Personal plate ideas

This page aims to help you turn your dream of a perfect registration into reality: to help you overcome obstacles, come up with personalised number plate ideas and to figure out exactly what you want on your private number plates.

There are a few limitations that affect most of us on our quest for the perfect personal registration. Our financial status imposes a budget upon us; the car registrations format and the display regulations impose restrictions on what we can have on our plates, and our imaginations may simply refuse to come up with ideas for an appealing number plate.

Well, hopefully our comprehensive finance options will help you to plan and manage your budget, our guide to the language of personalised number plates with its explanation of how numbers and letters can be combined to represent words, names and more will help you to find a great registration that doesn't need any dodges or cheats such as mis-spacing or illegally positioned bolts to achieve its effect.

That leaves the inspiration.

Name number plates

Names are one of the most obvious personal plate ideas. Having one's name on a plate is surely the ultimate in car personalisation but for each name there are usually only one or two registrations that do a really great job of representing it. This limited supply makes names a little pricier than some other kinds of private reg.

Of course, when one understands how numbers and letters can work together to spell names, it becomes obvious that there are more ways to represent a name or word. By compromising a little and accepting a few less obvious character substitutions one can find that one's name on a plate suddenly becomes affordable.

Initials number plates

If your name isn't available, or if you would like a less expensive way of personalising your vehicle, initials offer a very cost effective option. Of the number plate ideas you may consider, initials offer the widest choice at the most affordable prices.

Many people are happy just to have their initials on their private number plates. Others prefer to combine those key letters with other meaningful elements such as numbers to represent a year of birth, for example.

Don't underestimate initials numbers. They get noticed by your friends and acquaintances and they make your car much easier to spot in that huge supermarket car park!

Car makes and models

This is another popular number plate idea, especially amongst owners of car brands whose names or models can be summed up in a few characters. Popular choices include BMW, 911 (Porsche), SLK (Mercedes) and XJS (Jaguar).

Sports teams

Sport in general and football in particular are national obsessions. Check out our sports number plates section for some great private plate ideas for the sports fan in your life.

Jobs, hobbies and interests

Another perennial favourite. After names and initials, number plates that reflect the owner's likes, interests and personality are probably the most personal. We have seen people buying registrations that refer to their pets, their hometowns, their favourite movie and pop stars, even their favourite fictitious characters. Surprisingly, many people choose registration numbers that reflect their professions or careers.

Although we do have a search page themed around hobbies and interests we have to admit that the possibilities are so numerous that we've barely scratched the surface of people's obsessions!

We hope some of these have given you a starting point for your quest. Now, why not visit our number plate searches page to find your number plate?

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