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BMW number plates

BMW is one of the world's longest established car manufacturers and is a very popular brand with British drivers. Whether you want a practical family car, a luxury motorway ride, a sturdy SUV or a sporty roadster, you need look no further than BMW's extensive range.

As a BMW driver you can be confident that your car comes from one of the world's most sustainable and environmentally conscious motor manufacturers. BMW has, since 1999, frequently been named by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index as the most sustainable car company in the world. Furthermore, BMW offers many all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, as well as working to reduce emissions by improving current fossil fuel engine technology.

Celebrate your BMW and all it stands for with a terrific private number plate from Regtransfers. If you don't see your perfect BMW registration, call us on 01582 967777 for inspiration and guidance.


The role of DVLA

Car registrations and number plates, including personalised number plates, in the UK, are the responsibility of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, usually known as the DVLA. It issues new registrations twice a year and also maintains the central database that records details of all vehicles licensed to drive on UK roads, along with their keeper and registration information.

Regtransfers works closely with DVLA to complete registration transfers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Regtransfers is a DVLA-registered supplier of personal car registrations and number plates and is listed on the DVLA Registrations website. All number plates supplied by Regtransfers comply with DVLA's prescribed standards and regulations.

DVLA administers all UK registration transfers and issues updated registration documents when the registration number of a car is changed, or when a registration is removed from a vehicle and placed on a retention document in accordance with the DVLA Retention Scheme.

DVLA is a registered trade mark of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency. Regtransfers is not affiliated with the DVLA or DVLA Personalised Registrations. Regtransfers is a recognised reseller of unissued Government stock.

Number plate regulations

When a car is on the road, it is an offence to display number plates bearing any number other than the vehicle's officially recorded registration number. If you purchase a private registration, learn how to transfer private plates before displaying the new number.

All registration number plates displayed on UK vehicles must comply with the official number plate regulations. DVLA oversees enforcement of number plates display regulations and maintains a register of approved manufacturers and retailers of vehicle number plates.

Regtransfers is not part of, and is not formally affiliated with DVLA.

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