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Issue 43

  • Bam! (1 BAM)
  • Goals! (60 ALS)
  • Thirty Five Years
  • Crown Jewels (AS 3101)
  • Even More Recognisable (911 MB)
  • Darpo Hair Spa (D4 RPO)
  • Indypendent (11 NDY)
  • Galasso Signs (F124 NCO)
  • Pristine Plates (VA13 TNA)
  • Reunited (JFB 71)
  • Most Fitting (SMX 1)
  • Prestigious (J8 OON)
  • Sold! (S11 OLD)
  • Built on Self Success (BO55 XSX)
  • Rotherham Glass and Glazing (35 CN)

For more than ten years we have been sharing our free magazine with readers all over the UK, and beyond. Our readership has grown with every issue and is being circulated to over 300,000 people. We believe this makes The World of Personal Number Plates the largest circulation car-related magazine in the UK. We hope you will stay with us for the next 40 issues and enjoy many more celebrity interviews and articles.

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