Current Magazine Issue

Issue 45

Denise Van Outen (OUT 3N)
Life in the Fast Lane (900 AA)
Bill Winder (79 BW)
Cooke & Company (3 HSC)
Transatlantic Transfers (R1 CHS)
Westbury Carpets (R6 GER)
Hackney Park (6 HB)
Integra (27 RY)
J J Burgess & Sons (EM13 ALM)
Queen Bee (RO51 ZZZ)
And So, to Bed (12 BED)
Go Air Trampoline Parks (GOA 1R)
Unmistakably, Brad Baker (DJ11 HOT)

a note from the team . . .

Welcome to the 45th issue of The World of Personal Number Plates. This issue we’re thrilled to bring you an exclusive interview with TV presenter and musical theatre star Denise Van Outen. We chatted to Denise recently at her new home, when we presented her with her perfect name number plate.

We love bringing you stories that demonstrate how much people love their personal plates. Take Helen Beale, for example. Helen doesn’t just have one plate, she has one to represent her initials (6 HB), her first name (H3 LEN) and her surname (B3 ALE and B8 ALE)! And has now purchased one for her granddaughter Embla (EMB 1A). Read her story and loads more. If you have a story of your own, why not email us on Perhaps you could appear in a future issue!

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