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681 DA
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Heritage Collection
Car displaying the registration mark 681 DA

A genuine piece of history

Regtransfers is proud to offer this historical registration from our Heritage Collection.

We have the registration in stock now, so availability is certain, and we can arrange immediate transfer.

681 DA was issued by Wolverhampton County Borough Council in 1959. It is increasingly unusual for a registration of this age to have survived: many have been lost as old vehicles were written off or scrapped. This increasing scarcity gives such an old registration a special appeal, similar to that of an antique.

Number plate fact file

Feature Value
Year of Issue 1959
Exclusive Yes
In stock Yes
Finance Yes
0% Payment plan Yes

Heritage registrations

Heritage registrations are highly sought after and distinct from registrations that display a year indicating letter or number. Owners appreciate the history they carry and know that they can make a well looked after vehicle look timeless and distinctive. It is this that has made them a proven investment to our most discerning customers.



Noun: Valued objects and qualities noting or relating to a product, place, etc., that evokes a nostalgic sense of tradition or history

synonyms: legacy, tradition, history, culture, past, lineage, roots, pedigree

Past prices

Registration Price (£) Sold Issued
jm 2 150,000 2016 1931-1950
jh 5 95,000 2018 1931-1934
al 11 85,000 2017 1904-1921
6 sf 46,500 2017 1962
8 amv 42,000 2015 1954
sch 8 30,000 2015 1960
2000 hk 10,500 2015 1957
sb 222 10,500 2015 1904-1954
gah 11 13,995 2017 1946
12 SF 50,000 2015 1962

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