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DVLA Auction in May 2022

DVLA Auction Results for May 2022

The most recent DVLA online auction has, once again, demonstrated the resilience and perhaps surprising buoyancy of the UK private plates market.

The auction, which took place from Wednesday 11th to Tuesday 17th May 2022, featured the usual mixture of the obvious names and words and those cryptic combinations that get us all wondering. There were also a number of nice, three-letter number-1 plates. Amongst the names were plates for Pat, Basil, Ian, Ana, Darrell and others.

For the artistically inclined there was P164 SSO; anyone clever enough to make sense of some of Pablo's more abstract works should have no trouble deciphering that one. Your blogger's favourite was the splendid VAN 606H. It is just a shame that Vincent isn't here to enjoy it.

There was a possible 'Ammo' number that rather surprised us, as it is the kind of combination that DVLA often withholds due to its possible link to firearms. PLA 271C was a fine 'plastic' registration, despite that substance rather falling out of favour. We just hope its purchaser remembers to recycle it when the time comes.

Of the 2,500 plates up for sale, 2,466 were snapped up by eager buyers. The top price paid was £100,245 (all prices are inclusive of fees and taxes) for PAT 3K, which could be a 'Patek' or 'Pat' name plate or, perhaps, a reference to posh Patek watches. 51 TES, an excellent 'sites' plate made £77,287. Rather more modestly priced was SHE 171E, a £14k bargain for any sheepdog lover!

Here's the list of the top 100 sales at the auction. See what gems you can spot.

Registration Price
PAT 3K £100,245
51 TES £77,287
1 YSD £68,145
35 BUG £42,041
11 MSK £41,219
11 HSS £36,006
1 PUM £29,625
ARA 1N £29,381
K111 NNG £29,060
MUD 111Y £28,341
114 N £27,532
10 KJB £27,057
KVS 1 £25,901
ANA 4H £22,536
G63 TOY £21,921
600 L £21,921
1 SXN £21,921
350 J £21,754
12 RJB £20,637
8888 Y £20,624
1 YSN £19,687
24 CKY £19,353
7 LAK £19,340
KAM 244N £18,390
769 S £18,338
861 M £18,223
21 UC £18,197
3 SER £18,082
2 EWS £18,069
EEE 5A £17,825
DA22 ELL £17,427
11 BAV £17,029
OO13 OOO £16,913
4 LUX £16,785
3 VEE £16,785
123 SH £16,721
JAM 6L £16,669
10 HMR £16,143
181 NNS £16,143
992 DC £15,950
B451 LTD £15,514
42 OB £15,180
1 RXG £14,923
AHM 34D £14,859
VAN 606H £14,474
601 G £14,217
419 JB £14,217
77 JEM £14,217
11 NJB £14,217
4 MWW £14,101
NJM 10 £14,101
SHE 171E £14,088
44 YAH £13,832
VAS 9 £13,575
12 DEM £13,562
33 SLS £13,421
81 LLU £13,190
ATH 1S £13,113
84 CSK £12,933
8 MSL £12,933
MYL 4S £12,933
SAH 118B £12,933
102 AJ £12,920
FLA 751X £12,920
4 MLK £12,920
44 MMO £12,920
RAY 74N £12,920
786 AHM £12,907
XNZ 1 £12,548
121 CP £12,419
249 P £12,304
111 NKB £12,034
115 HA £12,021
4 ODC £12,021
217 AM £11,970
711 E £11,906
13 SRH £11,777
B111 RAY £11,662
123 BW £11,662
6 MUN £11,662
CLA 511C £11,649
77 SLP £11,649
WES 11 £11,649
XXX 888X £11,649
1 XYP £11,649
313 AB £11,636
111 MAP £11,636
PLA 271C £11,520
SSL 9 £11,392
HAM 74A £11,289
4 RLF £11,225
24 DAV £11,135
NAF 154A £11,110
25 TOY £11,071
TE22 SLA £11,033
7 FWM £10,904
8 HSA £10,878
12 MCA £10,776
80 UX £10,686
1 VDT £10,622
Prices include fees and taxes.

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