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Riky, Don’t Lose That Number!


Had it not been for the sharp eye of his model girlfriend, Riky Ash may have missed out on the chance to own his perfect personal car registration.

“I wasn’t looking for a new plate as I already had a cherished registration on my car, but my girlfriend, Luisa, was looking for a registration plate to promote her modelling career. During her search she spotted R1 KYX. As my name is spelt Riky it really was the perfect registration plate for me.”

Riky works as a television and film stuntman and stunt co-ordinator. He considers a recognisable registration plate to be a great asset to his stunt company, Falling For You.
Riky qualified as a Stuntman in 1993, and since then he has achieved over 400 television and film credits and even earned a place in The Guinness Book Of Records for his amazing stunt achievements.

“My girlfriend did find her dream registration. She is Italian and spells her name Luisa, so LUI 545 (‘Luisa’s’) was the perfect plate for her.

“She began modelling in 2005, and at 5’ 11’’ Luisa is the perfect height for that kind of work. She has also even been known to do the odd stunt. She has no fear of heights, and she is skilful behind the wheel. Luisa is the perfect model when action is involved.”

Riky and Luisa are both believers in the power of personal car registrations for self-promotion.
“Luisa has a pink Ford KA which proudly displays her name. When she goes on modelling shoots, a registration plate like LUI 545 gets everyone talking. Having an identifiable registration plate is a great asset to my stunt business too. Any business investing in a cherished registration plate will greatly benefit from it as a solid investment and a great promotional tool.”

Riky acquired his very first cherished registration plate, 575 GVO in 1995. The following year he purchasedN20 ASH. Since he and Louisa have found their perfect number plates, both these earlier numbers are for sale through

“We often look at the interesting registration plates on vehicles,” says Riky. “I firmly believe that if you are proud of your car then there’s no better finishing touch than something that represents you.

“My new registration plate is on my current car but will be transferred over to the new black Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder which I shall be taking delivery of very soon. The X on my registration is a kiss for Luisa, who found both of our number plates!”

Riky, whose credits include EastEndersEmmerdaleHollyoaksThe Bill and Silent Witness, is also the author of a self help book entitled With Confidence. (Trafford Publishing 2007)

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