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National orgasm day

Happy orgasm day

Apparently today (Monday 31st July) is National Orgasm Day. Well, that’s... nice.

Naughty number plates, 53 XEY, STR 11P, B11 XOM

Two things puzzled me when I heard about it:

  1. Why is it only National Orgasm Day and not International or World Orgasm Day? Is this a result of the Brexit vote? Are we now reluctant to share the pleasure with the rest of the world? Is it an example of runaway protectionism?
  2. What was my colleague Googling when she discovered this impending celebration?

When I investigated the first point I was reassured to learn that National Orgasm Day isn’t a solely British thing. In fact, it’s a Brazilian immigrant. It’s catching on though: Australia and the USA also celebrate it.

I decided not to investigate the second puzzling point.

So, being Regtransfers and being, as we are, a bit enthusiastic about number plates (although not quite to the point of orgasm), we have done exactly what you would expect us to do: we have come up with a list of personal registrations appropriate to… No, wait… “Appropriate” may not be the right word. We have come up with a list of personal registrations themed around National Orgasm Day. We hope they bring you as much pleasure… No, sorry… We hope you enjoy them as much as… No, no… Hang on.

We hope you like them.

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Acrylic Plate F15 TME
C111 NGE Acrylic number Plate

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