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The Vice
The popular and critically acclaimed drama The Vice, set in the vice unit of the Metropolitan Police, is back for a new series in January. Created by executive producer Rob Pursey and writer Barry Simner for Carlton Television, the hard-hitting programme, now in its fourth series, is eagerly awaited by viewers.

For the villainous husband and wife characters in the second episode, Stephen Smallwood, Producer, decided their cars, a Bentley and a Lexus 4×4, needed to have matching personalised number plates. He approached top number plate dealer,, to see if they could help out.

Marketing Manager Len Stout said “We are very pleased to have been asked to supply number plates for The Vice. We found a matching ‘Number One’ pair (N1) followed by each of the characters initials – N1 KFB and N1 CFB, both of which own.

The television appearance will certainly give the plates added interest and a touch of notoriety, and when someone comes to buy them it will give them a story to tell their friends! We will of course be explaining to any potential purchaser that the plates are booked to appear in The Vice for the second episode. N1 number plates are one of the most popular types of personalised number plates that we sell.”

20 December 2001



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