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Lord Speakman

LORD Nicholas Tuscan Speakman first became interested in personalised number plates at a very early age: long before he owned a car – even before he could drive. He says,

“I feel that personalisation is so very important, after all most people when they buy a car they will modify it in one way or another to suit their tastes, so why not change the registration too.

“After all, once you have bought a registration you can transfer it from car to car, and furthermore an interesting number plate can totally change the whole look of the car.”

Having his own collection of number plates he has recently decided to put two up for sale, X10 RDS and the first number plate he ever acquired, NTS 55, which he bought from Registration Transfers in 1987.The latter number is currently on Lord Speakman’s Ferrari, however the registration has also been on eleven of his previous vehicles. He says that whenever he changed vehicles and placed his number plate on them they were somehow transformed.

Life Coach

Now a life coach by profession, his latest registration number purchase was L1 FEK, which is currently being transferred onto his Ferrari. These, however, do not form Lord Speakman’s full collection of cherished numbers. When 10 RD and 1 LRD came up for sale he felt he had to buy them; after all, he already owned impressive vehicles upon which to display them. To make space for these additions, he transferred another fine plate,N1 KTS, to his Harley-Davidson V-Rod motorcycle.

Following a successful career as a financial advisor which spanned many years, Lord Speakman entered the world of health and fitness. He purchased and converted a derelict church, wherein he set up the Heavenly Bodies Fitness Club with his stunning wife Eva (who drives a Mercedes 500 SB sporting the registration350 EVA ).


Over the years Lord Speakman realised that he seemed to have a talent for bringing out the best in the people around him, and the ability to help people realise their potential.

Having already accomplished this to a degree in the fields of finance and health and fitness, he wanted to assist people further, and consequently began studying psychology and life coaching. His new aim is to help people live their lives with passion and enthusiasm.

“We all seek happiness,” he says. “And most people have the belief that the key to happiness is having money, unfortunately this is not always true.”
Over the years he says he has had the privilege of meeting many wealthy and successful people who were so desperately unhappy, this he says had always puzzled him.

“What was the secret that could create passionate, contented and grateful lives in many people who had nothing and yet could delude others who appear to have all the material items anyone could wish for?” It wasn’t until he purchased Stubley Hall in July 2000 and was visited by some rather friendly spirits that the secrets of fulfillment and happiness became clear to him.

His story is rather compelling. Stubley Hall where he now resides was a property to which he always felt mysteriously drawn. Without doubt an outstanding house dating back to 1277, in the early eighties the Hall was converted to a high-class restaurant hotel. At the height of its popularity it was bought out by the Beefeater chain who went on to own it for several years.

Having dined in the Hall on several occasions Lord Speakman became accustomed to a phenomenon he had repeatedly experienced inside: a strange and inexplicable, but not unpleasant, sensation of internal chill.

One day whilst driving past Stubley Hall he saw a ‘for sale’ sign being put up and immediately telephoned the agent. “I remember it vividly,” he says. “It was a Thursday morning and I rang the agent immediately from my car. I received details the day after and arranged a viewing on the Sunday.”


During the viewing, Lord Speakman had what he describes as a “mind-blowing experience” in an area where he had dined several times before. He began to feel “cold on the inside”.

“The feeling got colder and colder,” he says, going on to say that he seemed to hear a voice bidding him to come home. Although he could not explain what he had felt, he knew that he had to buy the Hall. On the Monday he agreed to buy, and exchanged contracts six days later.

During his occupation of the Hall, Lord Speakman has discovered that the legends about the property being haunted appear to be true. Several spirits have been documented over the years, the most famous being known as Fatima.
However, most unexpected of all was a spirit named Zelda who claims that she was betrothed to him in a previous life!

Even a sceptic might concede that Lord Speakman does have a certain air of mystery about him. He also seems to have mastered the art of making people feel good about themselves; an ability that has helped him become well-established as a life coach within celebrity circles.

If there are any celebrities or sports personalities out there who need a lift, they should certainly contact this remarkable man.

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