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Gold plated number plates


“The best things in life are free.” “Money can’t buy you love.” We tend to accept these clichés as truth, but some might question them.

Here at Regtransfers we appreciate that a perfect number plate is worth a near limitless amount. We’ve sold 68% of the 50 most expensive ever purchased in the UK, so we know a thing or two about the very high end of the plate spectrum.

Selling for well above half a million pounds, ‘25 O’ sits proudly as the most expensive plate ever sold in the UK. In all fairness, it now sits atop a multi-million pound classic Ferrari 250 once owned by Eric Clapton; but half a million pounds goes a long way, and it got us thinking about some comparisons that show just how valuable the very best private number plates have become. To help readers to grasp the sums involved, we’ve created an infographic to show the value of these top car registrations in relation to some of the other finer things in life.

After the initially silly suggestion of ‘a million Mars Bars’ came up (Please write in if you know where to find a Mars Bar for under 50p!), we came to the realisation that the purchasers of the top twenty car registrations have all paid more than the cost of a property in some parts of the country. So, having crunched the numbers, we present a striking illustration of the value of the UK's record-breaking personal number plates.

We’d like to stress that these are the very extreme end of the premium spectrum: the crème de la crème of the number plate world, if you'll pardon our French. Many of our plates are surprisingly affordable, and we even offer finance arrangements on those just out of reach. Find your ideal number plate today with our online search service!

Click the following link to check out our full chart of the UK's most expensive number plates.


Click here to view a full preview of the UK's most expensive number plates

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