Auction FAQs

For your convenience, useful responses to common auction queries.

How do I sign up for an auction account?
To create a new auction account, click on the "Sign in" link in the top blue bar. You will be taken to a page asking to you to log in or sign up. Once you have completed the sign up form, you will be sent a validation email with a link that you will need to click to validate your account and confirm your email address.
I have registered but cannot access my account ... what's going on?
Please ensure that you have validated your account by clicking the link on the validation email. If you have not received the validation email, please check in your spam/junk/trash folders as sometimes they end up there. Please allow a reasonable period of time for the email to be delivered as it can take a while during peak times. If you do not receive the email, please contact us at
I am using the correct email address but I cannot access my Regtransfers Auction account.
Please check that CAPS Lock is not on and you are entering the correct password. The password is case-sensitive and you must include any symbols (?, !, & etc) you may have included. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking on 'forgotten password'.
How do I enter my registration number in the auction?
You will need to sign up for an Regtransfers Auction account first. You must also already have submitted registration numbers for valuation by us. If you need to sign up for an auction account, please see "How do I sign up for an auction account?" or "How do I get a valuation of my registration number/s?" If you already have an auction account and registration numbers listed to sell with us, simply log in to your account and click on "Sell". This will take you to the selling page and the number you want to list will appear in the drop down menu. Please note that if your registration is on a certificate and cannot currently be assigned to a vehicle yet because the DVLA issue date for your registration (March/Sept 1st each year) has not been reached then you should NOT continue. See "Why can't I have the registration mark on a certificate?" below for more information.
How do I get a valuation of my registration numbers?
You will first need to contact us for a valuation of what we think your registration number would be valued at in the current market. Please call us on 01582 967777 and speak to one of our sales advisers or request a valuation online here. Once you have received a quotation, your registration mark should become available shortly thereafter
Why can't I see a registration number in Sell Your Plate that I requested a valuation for?

We match Regtransfers Auction users' email addresses to their registration valuation email addresses.

Please see our How to Sell page for more help with selling your registration through the auction.

Call us on 01582 967777 or email us from the registration valuation email address to request that we change the email address on your valuation to your Regtransfers Auction email address.

Alternatively, you can amend your Regtransfers Auction logon email address here.

What is a start price?
A start price is the price at which the auction will start. For example, if you entered a start price of £500 the minimum bid would be £525. It is important to note that if a reserve price is not set then the number may sell for the minimum bid.
What is a reserve price?
A reserve price is the minimum price that the number can sell at auction for. You can use this if you wish to set a lower starting price to encourage bids. For example, you could enter a starting price of £500 and a reserve of £1000. Bids can be placed on the mark but the number will not sell until £1000 has been reached. If the reserve price is not reached then the number will not sell.
What is a Buy It Now price?
If you wish, you can set a Buy It Now price. If you enter a Buy It Now price, someone could bypass the bidding system and buy the mark at the Buy It Now price. For example, you may enter a starting price of £1000 but a Buy It Now Price of £1995. In this event, a customer could buy the mark for £1995 even if there are bids up to £1994. If bids are equal or over the Buy It Now price, this option will disappear and the bidding will continue. The Buy It Now price is an optional extra that costs £5 plus VAT.
What is an Enhanced Listing?
This option is a great way to make your listing stand out as it will push your listing to the top of the auction results with along with any other Enhanced Listings. This will also add a premium search term and be included in the rotating auction advert on the front page of the Regtransfers website. An Enhanced Listing is a premium option that costs £15 plus VAT.
What are Listing Fees?
Listing fees are paid upfront when you list your registration mark in the Regtransfers Auction. The price of the listing fee depends on the higher value of the starting or reserve price. For a full list of listing fees, please see Auction Fees. Listing fees are non-refundable except for in exceptional circumstances.
What are Selling Fees?
Selling fees are applicable once a number has sold in the Regtransfers Auction. These fees are taken directly from what you are returned for the mark; i.e. selling fees of £150 would be taken from a sale achieving £1500 so the total returned to you would be £1350. The price of the selling fee depends on how much the number sells for in the auction. Selling fees may vary from time to time. The selling fees payable on an auction sale will be those displayed when the registration was listed in the auction, not those on display when the auction begins or ends. For a list of selling fees, please see Auction Fees.
What happens when the auction is won?
If the auction ends and the reserve has been met then the highest bidder has 7 days to pay the balance. Once the highest bidder has paid the balance, we will confirm the sale in writing. When you receive the confirmation letter, please fill in any required forms and return along with the documents requested. Once we receive the documents from both the buyer and the seller, we will start the transfer process. When the transfer has completed, we will release payment to the seller.
What if my number doesn't sell?

