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It is hard not to use cliches such as ‘down-to-earth’ when talking abut Stacey Solomon. Stacey does not take her good fortune for granted. She seems to treat each new opportunity or success as an unexpected blessing. In fact, she still radiates a faint aura of this-can’t-be-happening-to-me. She remains firmly rooted amidst the people and places she knows best and still has the same interests that she had before she appeared on TV.

When we met Stacey her enthusiasm was focused on her new car, a VW Beetle. After the more serious interlude during which we discussed her work with Save the Children, Stacey returns to giggle mode.

“I decided on the Beetle because I’ve got a big Cougar at the minute, and it’s really, really big. Perfect for, like, going away or... Well, I feel safe in it and it’s like a family car, but I’ve always wanted my own sort of girly, not practical, car.

“I think it’s so lovely. So tiny as well, so now I don’t feel like a bus when I’m getting into parking spaces. And I just feel really girly, and the roof goes down and I can’t wait for summer.”

What made Stacey choose SX10 BUG for her personal registration?

“I decided on that number plate because I didn’t want anyone to know my name, or to have my name on the car. I looked at it and I thought, Aw, it’s such a cute little Bug, and then when I saw the number plate I was like, ‘Sexy Bug!’ I really wanted it - I’m really sad!

“My old number plate is E10 SXF for ‘Stacey X-Factor’. Really, really sad! I didn’t even choose that one, Ford got that for me.

“I’m obsessed with number plates. I think your number plate has to go with your car. Whereas the other one was just like a random number plate, this one really fits my car. Aw, my little Bug’s sitting out there with ‘Sexy Bug’ written on it!

“Me and my manager, Sal, were looking through your website and we were just like [gasps]! We saw things like BUG 2 or BUG 1, and some of them were really good, and then we saw ‘Sexy Bug’ and I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’ve got to have that one!’

“But I wouldn’t have my name, no. With ‘Stacey’ then I’d think everyone knows it’s mine. Some people don’t notice a number plate unless it’s a name, so if I had ‘Stacey’ I’d hate that - parked right outside my house as well. I might as well drive ‘Rob Me’!

It seems that Stacey’s friends and family share her love of personal registrations.

“My friend’s got J44 DES (Jade’s). My dad’s got SO10 MCN (Solomon). [Laughs] We’re really sad! Hmm... Who else has got one? My friend, Natalie has got ‘Nat’. We’re really, really into number plates. It’s really quite sad, but it’s so cute, having your number plate and having your car.

“Back in the day, my dad used to just buy random number plates. He’s a photographer and he had ‘camera’ on his plate and things like that. He just bought loads and loads and loads, and we were always like, wow! As kids we thought it was all really cool.

“We’re Jewish and he had ‘Chuppah’ [Jewish wedding canopy], C11 UPA because he did Jewish weddings. He had a Rolls-Royce and things like that, like just for hire, and he used to put that number plate on and...whatever. So, he’s always been really interested in it. My mum couldn’t care less.

“My sister’s quite into it. She doesn’t like to admit it but she is quite into it. She’s called Jemma and even if a number plate just has a ‘J’ in it she thinks, Yes! Some people have really good number plates. I’ve seen one with just LEE, like ‘Lee’. I know it sounds stupid but to me that’s like, wow!”

When we spoke with Stacey she was working on her book. Stacey Solomon: My Story So Far has been a very successful first autobiography.

“Yeah, but it’s not really an autobiography because I haven’t really lived very long! It’s more like everything I’ve done so far. I anted to write everything down so I’ll remember it how I felt it at that time. You know how you just forget how you felt. Like you forget what it was like to give birth - like how horrendous it was, you just forget and think, Aw... another baby? I don’t want to forget anything that I’ve thought or anything that I’ve felt. I don’t want to forget nothing.

“So, me and a writer have got together and I’ve got to tell her everything that’s ever happened, exactly how I felt. She’ll help me put it all into a book, and then that’ll be mine, everything that I’ve ever felt and ever done.”

A lot is happening in Stacey’s life; she is the new face of Boux Avenue lingerie [see our feature on page 23] and has just launched her own perfume, ‘Smile by Stacey Solomon’ in the Perfume Shop and other stores nationwide.

At this rate more installments of her autobiography won’t be far behind. She is clearly determined to live life to the full and grab every opportunity that comes her way. We can’t wait for volumes two and three and...

Story: Rick Cadger

Interview: Angela Banh

Photography: Stan Thompson

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