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Number One

Everyone knows that A 1 was the very first number plate. Well, it wasn’t actually, but the myth serves to reinforce the alphanumeric combination as a… Read the rest
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Summer Sale

Summer’s here, and the time is right for… that personalised registration you have always promised yourself. Just imagine driving down to the coast on a balmy… Read the rest
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Badge of Honour

John Bancroft, MBE started his business, Badgemaster in 1992. In those days the business’s location was a semi-derelict Portacabin but the project flourished and, a year… Read the rest
Regtransfers blog

PEN 15

The government has recently issued a 46-page report outlining the registrations that have been withdrawn from issue for risk of causing offence. It’s a thankless task,… Read the rest
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Following the abolition of the rather quaint but archaic road tax disc, the next ‘analog’ item – the ‘counterpart’ driving licence – has now reached the… Read the rest
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Julie Feechan, Voluntary Ambassador for Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People, has a novel way of promoting the work of the charity. The Loughborough-based organisation… Read the rest