Looking to add a little something extra to your new registration?

Well, you might be left waiting in the UK, but in one Australian state, at least, you’ll soon be able to add an emoji to your number plate!

Emojis, for those unaware, are symbols developed in Japan and used on smartphone keyboards to represent anything from apples (🍎) to zebras (🦓). They are beloved by millions around the world, who use them in texts, facebook statuses and elsewhere.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads, that oversees car registrations in the state of Queensland, will soon be allowing drivers to add an emoji to the end of their personalised number plate, for a slightly higher fee.

Drivers in Queensland are already able to add symbols to their plates, such as those of their favourite sporting teams - rugby league is huge in the state, and it’s not uncommon to see team logos featured.

Don’t go thinking you can go and buy something ending in 💩 or 🍆, however - drivers will be restricted to a small range of emojis representing smiley faces, including -  😆. 😉, 😍, 😎 and 😊.

Queensland drivers seem to be responding well to the move, and the body representing them, the RACQ, seem to be delighted that motorists will have the opportunity to make their registrations a little more colourful.

While we’re a long way away from similar happening in the United Kingdom, we have a staggering range of names, dates, initials that really personalise your registration and show the world who you are - much more than a 🔥 or 👍.

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