Sell number plates

Just as it is possible to buy a new or replacement registration for your vehicle, it is also usually possible to sell and transfer the number that is already on it. (If you sell your vehicle's registration number, DVLA will issue a free replacement number for your vehicle.)

There are three ways to sell your registration number with Regtransfers.

  1. Ask us to advertise your number for sale on your behalf
  2. List your number in our online auction
  3. Offer your number to us as a stock purchase

Get a free valuation

The first step in selling your registration is to get a free, no obligation valuation. This will give you an indication of the current market value of your number. The price we quote will be based upon our experience of the marketplace. It will take into account the prices paid for similar numbers that have been sold and the size and nature of the potential market. The more people that may be interested in your number, the better the chances of achieving a higher sale price.

You are not obliged to use our valuation price as your asking price when selling your number. Setting a lower price may achieve a quicker sale, while a higher price may delay or even reduce the likelihood of sale.

Get your Free valuation

Sell in the Regtransfers Auction

The Regtransfers private registrations auction is a great way to sell (or buy) numbers. It is a safe and secure service offering you a great combination of flexibility and security. The auction format gives you a high degree of control and you can set your own start price, reserve and buy-it-now price.

Listing your number for sale is as easy as registering for the auction and entering a few details about your registration. When you list your registration for sale you will receive a free valuation if we haven't already provided one. You don't have to use the valuation price but most customers find it a helpful starting point.

Sell in Auction

Stock purchases

Regtransfers will purchase good quality dateless registrations.

Prices paid for numbers we purchase for stock will necessarily be slightly lower than full market value as we have to be able to sell for a modest profit later on. However, this option does offer you the benefit of a quick sale with immediate payment.

We will usually only purchase good, dateless numbers for stock. Very occasionally, however, we may also purchase exceptional examples of prefix, suffix or current style numbers if they bear very strong resemblance to words or names.

Why sell with Regtransfers?

Our large sales team is made up of some of the most experienced people in the personal registrations industry. Some of them have been with Regtransfers for more than 15 years. They, along with our equally experienced admin team, know how to deal with just about any situation that might arise. We can take care of the whole transaction for you and deal with all paperwork and any difficult details that might crop up.

We spend over £40,000 a week to promote our registrations on the internet and in top-selling national newspapers and magazines. Our advertisements generate over a million page views and over 5,000 direct telephone enquiries every week from potential buyers searching for registrations like yours. Our website traffic is highly targeted and qualified. If you are selling your number plate through Regtransfers, every one of our visitors is a potential purchaser who will be able to view your registration online.

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