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Sell Number Plates

Just as it is possible to buy a new or replacement registration for your vehicle, it is also usually possible to sell and transfer the number that is already on it. (If you sell your vehicle's registration number, DVLA will issue a free replacement number for your vehicle.)

There are two ways to sell your registration number with

  1. Ask us to advertise your number for sale on your behalf
  2. Offer your number to us as a stock purchase

Can I Sell My Registration Mark?

Generally, the following conditions must be satisfied before you can transfer or sell your registration.

  • The vehicle bearing your registration must have valid tax and MOT, or
  • The vehicle bearing your registration must have been declared SORN immediately upon expiry of its previous taxed period. If the vehicle has been declared SORN then the tax must have expired naturally, and must not have been surrendered for a refund. If the vehicle is SORN for more than 5 years, then DVLA will not allow the transfer until the vehicle has been taxed again.
  • If the tax on the vehicle bearing your registration has expired and the car was not declared SORN, then you will need to retax the vehicle before the number can be transferred from it.

There are a very few special circumstances where a registration number may not be sold and/or transferred. We will inform you if any of them apply to you.

The first step in selling your registration is to get a free, no obligation valuation. This will give you an indication of the current market value of your number.

Get a FREE Valuation

The first step in selling your registration is to get a free, no obligation valuation. This will give you an indication of the current market value of your number.

Get your Free valuation

Reasons to sell your Registration Mark with us

Advertising and Marketing Advertising
  • We spend over £40,000 a week to promote our registrations on the internet and in the top-selling national newspapers and magazines.
  • Our advertisements generate over a million page views and over 5,000 direct telephone enquiries every week from potential buyers searching for registrations like yours.
  • Our website traffic is highly targeted and qualified. If you are selling your number plate through Regtransfers, every one of our visitors is a potential purchaser who will be able to view your registration online.

Our large sales team is made up of some of the most experienced people in the personal registrations industry. Some of them have been with Regtransfers for more than 15 years. They, along with our equally experienced admin team, know how to deal with just about any situation that might arise. They will take care of the entire transaction for you and will deal with all paperwork and any difficult details that might crop up.

How Much is it Worth?

How much is it worth

Pricing is the most important factor when trying to sell a cherished number. You should be aware that some dealers may overprice your number just to get it on their books but without much chance of achieving the price quoted. We rely on our many years of professional experience to apply a realistic valuation using the following criteria:

  • Age and Rarity
  • Popularity of the name or initials represented
  • Desirability of numbers (for example, low numbers are the most sought after)
  • Comparable current and historical prices

Our FREE Valuation service

We offer a totally free, no-obligation valuation service for any registration you wish to sell. Simply submit details of your registration online and our experienced valuation team will provide a quote. You do not have to accept our estimate in order to proceed, but experience shows that competitive pricing is likely to yield quicker results. Once the asking price has been agreed, your registration will be listed on our website so potential buyers will be able to search and purchase online or over the telephone.

If you are seriously considering selling your number, please contact us on 01582 967777 to learn more. Alternatively, get a FREE valuation online