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The World's Most Expensive Number Plate

Highest Prices Paid for the World's Most Expensive Personal Number Plates

"What is the most expensive number plate in the world?" is perhaps the most frequently asked question about number plates.

The answer is that the Dubai registration number D 5 is the most expensive confirmed and completed sale of a car registration mark in the world to date.

The World's Most Expensive Number Plates - from around the world infographic

The top 35 highest priced private car registrations globally are shown in the following table. Ranking sales that occurred in different currencies at different times is difficult, so we have ranked this table according to the converted price in UK pounds. In each case, conversion is at the exchange rate prevailing at the time the sale occurred.

It is striking to see that, despite the continual breaking of British number plate price records, the UK does not appear until position 30 on our chart. However, the UK market continues to grow and there are signs that top British prices could soon approach the levels seen in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is widely believed that the legendary number A 1 would command a price in excess of £1m should it come onto the market and businessman Afzal Kahn, owner of F 1, claims to have turned down an offer of £6m for that registration.

Readers who have encountered other articles claiming to list the world's most expensive plates may notice two conspicuous omissions from the table on this page. Reports that the Qatar number 333355 was sold in 2014 for QR 200m (£35m) have turned out to be spurious. Abdulla Matar Al Mannaei of Emirates Auctions told Regtransfers that the "sale" was in fact a system error, so that entry has been removed from the rankings. Similarly, the reported sale, in November 2016, of an Abu Dhabi number 1 registration for AED 31m (£6.84m) has been removed from the table. The would-be purchaser admitted to writing a cheque that he did not have the funds to cover and was subsequently convicted of fraud.

Full details of some sales are difficult to present clearly due to peculiarities of local licence plate systems and the rather vague nature of some news reports. For example, numbers such as Abu Dhabi's 7 and 11 appear more than once in the table. This is because the same number may be issued in more than one series or category. News reports generally omit reference to the category, announcing only the main number. The situation is similar in Australia where different states may issue the same numbers. The sale at position 12 in the table was reported internationally as NSW 4, whereas many Australian publications referred to it simply as registration number 4.

RankPlateLocal PriceUK PriceDateCountry
1D 5AED 33m£7,324,20708/10/2016Dubai, UAE
21AED 52.2m£7,250,00017/02/2008Abu Dhabi, UAE
3O 9AED 25m£4,363,00007/07/2015Dubai, UAE
45AED 25.2m£3,500,00001/02/2007Abu Dhabi, UAE
57AED 16.8m£3,000,00020/02/2010Abu Dhabi, UAE
67AED 13.4m£2,958,05719/11/2016Abu Dhabi, UAE
79AED 15.4m£2,153,84610/05/2008Abu Dhabi, UAE
89AED 10m£1,720,00001/09/2010Abu Dhabi, UAE
928HKD 18.1m£1,616,00002/02/2016Hong Kong
107AED 11.4m£1,583,33316/02/2008Abu Dhabi, UAE
1118HKD 16.5m£1,513,37223/02/2008Hong Kong
12(NSW) 4AUD 2.4m£1,500,00028/08/2017New South Wales, Australia
1311AED 6.1m£1,346,57819/11/2016Abu Dhabi, UAE
14VHKD 13m£1,341,58912/02/2017Hong Kong
1512AED 8.9m£1,240,0002010Abu Dhabi, UAE
1699AED 6.5m£1,107,32506/06/2009Abu Dhabi, UAE
1711AED 8m£1,098,90112/05/2007Abu Dhabi, UAE
1810AED 4.5m£993,37719/11/2016Abu Dhabi, UAE
1922AED 4.65m£967,74119/11/2016Abu Dhabi, UAE
2066AED 4.4m£946,23619/11/2016Abu Dhabi, UAE
2155AED 6.5m£892,85712/05/2007Abu Dhabi, UAE
229HKD 13m£832,25801/06/1994Hong Kong
2345AED 5m£686,81312/05/2007Abu Dhabi, UAE
2416HKD 8.5m£676,75101/02/2011Hong Kong
2513HKD 7.4m£625,52828/02/2010Hong Kong
2626HKD7m£591,71528/02/2010Hong Kong
2729HKD7m£583,33323/02/2008Hong Kong
2888AED 4.2m£576,92312/05/2007Abu Dhabi, UAE
2919AED 3.5m£576,49225/09/2010Abu Dhabi, UAE
3025 O£518,480£518,48001/11/2014UK
31F 1£440,625£440,62501/01/2008UK
32E 15AED 3.1m£434,78217/03/2007Dubai
33(NSW) 29AUD 745,000£428,16022/05/2017Australia
3426AED 2.5m£425,89406/06/2009Abu Dhabi, UAE
35 S 1 £404,063 £404,063 01/09/2008 UK


Price conversions to GBP are at the rates prevailing at the time of sale. Prices should be considered approximate as rounding is common in news reports.

For many years, internet data regarding the prices of number plates sold around the world has been error-ridden and unreliable. The information on this page has been freshly and independently researched by Where possible, official sources have been used, such as government departments and auctioneers. Other preferred sources consulted were contemporary news reports from the times of sale. In the few cases where preferred sources were not available, multiple independent reports of reasonable quality have been used. Hearsay reports of sales, where no reliable data could be found and corroborated, have been omitted or removed from the list: Some may be included as and when credible sources are located.

We consider this list to be the most accurate verifiable global ranking currently available. Research continues and the information here will be continuously updated and corrected. Reports of omissions and errors are invited.