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Hadley Green garageDHG 1 Douglas says: “This number was originally allocated to a new Morris Oxford in Nelson, Lancashire. I advertised for DHG 1 on the front page of The Times, as one did in those days. Three months later I received a reply from the gentleman who had had the number since issue.
“I gave him £50 for it, a lot of money in those days! I bought it in 1965, just before we received our appointment as Rolls-Royce and Bentley distributors, and it was put on our first ever Silver Shadow. Since then it has probably been on more than 80 different Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars as we normally change our demonstration models every six months. It is currently on my new Bentley Arnage.”

DHG 2 “In 1977 a gentleman rang me to say he had seen this number on a second hand Morris 1100 on a forecourt. I bought the car and number for £400. This one is currently on my wife’s Jaguar S-Type.”

DHG 7D “We used to call this one ‘Sevenpence’ (which was written as ‘7d’ in pre-decimal money). It is currently on our Lotus Elise demonstrator. I found out that this number was to be issued in 1966 and, as we had the Rootes agency at that time, I arranged to buy a new Hillman Imp from a dealer – provided he got that number for me, which he did. It was always on my wife’s car until we bought DHG 2.”

2 DHG “I bought this at auction about 10 years ago, and it is currently on our Jaguar XJ6 3.0.”

3 DHG “I bought this at auction about five years ago. It is currently on our Bentley G.T. demonstrator.”

5 DHG “I bought this from Regtransfers to celebrate our appointment as Lotus agents for North London. It is currently on a Lotus Elise.”

702 PG “In about 1978 my good friend Michael Gerson (who has an incredible number plate collection) found this number plate for me in an advert, and I bought it for my son Paul. I originally put it on a Talbot Sunbeam, then I bought Paul a Porsche 924 for his 21st birthday and it went on that. Since then it has been on many Jaguars and is currently on our Bentley Continental convertible.”

PHG 8 “For ‘Pauline Hadley Green’. I bought this for my daughter-in-law and it first went on a Peugeot 205 GT. Since then it has been on many Jaguars and Land Rovers and is currently on a Range Rover Sport.”

PHG 9 “For ‘Paul Hadley Green’. One of my staff saw this advertised and I bought it in about 1999. At present it is on our new Lotus Europa.”

PHG 7 “By sheer coincidence this number was advertised in the Daily Mail the same day that I bought PHG 9. My son had positively forbidden me to buy any more personal numbers, so I bought it for him for Christmas! It is currently on Paul’s Range Rover Supercharged.”

HGG 888 “For ‘Hadley Green Garage’. I bought this many years ago. It is currently on a Land Rover Discovery.”

6 HGG “I bought this many years ago as well. It is currently on another Land Rover Discovery.”
HGG 345 “Another bought many years ago. We own a 1981 Daimler 6 seater which we use when taking out friends or customers. We have owned the limousine for 15 years and the number has been on it all that time.”

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