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Baskerville hounds the DVLA

Baskerville hounds

A very satisfied customer, Graham Baskerville, tells us the story behind his choice of registration and his experience of the transfer process.

Following the death of my father in early 2000, my mother decided to give up driving and that it was time to sell the family car. This was a Vauxhall Astra Arctic that Dad had bought new a little under two years before. Due to his illness the car had spent most of its life just sitting in the garage at home. Obviously it was still in immaculate condition and had only a few thousand miles on the clock.

My mother offered this to me at a very fair price prior to advertising it for sale in the local paper. I decided that this was too good an opportunity to turn down. I was not in immediate need of a new car but thought it would be something nice to remember my dad by and so I agreed to buy the car. I have always been very interested in car registrations and thought this was an ideal time to try and find one to put on the Astra in order to disguise its age, so I needed a plate without a year letter. This immediately pushed the price up. I had spent many month’s looking at adverts in the newspapers, Exchange and Mart and various number plate dealers etc., but could not find any thing of interest that I could afford.

A friend of mine suggested and so, with nothing to lose, I telephoned them. This was in February 2002. My call was answered by a very polite and helpful lady called Justine  Burman. She asked me a few questions in order to establish what I was looking for i.e. without a year letter and at a price that I could afford. Ideally I wanted a number plate-with my initials on it GB but the only ones available were far too expensive. She suggested one or two numbers and also asked for my e-mail address. She promised to look through all their numbers and send me a list of ones that she thought would fit the bill. This she did and I ended up with a list of fifteen numbers, all without year letters ranging from £2000 to £3000. The only problem then was to pick out which one I liked best. I had spoken to my friend again, who already had a private number plate and he suggested trying to find one that stood for something or meant something to me. We looked at each number in turn and tried to make something up for it.

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