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DVLA Auction in April 2022


DVLA's April auction was another online event. The usual mixed bag of personal number plates went under the hammer and although prices remain good, quite a few purchasers seem to have netted bargains.

The top number plates of the day

The top achieving private number plates were 53 NGH at £78,417 all-in, 8 TOY - £55,305, 333 O - £37,971, 1 NGX - £32,167 and 262 C - £29,882.

There were, perhaps, fewer headline-grabbing number plates this time as the sale didn't include very many name or word numbers or notable initials or acronyms. A few three-letter number-1 plates achieved good prices but there was a distinct shortage of real attention-grabbers to get people excited.

A surprising personal name number plate

Possibly the biggest surprise, to us, was that 53 NGH sold for quite such a high price. As a 'Singh' number it doesn't impress in the same way that previous, correctly spelt, offerings did. 51 NGH sold for £201,000 in 2006 while 151 NGH sold for £60,000 the same year, and there have been many other excellent examples. If there is another meaning in the mind of 53 NGH's purchaser, we can't think what it might be…

The best reading private number plates

Some of the best personal registrations visually included 8 TOY, 95 OK and CAR 130N, which would serve well to represent either 'carbon' or, perhaps, the name 'Carlson'. PSY 1, which would be a great plate for a psychologist, psychiatrist, psychic or Gangnam Style K-Pop star, was snapped up for a fairly modest £18k.

Here is the table of top prices.

Registration Price
53 NGH £78,417
8 TOY £55,305
333 O £37,971
1 NGX £32,167
262 C £29,882
270 A £28,328
1 YSF £26,620
1 TLP £24,502
AMA 6N £24,489
2 VSS £23,616
Registration Price
95 OK £23,205
215 M £21,343
1 ONM £20,008
20 MJR £19,366
CAR 130N £19,353
997 P £19,340
42 UK £19,032
11 XH £18,968
BF 43 £18,711
844 N £18,711

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