If your registration mark does not sell in the auction, you can relist it again whenever you like for the standard listing fee. If you relist your number within a certain time period, reduced relisting fees may apply. To relist your registration mark, you need to log in to your auction account and set up another auction listing.

Within the first 7 days after the end of the auction, if there are bids on your registration that do not meet your reserve price and you would like to accept the highest bid then you can also offer a second chance to the highest bidder to purchase your registration at that bid price. The bidder will be emailed and then has 7 days to complete the purchase online.

My registration is on a certificate and cannot be assigned to a vehicle yet?
If your registration is on a certificate and cannot currently be assigned to a vehicle yet because the DVLA issue date for your registration (March/Sept 1st each year) has not been reached then you should NOT list your plate in the auction. See "Why can't I have the registration mark on a certificate?" below for more information.
How can I keep track of a registration mark I'm interested in?
You can "watch" a specific registration mark by clicking on Watch in Current Auctions. This will then appear in your Watching list in Auction Activity. You will also be sent a reminder email that the auction on that registration is ending soon, together with a text message if you have text alerts enabled.
How do I place a bid?

Before you place a bid on any registration mark (lot) in the Regtransfers Auction, you will need to have signed up for an Regtransfers Auction account. Once you have registered, you will have access to place bids on any of the lots listed in the auction. Simply click "Bid Now" next to the number you wish to bid on and you will be taken to the bidding page where you can enter your maximum bid. Please note: by placing a bid, you are agreeing to buy the registration mark for the price you bid plus a transfer fee of £80 should your bid be successful in winning the lot. You will also need to be in a position to provide valid vehicle documents. Some numbers are subject to VAT.

Please see our How to Buy page for more help with buying through the auction.

Why can't I have the registration mark on a certificate?
This is a measure to protect the buyer. Currently, there is no option of changing the Grantee/Purchaser named on a certificate until it is placed on a vehicle. Therefore the current Grantee/Purchaser will remain on the certificate until the mark is transferred to a vehicle. The DVLA only allows the person named as the Grantee/Purchaser (on a certificate) or Registered Keeper (when on a vehicle) to make changes to the registration mark. Once the mark has been transferred to a vehicle, the registered keeper will become the new owner of the registration mark. Please be in possession of valid vehicle documents on which the registration mark may be transferred to before placing a bid.
What happens when I win a bid?

A deposit of 10% of the winning bid or £100 (whichever is the greater) will be taken and the registration mark will be removed from the market. You will have 7 days to log in to your account to make the remaining payment and confirm transfer details. If you do not complete payment within 7 days, the deposit will be lost and you will no longer be able to buy the registration mark for the price bid. If you encounter problems making payment within this time, please contact urgently. Once you have paid the balance and received confirmation of sale, you will need to send us your vehicle documents. When we have received documents from the buyer and the seller, we can begin the transfer process.

If I bid on a registration mark, can I retract or cancel my bid?

No. You should only bid on a registration mark if you are committed to purchasing it for the maximum bid (plus transfer fees) you entered. You should also ensure you are in possession of valid vehicle documents so that the registration mark can be transferred. Only in exceptional circumstances may bids be retracted, such as when a seller has misrepresented a registration mark or does not have the rights to a registration.

I have received a 2nd Chance Offer, what is it?

If you receive a "2nd Chance Offer" email this means the seller of the registration mark is willing to accept your highest bid in the auction in exchange for the registration mark. If you wish to purchase the registration mark for the amount you entered as your highest bid (plus £80 transfer fee) you have 7 days to log into your auction account to confirm that you wish to proceed and pay the balance. If you do not wish to proceed you do not need to do anything as the 2nd Chance Offer will run out after 7 days although you can email us at to advise us that you do not wish to proceed so we can advise the seller.

How long does the transfer take?
Once we have received correct documentation from both the seller and the buyer, the transfer process takes approximately 10-14 working days but can be longer during busy periods or times when there are postal delays. Some transfers may take longer but the maximum time transfers should take is 12 weeks, although most transfers will be completed long before this time.
Can I have the registration mark on certificate?
We do not provide Regtransfers Auction numbers on certificate so you will need to send us valid vehicle documents so we can process the transfer to your vehicle. Please have valid vehicle documents ready before you place a bid. Once the registration mark is assigned to your vehicle, you may apply directly to the DVLA to retain the registration mark.
What happens when the transfer is completed?
Once the transfer is completed, you will be sent a new V5, MOT (if required) and Tax disc displaying the new registration mark. Once you receive these documents, you should put new acrylic plates on the vehicle and inform your insurance company of the changes.
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