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Most Expensive UK Number Plates

Highest Prices Paid for UK Personal Number Plates

Rank Plate Price Date Story/Video
125 O £518,480 Nov 2014Story & video
2X 1£502,500Nov 2012 
3G 1 £500,000Sep 2011 
4F 1£440,625Jan 2008video
5S 1£404,063Sep 2008 
61 D£352,411Mar 2009Info & video
71 S£340,000Mar 2010 
8M 1£331,500Jun 2006 
9GB 1£325,000Nov 2009 
10VIP 1£285,000Jan 2006 
111 BM£285,000Dec 2014 
12V 1£275,000Dec 2006 
13S 5£270,300Mar 2016 
14GS 1£258,775Jul 2005 
1551 NGH£254,000Apr 2006 
16D 2£250,000Oct 2015 
171 RH£247,952Nov 2008 
18MS 1£235,000Sep 2007 
19MG 1£235,000Sep 2009 
20KR15 HNA£233,360May 2015 
21K1 NGS£231,000Dec 1993 
22Y 1£225,000Apr 2006 
23R 9£220,000Mar 2016 
241 O£210,242Jan 2009Info & video
25LD 1£210,000Nov 2013 
26JH 1£200,000Jul 2009 
27SM 1£200,000Sep 2014 
28FS 1£200,000Aug 2016 
29BOB 1£200,000Jun 2016 
301 JL£200,000Jul 2016 
31CH 1£200,000Jun 2016 
321 OO£197,000Apr 2006 
331 MB£190,000Nov 2015 
34LT 1£180,000Jun 2007 
351 KF£180,000Oct 2015 
36KB 1£180,000Mar 2011 
371 A£202,480Dec 1989 
38D 9£175,000Jun 2015 
39SP 1£175,000Jun 2016 
40LF 1£175,000Aug 2015 
41MB 1£170,000Jun 2002 
42L 2£170,000Nov 2011 
43SR 1£167,500Sep 2007 
44PN 1£164,904Jan 2011 
451 MS£160,000Mar 2015 
46GB 2£160,000Jan 2010 
47GP 1£159,920Aug 2011 
48MP 1£159,877Jun 2005 
492 O£142,249Mar 2009 
50250 L£130,328Nov 2014 

Prices include estimated fees and taxes.

The values of top quality number plates are growing, worldwide. You may find it hard to believe that eight of the ten most expensive UK number plates have been purchased since the onset of the 2007/2008 financial crisis and its subsequent ramifications. People are already paying millions of pounds for a single registration in some parts of the world. The UK is a little more cautious, but outstanding examples can command prices in excess of half a million pounds.

Spending a few hundred pounds on a personalised number plate is something most people are quite comfortable with; the increasing number of private registrations sold in the UK each year demonstrates the fact. That shouldn't surprise us; a good registration can do more to personalise a vehicle than any other change. A flashy spoiler or custom paint job may be eye-catching, but no one can guarantee it will be unique. With a private registration, that is exactly what is guaranteed: uniqueness, forever.

But what is it that makes someone willing to pay thousands of pounds for their ultimate personalised registration number? The factors that dictate the value of a registration number are many and varied. With initials, it is mostly the number of people who have those particular initials. If that number is large, then the potential demand is considerable and that can make some "initials" plates fairly valuable. With names and words, the value comes from a combination of potential demand and the quality of the number from a visual point of view. With "number 1" plates, the value is due to exclusivity and prestige.

Fun and sheer enjoyment drive the vast majority of number plates purchases, but increasing number of buyers purchase their private registrations speculatively, with the intention of selling later at a profit; and it really is a serious investment, as serious as investment in stocks and shares, or in art. Former Top Gear presenter Quentin Willson is famously quoted as saying that a good personal registration could be "better than money in the bank". The earliest numbers issued in Britain are now much more than 100 years old, thus meeting the widely applied age criterion that defines an antique.

Furthermore, there is an emerging market in private number plates for marketing, PR and branding in business. Sir Alan Sugar and Dragons' Den moguls Duncan Bannatyne, and Theo Paphitis all recognise the usefulness of private plates when it comes to building and reinforcing an image. Sir Alan's AMS 1 plate featured prominently in the opening sequence of The Apprentice.

Sir Alan Sugar
Sir Alan Sugar
Duncan Bannatyne
Duncan Bannatyne
Theo Paphitis
Theo Paphitis

To find out more about the investment potential of high-quality personal number plates, please visit this page: The Alternative Investment