The RNC (Registration Numbers Club) held their annual rally at Temple Newsam in Leeds on Sunday 16th July 2017. It was raining the day before so there was some concern that the event may be a wash-out. Some owners, especially those with vintage or classic vehicles can be a little reluctant to venture out into bad weather, especially when the event is located on grassy terrain that could quickly turn to mud.

As it turned out, all fears evaporated on the day, which was hot and sunny: a great way to start the club’s 40th anniversary rally. The turnout was excellent, with nearly 100 cars on display with many superb registrations. In fact, this was one of the best attended rallies we have seen in recent years.

The event's special guest, Councillor Jane Dowson, The Lord Mayor of Leeds, spoke to many of the club members and went round admiring the cars and registrations display. Councillor Dowson also presented the awards for each category (results below). The mayoral car bears the impressive registration U 1 and, coincidentally club member Gareth Hudson was there with the reverse registration, 1 U.

And the award results were:

Class A - amusing or unusual

RNC Rally Winners RU 18

1st - John Steele - RU 18
2nd - Gareth Hodge - PUP 9Y

Class B - owner's initials, letters first

RNC Rally Winners NY 1

1st - Nick Young - NY 1
2nd - Elwyn Evans - EE 8

Class C - owner's initials, numbers first

RNC Rally Winners 7777 CC

1st - Colin Cowperthwaite - 7777 CC
2nd - Bob Westmorland - 8 W

Class D - owner's initials with No 1 or other neat number

RNC Rally winners ABD 1
1st - Alan B Dunnaker - ABD 1
2nd - Peggy Ives - KNP 1

Class E - owner's initials with date letter or year code

RNC Rally Winners AM05 ABM
1st - Amos Bernard Mansell - AM05 ABM
2nd - Paul Milsom - PDM 1L

Class F - names with or without date letter including current system

RNC Rally Winners RON 1
1st - Ron Beardsell - RON 1
2nd - Craig Duxbury - CRA 1G

Class G - pairs or family / company collections

RNC Rally Winners GES 7 - 7 GES
1st - Graham E Stanley - GES 7 / 7 GES
2nd - William D Heaton & family - 1 WDH / 8 WDH / 10 WDH

Class H - No 1s or other neat numbers not being owner's initials

RNC Rally Winners 1 U
1st - Gareth Hudson - 1 U
2nd - Colin Richards - T 4

Class J - registration relevant to owner, vehicle or trade

RNC Rally winners- H1 FRY
1st - Jo Heaton - H1 FRY (Fish & chip shop)
2nd - Neil Ives - LOO 92 (Plumber)

Class K - any other cherished number

RNC Rally winners- 123 U
1st - Margaret Hudson - 123 U
2nd - Don MacFarlane - NST 9

Class L - classic car with interesting number

RNC Rally winners- AO 2
1st - Alwyn Stockdale - AO 2 (Volvo P1800)
2nd - Mark Skinner - B50 OSL (Mercedes 500SL)

Visitor class (not RNC members)

RNC Rally winners- RKC 2
Robin Crossley - RKC 2

Special awards (generally awarded for excellent registration displays)

RNC Rally winners- S 186
Stephen Bott - S 186
Cliff & Karen Thoroughgood - YHK 310
Peter Waistel - WA15 TEL / W415 TEL
Jonathan Parsons - 99 JON

There was a slightly sad note at the end of the rally, as we were made aware that this would be Steve Waldenberg’s final rally and that he would be stepping down as Honorary Secretary after 40 years. For his exceptional service to the club, Steve was presented with the Noel Woodall Trophy which was, once again, provided by Pat Woodall who unfortunately was unable to attend this year.

All in all, it was a great rally and thoroughly enjoyable. We thank the RNC for putting on a wonderful show and Steve for his work with the club. We hope to see everyone again next year.