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Car Manufacturers By Country

Regtransfers Blog - Car Manufacturers By Country

There are more cars being manufactured today than any other time in history, with over 88.1 million cars and light commercial vehicles moving from the manufacturer into consumer or company hands in 2016.

But, who is the world’s most popular automaker?

We’ve analysed the sales figures for the last year to reveal the top selling car manufacturer in every country, and the world as a whole. Year on year the competition is revving up to take the top spot, but there is one clear winner.

Toyota storms ahead of any other car manufacturer in the world and takes the top spot dominating the sales markets across almost 50 countries, with Volkswagen and Ford coming in behind them.

The top 5 selling car manufacturers in the world are:

  1. Toyota is the most popular in 49 countries
  2. Volkswagen is the most popular in 14 countries
  3. Ford is the most popular in 8 countries
  4. Renault is the most popular in 6 countries
  5. Skoda is the most popular in 6 countries
  6. Dacia is the most popular in 5 countries
  7. Fiat is the most popular in 5 countries

Which car manufacturer is king of the roads in your country? Take a look at our map below to find out more.

Car Manufacturers Badges - The World’s Top Selling Car Manufacturers by Country

Click to open the map in a new tab at full-size.

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