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DVLA Auction in July/August 2022

Auction results in July/August

Another month, another DVLA auction. The auction that ran from 27th July 2022 to 2nd August 2022 was an online sale, as all DVLA auctions have been since the live events were suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. That said, we understand that DVLA has provisional plans to begin holding live auction events again later this year. View our coverage of the previous DVLA auction here.


The registrations on offer comprised the usual mixture of the obvious and the seemingly inexplicable. The highest earner, 41 O, appears to fall in the latter category, so far as any intended meaning may be concerned. We may not understand it but we like it: a striking number that would look great on any car. At an all-in price of £73,422, it could still have some investment potential. It also continues the high-achieving trend of 'O' plates at auction: a number of two-digit 'O' registrations have made big money in previous DVLA sales.

Other top prices paid were £47,742 for 1 YUM, £37,329 for 812 C, £34,199 for 8 TRU and £29,047 for 1007 AM. The buyers of 108 of the numbers sold in the auction paid over £10,000 for them. The highest price paid for an obvious name registration was £20,508 for BA22 ETT, followed by CA22 OLL at £19,224. High performing word registrations included 8 LOW ("blow") at £22,627 and FAT 805S ("fat boss") at £19,340.

Hidden meanings

While it seems likely that 812 C would have been purchased for a Ferrari, and that 992 JC and 911 RAV will end up on Porsches, there were also a few intriguing sales where one can guess at a registration's significance to its new owner but not really be sure. For example, 1 KWH is, surely someone's perfect number one initials plate, but with those letters also forming an abbreviation for "kilowatt hour", a unit of energy commonly applied to electricity, it could also appeal to the CEO of an energy company - although displaying it in that context at the moment could be considered tactless…

Other good plates that went under the hammer include A111 ENA ("Allena") at £12,920, and a fairly amusing "stolen" plate, S701 LEN, at £9,094. This one could also be a reference to the German fruit bread, stollen.

The table below shows the top performers in this recent sale.

41 O £73,422
1 YUM £47,742
812 C £37,329
8 TRU £34,119
1007 AM £29,047
786 MUS £28,328
992 JC £27,378
115 HY £27,057
1 KWH £25,901
911 RAV £25,824
765 MCL £24,489
24 MJS £23,141
8 LOW £22,627
678 M £22,563
4 TDF £21,921
7 KSA £20,637
BA22 ETT £20,508
111 SSP £19,353
94 FF £19,353
812 CA £19,353
FAT 805S £19,340
CA22 OLL £19,224
6006 OO £18,737
4 MUK £18,082
22 ACK £17,298
525 J £17,029
4 ORD £16,785
10 OOR £16,772
98 NK £16,271
181 P £16,271
77 YK £16,143
700 AP £15,565
SHA 21B £15,488
66 SJM £15,488
14 MSC £15,295
KAA 51M £15,116
COO 2K £14,885
4 JVM £14,576
151 JS £14,345
8 KLJ £14,217
NXD 1A £14,204
RED 911P £13,896
1 VFD £13,588
BF 76 £13,331
3 NGS £13,010
1967 SL £12,933
786 ST £12,933
15 SHO £12,933
77 JMW £12,933
96 JU £12,933

Prices include fees and taxes.

Try it yourself

If you'd like to try to find your own auction bargain, or you have a registration you want to sell, the Regtransfers online auction is a great place to try your luck. Our auction provides a safe, secure platform and all transactions are overseen by Regtransfers.

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