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Liz Fuller is a former Miss Great Britain, a busy TV presenter and actress. She is a household name and sex symbol in Wales, and best known for presenting The Pop Factory (ITV 1 Wales), The Welsh Music Awards (ITV), regional presenter for Record of The Year (ITV). At the time of writing this article, Liz is currently presenting Quiznation on Nation 217 on Sky.

It was, however, during the filming of Number Plate Heaven, a show all about number plates on the Men and Motors channel, that Regtransfers met up with Liz.

No shrinking violet, Liz is a fiery, confident Welsh girl. She came up with the programme idea then produced and presented the six part series with Daisy Beck Productions. It touched on everything to do with registrations, buying, selling, manufacturing, auctions and celebrity plates.


“I am so creative, I come up with an idea a day, it’s always a dilemma which one to run with and develop further. Number Plate Heaven was just one idea out of six I took to Men and Motors, in fact I thought it was my weakest. The others, apparently, were too expensive.”

Liz has been rewarded for her ideas and production talents and has been short listed for the BBC 3 Nations Award. However her most exciting project to date has just been announced. She has bought and taken over the licence for the Miss Great Britain pageant for the next 15 years. Previously she was the host and an organiser of the event every year since she won the title in 1996. With a business partner they aim to take it back on prime time TV with a new-style format where the British public vote for who they think should be the next Miss GB.

Liz continues, “Beauty pageants lost their popularity in the 80s and 90s, but over the last two years, I have noticed a huge increase in girls applying and they now appear to be coming back in fashion.“My goal as the woman in charge, is to create the most amazing opportunity for one talented intelligent and stunning lady.

The winner of Miss GB from now on will be signed to one of the biggest model agencies in the UK and US and will be given a speaking role in a Hollywood film. I am in a wonderful position to offer genuine advice and give introductions to some of the most powerful casting directors, TV film producers, agents and mentors in the showbiz industry.”


The event will be staged and televised on Saturday, 25th February 2006 at the Great Room, Grosvenor Hotel, Park Lane, Mayfair. “We are currently working under wraps with one of the most exciting and powerful production companies and broadcasters in the UK to revive and take this into a 21st century TV format with an interactive element for viewers at home to vote.

“If anyone would like to suggest a girl as a contestant, don’t be shy in coming forward. All information on the 40 regional heats due to be held from September to December 2005 will be on the website below with an application form to download. “The next Miss GB maybe a girl that never even considered it,” says Liz.

Anyone wanting to get involved or find out more about sponsorship please email Liz directly at:liz@missgreatbritain.co.uk. Tickets and tables are also available for this glitzy, star-studded televised event on the
Miss Great Britain website at: www.missgreatbritain.co.uk

Liz FullerRT: What motoring shows have you been involved with?
Liz: I did Number Plate Heaven, which I actually wrote and took it to Men and Motors six months before they commissioned it. Gary Shoefield the boss there liked the idea and said to go away and write it up as a six programme series. I think he thought, ‘Oh she’ll never come back with six programmes out of this.’ but I did. I went back with it and he commissioned it on the spot. He loved it.

RT: What gave you the idea for the number plate programme?
Liz: When I first went to Men and Motors, I had about six programme ideas and, he liked the number plate programme ‘because no-one had ever done anything like it before’. It’s the most obvious. When you’re driving around it’s the most noticeable thing you see on someone’s car isn’t it? You may see two cars the same but you’re never going to see two number plates the same.

RT: You went around the world to film this, didn’t you?
Liz: It was filmed in America, we were due to film in Ireland but because of time restrictions we didn’t. Just the UK and America.

RT: Did you have an interest in number plates before this?
Liz: Yes, I always have. You know when you’re little and you go on long journeys, you would actually sit in cars wouldn’t you? Do you remember writing down number plates and searching for things like that?

RT: Like the first one to make a word out of the number plate in front?
Liz: Yeh, something like that.

RT: Do you have a number plate at the moment?
Liz: Yes I do, John and David Singh have given me the plate M15 SGB to help promote my new venture.

RT: What plate would you buy?
Liz: FUL 13R was mentioned at RT!

RT: They’re pretty cool aren’t they? [showing her the plates] Perfect for you aren’t they, would you be interested?
Liz: Yeh, I think I could be tempted.

RT: They’re up for £8995. We think that when we look at number plates, names are more unique than initials and letters, you can’t get Fuller any other way really. You could get your initials in several different formats but not names so much, which is why they command that kind of price. Would you think of having anything else other than your name on your car?
Liz: Yeh, I think of words you know. Funny things like, FOX 1E, something that’s kind of flirty and fun. There’s so many you can make up once you start thinking about it.

RT: So you’re going to buy a Porsche?
Liz: Yes, I think the car I’m going to get is a Porsche Boxster. I think most girls don’t know what cars are about, but I’m completely fascinated by them. I like speed you know, just sitting behind a car and feeling the engine, feeling the power.

RT: So what’s you dream car?
Liz: Dream car? Probably those convertible Ferraris. I don’t know which one, you’ve seen the new one? I saw it in like a sultry blue, OH MY GOD, it’s so beautiful.


RT: Are you doing anything else at the moment?
Liz: I am so busy at the moment.
I am doing the gameshow on Nation 217 three nights a week, and running Miss GB in an office on Bond Street in the week. I am also reading possible film scripts, and waiting for a part to come up in acting that’s right for me. I have just auditioned for a film being made in Wales (back home) based on Dylan Thomas, and have been offered a small part but waiting for the filming dates.

RT: How do you find the live gameshow?
Liz: I love it. I love actually talking to the people at home because you never know who you might be talking to, it could be somebody who decides to call from Scotland. And sometimes you get a few people playing and you ask ‘are you playing with family’ and they say ‘no, I’m on my own’ and you feel …aww… it’s a Saturday or Sunday or something and they’re on their own.

RT: So you feel sorry for them?
Liz: I don’t feel sorry for them, but I just think it’s nice that we can entertain people.

RT: And do you have any shows in the pipeline?
Liz: I’ve written a charity show, well it’s more like a challenge show were teams get together. I’m always writing shows, I’m always talking to broadcasters. I don’t just present, I’m involved with the whole production of the show.

RT: How far into this charity show have you got?
Liz: Concept’s written and it’s gone to ITV and some big production companies. So it just depends.

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