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Exclusive to Regtransfers

AP 1
Prestige Collection
Car displaying the registration mark AP 1

A marque of distinction

Regtransfers is proud to offer the ultimate in personalised numbers from our Prestige Collection.

We have the registration in stock now, so availability is certain, and we can arrange immediate transfer.

This is the ultimate number one registration. You can't get better!

AP 1 was issued by East Sussex County Council between 1903 and 1922. It is increasingly unusual for a registration of this age to have survived: many have been lost as old vehicles were written off or scrapped. This increasing scarcity gives such an old registration a special appeal, similar to that of an antique.

Number plate fact file

Feature Value
Year of Issue 1903 - 1922
Exclusive Check (Yes) Yes
In stock Check (Yes) Yes
Finance Finance is not available on this registration No
0% Payment plan Finance is available on this registration Yes

Number 1 registrations

Number 1 registrations are the most sought after type of registration, and have proven to be great investments similar to classic cars, art and wine but without the maintenance, storage or insurance costs.



adjective: The best achievable or imaginable of its kind.

synonyms: best, ideal, greatest, supreme, paramount, superlative, highest, unsurpassed, unrivalled, topmost, utmost, optimum, rare

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Past prices

Registration Price (£) Year
vip 1 275,000 2006
lsk 1 205,520 2021
dsk 1 154,173 2021
lfc 1 125,062 2020
1 hrh 119,312 2009
1 nhs 102,812 2021
1 pne 90,800 2009
1 ooo 82,376 2010
jsk 1 72,915 2017
1 ysd 68,145 2022


Spread the cost from £108,021.30 per month


Payable in four monthly instalments with a deposit of £108,021.30 more info

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