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Customer satisfaction is Regtransfers' top priority. Trustpilot rates us as 'Excellent', with over 3000 reviews (scored 0 to 10). Regtransfers are rated 9.7. We aim to improve even further.

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It was a great service which made the whole process really easy for me. [Your sales adviser] Derek even arranged for the plate to be put on retention, pending my birthday and that just left me needing to buy the car to put it on.
customer testimonial
From Alan Hunter
Registration Y60 ALH
Sent 09/05/2018
Thank you for your extraordinarily fast service.
customer testimonial
From Gary Chalker
Registration V3 PNK
Sent 09/05/2018
Thank you all, found my amazing plate and looking forward to showing it off for a long time. Great service given by all your team. Thank you so much.
customer testimonial
From Rosemarie McIsaac
Registration RO51 ZZZ
Sent 16/04/2018
Thanks or being so helpful in dealing with my purchase.
customer testimonial
From Richard Doddington
Registration RT64 DOD
Sent 09/04/2018
I'm very pleased with the plate, and thanks for your brilliant service.
customer testimonial
From Chris and Denise Arthey
Registration V11 CRA
Sent 09/04/2018
Regtransfers handled the whole transaction in less than a week, the age of the car is hidden and the number looks great on her Toyota.
customer testimonial
From Mark Hinchliffe
Registration Y444 CDH
Sent 14/02/2018
Thank you, Regtransfers for a stress-free, totally complete service in buying my new number plate. I was emailed and text at every step of the way. Superb service.
customer testimonial
From Bill Winder
Registration 79 BW
Sent 05/01/2018
Thank you for a faultless process and super quick service from start to finish. A very professional service and your help was invaluable. From the first phone call on Monday to plates fitted and completed by Friday many thanks
customer testimonial
From Colin Andrews
Registration T28 CMA
Sent 20/11/2017
Thank you for making the purchase of my new registration so simple and easy.
customer testimonial
From Lynn Arderne
Registration NC15 USA
Sent 20/11/2017
We have recently purchased the Embla number plate from you for our granddaughter's first birthday! You kindly found it for us and we are delighted! Just to endorse your what a great gift a personalised number plate is, meet Embla (the Icelandic version of ‘Eve') with her convertible Mini! It was quite exciting for us, her grandparents, when you found the perfect number plate for us for her first birthday!
customer testimonial
From Helen Beale
Registration EMB 1A
Sent 15/11/2017
Regtransfers have always been really helpful.
customer testimonial
From Paul Stewart, Wiltshire
Registration P5 TAX
Sent 02/11/2017
I am an Independent Mortgage Broker. The registration plates are a great 'ice breaker' as many clients are interested. I always tell them about Regtransfers, the great choice of plates available, and the great service.
customer testimonial
From Simon Gavin, Lancashire
Registration SJG 423
Sent 02/11/2017
I bought this private plate for my husband, Mike. He was over the moon. You made it so easy for me from start to finish. Thank you.
customer testimonial
From Iris Lyon, Devon
Registration 440 ML
Sent 01/11/2017
I had a very professional and problem-free service from you guys and was impressed by the speed of the whole process.
customer testimonial
From Paul Karslake, Essex
Registration PK58 ART
Sent 30/10/2017
First ever personalised number plate. Jacqueline likes to be known as Jax. New car, new plate. A seamless transaction
customer testimonial
From Paul Rose, Essex
Registration XX10 JAX
Sent 30/10/2017
Such a reasonable price for such a significant number plate. The whole process was handled by the very helpful staff at Regtransfers who even sent the new, quality plates within a few days.
customer testimonial
From Alan Harper, Norfolk
Registration XO07 AMH
Sent 12/10/2017
The transfer process was handled quickly and efficiently. The plate is already getting comments and people point as we drive past. We couldn’t have wished for a more perfect plate for the business.
customer testimonial
From Carlo Marraffa, Nottinghamshire
Registration GO09 DOG
Sent 06/10/2017
I wanted to thank the team for allowing me to finally secure my ultimate plate. I love it and will swap it on to everything I drive from now on.
customer testimonial
From Dave Keller, Bristol
Registration KE11 ERS
Sent 22/08/2017
Our experience in purchasing the plate from yourselves was very positive. The sale went through very efficiently with the help of knowledgeable and friendly staff.
customer testimonial
From June Jones, Somerset
Registration JFB 71
Sent 11/08/2017
Your sales adviser Trevor did a very good job and we are very pleased.
customer testimonial
From Mark Delf, Suffolk
Registration ERN 364
Sent 03/08/2017
My family and I have purchased the majority of our plates via Regtransfers over the years and we have genuinely never experienced anything less than seamless, fast, efficient, friendly and 5-star service. We would highly recommend to anyone looking to secure an investment. Not only are number plates an investment they are a lot of fun, they really make your car stand out from the crowd – The Ultimate Accessory.
customer testimonial
From Daniel Bamforth, Huddersfield
Registration 1 BAM
Sent 03/08/2017
Thanks for the smooth and efficient service. The price was right and service was excellent.
