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Birthday plates on Loan

Birthday plates on loan

Todd Loan had only just had his 13th birthday, when his dad, Nick, saw V12 TOD for sale on the Regtransfers website.

He knew instantly that it would make the perfect present for his young son, whom he affectionately describes as a ‘petrol head’.

His only dilemma was how he could register the plates for a 13-year-old. The friendly staff at came up with some alternatives. Nick’s choice was to put the plates on his car and was pleased to see young Todd’s delighted reaction. “It is simply the best birthday present ever”, said Todd.

10 pence

Dad, Nick, wasn’t too unhappy about the number plates either. “It’s given my four-year-old Jaguar a new lease of life”, he said delightedly. “Overall, a great success!” In fact he has also worked out that the cost of Todd’s ownership of V12 TOD works out at “no more than 10 pence per week” for the duration of his driving life.

He is now on the look out for a replacement for the day when Todd takes his plates and puts them on his first car.

Todd’s brother and sister are also into their own personal number plates. Brother Mitch is taking delivery of a VW Golf and will be putting his V6 MWL (Mitchell Ward Loan) plates on it. Sister Melissa is taking delivery of a Mini about the same time and she can’t wait to put V16 MJL (Melissa Jay Loan) on it either.

To complete the family interest, Nick’s wife Julie, is also the proud owner of her own personal number plate,X5 JLO , which is currently on her BMW X5. Julie hasn’t got a middle name, hence the initials JLO (short for Julie Loan) on her plate. But perhaps to be known as ‘J-Lo’ isn’t such a bad thing anyway.
It’s obvious that the Loan family are well and truly into personal number plates and dad Nick concluded by saying: “Thanks to Regtransfers for all the above plates”.

© – The World of Personal Number Plates Volume 3 Issue 1

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