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Jason Dawe writes

Jason Dawe writes

Jason Dawe writes a weekly used car column in the Sunday Times.
He worked with Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear and now presents the Used Car Roadshow on ITV’s Men and Motors at 9pm on Monday nights.

As a former car salesman, Jason has 20 years experience in the motor industry and is acknowledged as the country’s leading used car expert.

You can contact Jason via his website:

1. Teenage Kicks
Remember the cars you lusted after as a teenager but couldn’t afford to insure let alone buy? Well the good news is that whilst depreciation is normally the motorist’s enemy when it comes to bagging a bit of nostalgia its effect are very welcome . . . more.

2. Heavy Metal Heroes 
For the same price as an ‘ordinary’ new car you could be driving the world’s automotive aristocracy thanks to the ravages of depreciation. With most cars losing around half their value in the first three years of life there has never been a better time to pick up a tasty motor . . . more.

3. Plates You WIn, Cars You Lose 
Driving down the M1 this morning, I was reminded that nobody drives a new car. If that sounds a bit confusing then let me explain. Of course there was the usual smattering of ‘07’ cars crawling through the early morning traffic but technically even these should now be considered used cars. The problem with cars is that the moment you register one it becomes a used car . . . more.

4. Some things are best left simple
One of the biggest bonuses of my job is that with a quick phone call to the car manufacturers you can borrow pretty much any car you want, at any time you fancy. At first this was a real novelty and, like most other people, I already had a long mental list of the cars that I wanted to try, most of which had large engines and big price tags.
. . . more.

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