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Fireworks & Bonfire night


Remember, remember...

Sadly, lockdown returns. It shouldn't really come as a surprise; things just haven't gone too well. The timing is unfortunate as public firework displays that may have been planned under the current restrictions will now be unable to go ahead. Many people will be disappointed and shops have already reported a late surge in people purchasing fireworks for private family displays in their own gardens.

The Fire and Rescue Service issues regular pleas for people to exercise care at this time of year. Indeed, they would generally rather people didn't light bonfires or set off fireworks at all but the tradition is a great favourite with children and, at the moment, parents are eager to provide a glimmer of cheer. Family displays will, no doubt, go ahead, so it is important to remember that preparation and common sense are key to enjoying fireworks in safety.

Here are a few tips and reminders that may help keep Bonfire Night safe and fun as it should be.



  • build your bonfire in a suitable spot away from fences, sheds and anything else that may catch fire
  • check bonfires before lighting in case small animals such as hedgehogs have adopted them as nests
  • keep a bucket of water or hosepipe ready in case of problems
  • let neighbours know you are lighting a bonfire and the time you intend to light it
  • have first aid items to hand and familiarise yourself with the correct first aid methods to treat burns

Do not

  • build your bonfire so big that it may fall over or burn out of control
  • burn anything that may explode, burst or give off harmful fumes, so do not put fireworks on bonfires
  • use accelerants such as petrol or methylated spirit to start your bonfire
  • allow children to light the fire, or to throw things onto it, or to get too close



  • let neighbours know you are setting off fireworks and what time you intend to begin
  • keep pets indoors where they will see and hear as little of the fireworks as possible
  • try to choose quieter fireworks if you can. Animals and nervous people can be very distressed by the noise
  • try to choose fireworks that stay stationary within your own garden rather than ones such as rockets which can fly off and cause fires without anyone realising
  • mount fireworks securely on poles, or in trays of earth or sand that will keep them stable as they burn
  • read and observe the instructions on all fireworks
  • keep everyone at a safe distance from fireworks. Each firework will have printed details of how far away people must be
  • have a defined area for people to stand or sit while watching fireworks
  • encourage people to watch from indoors behind windows, patio doors etc
  • light fireworks at arm’s length and with a long taper (if available)
  • supervise children who have sparklers
  • remove spent firework remnants as early as possible the next day and dispose of them safely - especially "duds" that did not discharge
  • keep a bucket of water or hosepipe ready in case of problems
  • have first aid items to hand and familiarise yourself with the correct first aid methods to treat burns

Do not

  • allow people to wander around the garden during the display
  • return to a "dud" firework that fails to go off once lit
  • handle lit fireworks that are not designed to be held
  • throw fireworks
  • allow sparklers indoors

Have a great November 5th. Have fun. Stay safe!

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