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Glossary of terms

A useful list of terms and definitions often used in the registration transfers market.


Dateless Registration
A dateless registration in one that does not contain a age/year identifier and which may, thus, be transferred to a vehicle of any age. These plates are popular amongst purchasers who wish to conceal the ages of their vehicles.
DfT, Department for Transport
Department for Transport is the parent government department responsible for DVLA and other matters relating to the UL transport networks.
In the context of personal number plates, the donor is the party who holds entitlement to display a registration and who must, therefore, authorise the transfer (by sale or other means) of that entitlement to the person who will next own the registration in question. In short, the donor is usually the seller of a number plate.
DoT, DOT, Department of Transport
Department of Transport was the name, from 1981 until 1997, of the government department now called the Department for Transport (see above).
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. This is the government agency responsible for maintaining records of drivers, vehicles and their licence status. The agency also collects Vehicle Excise Duty ("road tax"). DVLA issues new vehicle registration numbers, and is responsible for the administration and regulation of vehicle registrations and number plates, including personal number plates.


New Release
A periodic issue of new registration by DVLA. New releases currently occur twice a year.
On a Retention Document, the Nominee is the person to whom the Grantee may assign entitlement to display a registration.


Prefix Registration
A car registration in which the year of issue is indicated by a prefix letter code, as in the format: Y123 XXX, where "Y" is the year identifier. Visit our Car Registrations page for more information.


Receiver, Rec
The "receiver" is the person to whom entitlement to display a personal registration is transferred.
Road Fund Licence
An archaic term for VED. Still in occasional colloquial use.
Road Tax
A common, unofficial, colloquial term for Vehicle Excise Duty (see above).


Suffix Registration
A car registration in which the year of issue is indicated by a suffix letter code, as in the format: XXX 123Y, where "Y" is the year identifier. Visit our Car Registrations page for more information.

The role of DVLA

Car registrations and number plates, including personalised number plates, in the UK are the responsibility of the Driver and Vehicle licensing Agency, usually known as the DVLA. It issues new registrations twice a year and also maintains the central database that records details of all vehicles licensed to drive on UK roads, along with their keeper and registration information.

Regtransfers works closely with DVLA to complete registration transfers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Regtransfers is a DVLA registered supplier of personal car registrations and number plates and is listed on the DVLA Registrations website. All number plates supplied by Regtransfers comply with DVLA's prescribed standards and regulations.

DVLA administers all UK registration transfers and issues updated registration documents when the registration number of a car is changed, or when a registration is removed from a vehicle and placed on a retention document in accordance with the DVLA Retention Scheme.

DVLA is a registered trade mark of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency. Regtransfers is not affiliated to the DVLA or DVLA Personalised Registrations. Regtransfers is a recognised reseller of unissued Government stock.

Number plate regulations

When a car is on the road, it is an offence to display number plates bearing any number other than the vehicle's officially recorded registration number. If you purchase a private registration, learn how to transfer private plates before displaying the new number.

All registration number plates displayed on UK vehicles must comply with the official number plate regulations. DVLA oversees enforcement of number plates display regulations and maintains a register of approved manufacturers and retailers of vehicle number plates.

Regtransfers is not part of, and is not formally affiliated with DVLA.

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