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Horses for courses

Horses for courses

Steve Bennett bought his first private number plates in 1996. B19 OSS, or Big ’Oss, was purchased to adorn a Land Rover Discovery often used to tow a horse trailer.

“We have three horses,” says Steve, “and Judith, my wife, competes so we have to tow the horses to events. With Big ‘Oss on the trailer, I like to think of people seeing it and making the connection that a big ’oss was being towed.”

During the following years, the registration was used on many tow vehicles but, when Steve purchased his second personal registration in 2002, Big ’Oss went into temporary retirement on a retention certificate.

“Our 2002 Range Rover Td6 got a plate on the same horsey theme as Big ’Oss… AH02 SEY, AKA ‘Horsey’! I still get the same pleasure from seeing people smile as they look at the trailer and see a horsey being towed. We’ve even had a comment from the local police who thought the number was great.

“It wasn’t long before we added another car to our stable. It had been a long time wish of mine to own an Aston Martin DB7 Volante. I was fortunate enough to purchase one in 2006 and, naturally, I set about looking for a plate to match. I wanted something that would show off the great British lineage of the marque, and something that would identify the car.

I noticed a plate with the letters GBR, so I set about finding D8 GBR which I thought would be great, linking David Brown’s initials, and the DB of the DB7, with the country of the car maker. Fortunately, Regtransfers secured the plate for me. I’m pleased to say that the transaction went without a hitch and very soon D8 GBR was parked next to AH02 SEY in the garage.”

What about Big ’Oss? Well, Judith loved the plate so much that she and Steve decided to find something suitable for her to use as an everyday car and that the plate should go on that. Playing on the ‘big’ word a little, the obvious choice was a small car – so B19 OSS, now out of retirement, sits proudly displayed on a Mini Cooper S, adding a finishing touch to the Bennetts’ enviable three car/horse stable.

Len Stout

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