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Top marks for the new style number plates?


The UK’s largest Cherished Number Plate dealer, Registration Transfers, has launched it’s summer collection of new style personal number plates, on their website:

The new style is being introduced by the DVLA from 1 September 2001, following its purge during the month of May of the new ‘51’ series. RegTransfers, scrambled to secure the best of the new style registrations. Joseph Randlesome, Business Development Manager at RegTransfers said he was “very pleased that we can now offer customers the best of the new plates, for example:AR51 NEL (Arsenal); DE51 REE (Desiree) UR51 ULA (Ursula) andBO51 EYS (Bosley’s)”

The new Vehicle Number Plate system comprises seven characters in the following order: two letters, two numbers, a space, and then three letters. The first two letters are the local office identifier. For instance BD would denote Birmingham and OA would denote Oxford etc.

The two numbers in the middle are the age identifiers. For the six-month period between September 2001 and February 2002, this number will be 51. This could become a little confusing in March 2002, when the number combination will change to 02. It will change again in September 2002 to 52 and so on. It appears that the DVLA have decided to hold back the 01 numbers for a rainy day.

The original idea back in March 2000, was to have the age identifier 01, for cars bought in September 2001. “It certainly rules out some potentially excellent plates!” said Mr. Randlesome, who was surprised at the recent decision not to use the 01 numbers. The last three letters are random, meaning that the whole plate could look like this: BD51 SMR.

The idea behind the changes is to make it easier for the public to memorise the plates, which in turn will help police identify offenders. A standard style of lettering will also be used for the same reason so that plates can be read by speed cameras. The regulations will end the use of italic,
3D, multiple strokes and other lettering on number plates.

Fanatical About Number Plates 18 June 2001

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