Sometimes life can’t just be all about private number plates.

I know, it comes as a shock, doesn’t it? But even we have to admit that it’s love that makes the world go round, not plastic rectangles bearing semi-random strings of characters.

But wait: who says the two things can’t coexist in a healthy, stable relationship? At Regtransfers we obviously love our personal registrations. In fact, if we were asked to choose between our cherished plates and our cherished partners, some of us may hesitate to answer. Well, one doesn’t want to be hasty when making such an important decision, does one?

Luckily, we don’t have to choose and neither do you. Personal number plates are the perfect medium for exchanging messages of love. What better Valentine gift for your loved one (or loved ones, depending on your personal circumstances) than something showing a truly personal touch. Flowers wilt, chocolates melt and add inches to the hips but a personalised registration can last a lifetime – longer than some relationships, in fact… A private plate can turn your loved one’s car from a metal box on wheels into an extension of their personality.

Think about it? What would your partner prefer, a plush toy and some cheap flowers from your local supermarket or a lovingly chosen, perfect, private car registration?

Personal number plates and Valentine’s Day: a match made in heaven.

Registration Reads
How these plates read are totally up to interpretation.
LOV 31Y Lovely
LOV 33E Love
LOV 13S Loves
LOV 333R Lover
H34 ART Heart
H34 RTY Hearty
HEA 27S Hearts
HON 66Y Honey
DA11 CEZ Dance
VE11 USS Venus

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