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Winter is Here: A Tale of Tyre and Ice

Regtransfers Blog - Winter is Here: A Tale of Tyre and Ice

Here at Regtransfers we’re very passionate about cool cars but we’re slightly less enthusiastic about cold cars.

Winter is now really starting to bite and we’re increasingly waking up to frosted-over windscreens, icy car seats, and the dreaded stuttering sound of a cold engine trying desperately to warm up – much like its owner.

Beyond minor inconveniences and longer commute times, winter weather can also cause turmoil for your motor’s inner workings. From wiper blades, tyres and exterior paintwork to batteries, fuel and the moving parts of your engine, all are at risk from those dreaded, bleak winter nights.

Ice, ice, maybe? To help you safely on your way we’ve devised a handy reference thermometer to remind you which potential problems to look out for at various temperatures. Hopefully this year Britain won’t experience minus 60°C although, if the tabloids are to be believed, anything is possible.

We’ve also looked into some of the coldest possible routes one might ever attempt driving. From Scotland’s harshest road, to the deadly ice road of Canada, ending with the journey to Russia’s coldest town (which is also the world’s coldest town!).

So, scrape yourself a window of visibility, buckle up and set the heating on full blast. Good luck out on the roads… Oh, and don’t forget to keep your cool number plate dirt and snow-free too!

Winter is Coming - regtransfers