Each year, we wait with interest for the list of the most popular baby names of the previous year to be unveiled. It’s always fascinating to see what has influenced the decision-making of parents over the previous year, whether it be due to celebrity births or other, more interesting forces.

There are plenty of perennial favourites among the top names for 2018. Olivia, Emma and Chloe are all among the top names for girls, while, George, Henry, Lucas, Ben and Dan are all represented in the boys’ list.

We do see the re-emergence of names that haven’t been in fashion for what seems decades - Evelyn, Nora and Avery for girls, Jacob and Noah for boys.

There’s also a number of names that we really haven’t seen in great numbers before - Scarlet and Layla are hot new girls’ names, while Jaden and Caden are rocketing up the list of trendy boys’ names.

Whatever parents have opted to name their pride and joy over the last year, we’ve got a plate for the new arrival. While their driving days are decades ahead, the gift of a personalised plate with a child’s name is a gift that shows love, as well as a reminder to drive safely from mum and dad!

These are just a few of the names we have - use our search to see what else we have!