Can you guess the film by the iconic car? Put your movie knowledge to the test with our new interactive quiz

Do you class yourself as a movie buff? Do you know the DeLorean from The Mystery Machine? Well, here at Regtransfers, we’ve come up with a way for you to test both your movie and your automobile knowledge with an Iconic Movie Car Quiz.

In a lot of our favourite movies, there’s a car character that often steals the show; some would argue that the Weasley’s flying car, Transformers’ Bumblebee and Batman’s beloved Batmobile are the real movie stars. And, of course, we can’t forget the power of an action-packed movie car chase that makes us feel like we’re Vin Diesel in our…*ahem*...Nissan Micra.

As car fans, we can’t deny that we tend to focus on the cars in any movie that we watch. Mention a particular movie and we’ll instantly think of the car in it. Cars of all shapes and sizes have played pivotal roles in movies and have varied from extravagant to dull.

The Batmobile is remembered for its fire-breathing, wall-climbing capabilities, whilst the Wagon Queen Family Truck from National Lampoon’s Vacation was probably one of the more mediocre movie cars - but both iconic in their own way!

Arguably the best known vehicle ever to be featured in a cartoon has to be the Mystery Machine van from you’ve guess it - Scooby Doo. Painted in multiple colours, this van represented the 1960’s hippy era better than almost any other vehicle of that time!

And nobody who has seen the 1994 movie Dumb and Dumber can forget the infamous shag-covered mutt cuts van that actors Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels drove from Rhode Island to Colorado. Made in the image of a dog, the van exemplifies the stupidity of the two lead characters. In real life, the van used in the movie was a 1984 Ford Econoline van that was customised to give it the shaggy dog appearance. Unforgettable, even without a personalised number plate!

If you think you’re up for the challenge, get yourself into gear and take our Iconic Move Car Quiz now!

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