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The celebrities that bought name numberplates from Regtransfers

A number depicting your name is a great, affordable way of making your car your own and giving it a little more personality.

There are very few ways to convincingly represent a name in a number plate: in fact, there are usually only one or two really good versions. The chances of encountering another car bearing a plate with your name on are quite remote. Naturally, that uniqueness means that name number plates may cost a little more than, say, initials plates but that bit extra buys you real exclusivity.

The price aspect can work in your favour when it comes to possible resale. Because name plates are unique, and even alternative spellings of any name are vanishingly rare on number plates, they are a limited and scarce commodity in a thriving marketplace. Find the right buyer for that name and your plate could fetch a terrific price. Number plates really can be a sound investment.

Looking for inspiration?

If you'd like more ideas then take a look at our themed number plate collections.

You can search name plates, dateless number plates (Hide the age of your car!), Car makes and models (Got a Porsche, Mercedes, BMW? Whatever your car, we've got your number), rude and naughty number plates, sports number plates, lucky numbers and jobs and interests. You can even search for future number plates and you are buying for a family or friend, take a look at buying a number plate as a gift.

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If you'd like a little help working out how your name might be represented on a number plate, consult our guide on how to read private number plates.

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Aston Martin car with a Kenneth number plate displayed on it

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