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Mike Welch founded back in 2001 as a quick, easy and affordable way for motorists to buy new tyres. Customers simply order their tyres online and book fitting at a local centre of their choice, on a date that suits them. A simple idea that has proved very popular with drivers.

“I was fed up with watching high street retailers charging their customers extortionate prices, and I spotted what I believed to be a gap in the market. By selling tyres online and gathering together a network of independent garages and fitting centres, I could save money on overheads. By passing this saving onto the customers, has been able to sell tyres at 40% off the prices of the old, corporate tyre retailers.”

As far as Mike is concerned, his business model means that everybody wins. Obviously he makes a profit, the motorist saves money… But what about the garages and tyre centres? Mike says that Black Circles actually generates custom for them.

“We send business back to the independent market, helping to sustain many garages that might have struggled to keep afloat otherwise.”
What worked for tyres looks set to transform other areas of automotive maintenance.

“Most recently I expanded the company to include car servicing. Using that same successful business model. I believe we can take the car servicing industry by storm. When booking their car service through us customers are, on average, able to save 60% off the prices quoted by the main dealers.
“Like most entrepreneurs, I’m always looking at new areas to branch out into, and at present has a number of other irons in the fire. I’m confident that it will not be long until I reach my goal of turning into a one-stop shop for all a motorists’ needs.”

It sets a tone of confidence and professionalism
right from the start.

All, perhaps, except for personal registrations! Nevertheless, Mike Welch is certainly a believer in the value of good quality number plates.
“I think that when you buy a high performance car, buying a personalised number plate is the next natural step. It adds an extra touch of class to the whole look and feel of the car.

I attend a lot of meetings all around the country and when you pull up to an important meeting with a good car and your own personalised number plates, it sets a tone of confidence and professionalism right from the start. To be a successful entrepreneur you also need to get visible, I think having a personalised plate helps to achieve this.

“Being a busy man, when I set out to buy my new number plates I wanted to find a company that made purchasing them as stress-free as possible. I found that Regtransfers couldn’t have been more helpful. I was very impressed with the whole quick and easy process.”

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