage Collection
  • First-class Post (H 22)
  • Under the Hammer
  • Perfect Pair, Pair Perfect
  • Centrepiece (PCT 81)
  • X-Rated (X 20)
  • The NEW Regtransfers Auction
  • In the Spotlight
  • Crossover (B21 ONY)
  • Readers’ Gallery
  • Big Break (147 GL)
  • Readers’ Gallery
  • James Jordan, Dance Shred (DA11 CER)
  • Marketing on a Plate
  • A Work of Art (V9 OGH)
  • The Suit Guy (SU17 GUY)
  • The Generation Game (4 WTM)
  • A Word from the RNC
  • 18 Years On

A fantastic magazine stuffed full of number plates information and stories. Our great full-colour magazine is absolutely FREE and there's no postage to pay. Every 84-page issue features:

  • Celebrity interviews
  • The best selection of numbers available
  • News and articles
  • Helpful number plate information
  • Buying and selling tips

We also feature articles on number plates as an investment opportunity and the many ways that businesses are using private vehicle registrations in promotional campaigns and for branding corporate vehicle fleets.

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We think the best stories are your stories. From individual customers to large enterprises, we encourage customers and businesses to tell us about their private registrations. There is always room in our magazine for article suggestions and interesting number plates stories. To send in a suggestion or story, please email [email protected].

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