customer testimonial
From Paul Farmery, Devon
Registration 294 AKF
Sent 01/08/2017
I am so happy with for organising every detail when purchasing this plate. It’s been such a pleasant experience. I would recommend you to anyone.
customer testimonial
From John Rowell, Cambridgeshire
Registration GIB 516
Sent 19/07/2017
Your sales adviser, Jemma, dealt with my enquiry very efficiently, returning my call within minutes and explaining the process through to completion.
customer testimonial
From Nigel Chambers, Gloucestershire
Registration DO04 DOC
Sent 19/07/2017
I would like to thank all the members of the Regtransfers team for their professional service and smooth process of purchasing and transferring of my first ever private number plate. As a big Chelsea FC fan, I was looking for a number plate related to the club. Because Eden Hazard is one of my favourite players, ED10 ENH was the number plate to go for.
customer testimonial
From Luke Rasic, Hertfordshire
Registration ED10 ENH
Sent 18/07/2017
I have always found their service to be fast, efficient, helpful and professional.
customer testimonial
From Michael Rodgers, County Down
Registration S11 OLD
Sent 14/07/2017
Great plate, great price, great service. Thank you. The business was conducted in a really quick efficient and professional way. I got the plates and paperwork before I got the car!
customer testimonial
From Iain Mitchell, Aberdeenshire
Registration XX10 DOG
Sent 11/07/2017
Really great service from all the staff at Regtransfers. No problems whatsoever.
customer testimonial
From Stewartie Adams, Ayrshire
Registration UK57 STU
Sent 06/07/2017
Thank you so much for my 'Boss' number plate. All the Regtransfers team are amazing. Every time I ring, they help me so much. I always recommend Regtransfers to my family and friends.
customer testimonial
From Sukhpreet Singh, Nottingham
Registration BO55 XSX
Sent 04/07/2017
I bought this number plate for my daughter Melissa's 18th birthday. Service was excellent and perfectly timed.
customer testimonial
From Mrs W Greaves, Norfolk
Registration M18 SSA
Sent 12/06/2017
I purchased the plate in late March and the process was completed early April. The new log book came within three weeks. I am very happy with the services. Thank you.
customer testimonial
From Miss Nadia Choudhury
Registration MR60 CHY
Sent 09/05/2018
Service given. I will be back.
From Mark Medlicott
Registration MM12 MED
Sent 14/05/2018
Found the company and employees very courteous to deal with. You felt that they cared about you as a client. Would highly recommend them to others.
From Yvette Fieldwick
Registration S1 WGF
Sent 11/05/2018
Absolutely delighted with the fantastic service received. Enquired for the registration number and paid for on 30th April and three days later it's on the car. I received an absolute faultless process from start to finish. Well done, thanks guys.
From Robert Cassidy
Registration CA55 RDY
Sent 11/05/2018
Once again, excellent service. My second time buying from your company. Thank you.
From John Withers
Registration XX04 SAZ
Sent 11/05/2018
Just want to thank [your sales advisors] Joe and Stu for making it as smooth as possible. Would recommend, as a friend recommended to me. Thanks again.
From Connor Godfrey
Registration B8 CJG
Sent 09/05/2018
Your sales advisor was really friendly and very professional. Would recommend Regtransfers as they provide the best service and unbeatable prices.
From Adil Hussain
Registration TA54 DKS
Sent 09/05/2018
From start to finish, they kept me informed of progress.
From Kelly Gould
Registration D7 KMG
Sent 30/04/2018
Highly recommended. So professional, which is hard to find lately. Stress-free and constant communication through the whole process. Thank you.
From Alex Westrope
Registration WE05 RPE
Sent 30/04/2018
I have recently received a cheque for the sale of my number plate and am pleased with Regtransfers. The retention form caused me some anxiety as I was nervous about completing it correctly. I had no need to worry. The company dealt with this on my behalf as it did with advertising and potential buyers' bids. Thank you very much for your efficient service. My input was minimal.
From Mrs Dorothy Lakin
Registration KDL 353
Sent 25/04/2018
I was kept informed at all stages of the process, which itself proved to be swift and easy to use.
From Shaun Fox
Registration SF03 ZZZ
Sent 23/04/2018
Sara provided an excellent service throughout the process. She was friendly and professional and dealt with all my queries promptly.
From Mrs Salma Choudhury
Registration ABU 5C
Sent 23/04/2018
Really great service and a great plate for my company.
From Andy Nicholson
Registration HOR 70R
Sent 23/04/2018
Top marks. Thanks
From Barry Burnham
Registration P12 BEB
Sent 23/04/2018
I am very pleased with the service I received. I had previously struggled to obtain the licence plate myself, hence I seeked your help. Very pleased with the overall service and communication. I will certainly recommend you to anyone that is looking to purchase a new plate.
From Lee Read
Registration L338 URT
Sent 23/04/2018
Contacted Regtransfers and they were able to get me the plate I wanted no problem at a very good price and everything was sorted for me. Would highly recommend
From Mrs Gillian Monaghan
Registration G111 MON
Sent 23/04/2018
Hassle-free and easy. Great service.
From James Millard
Registration BO51 ECM
Sent 23/04/2018
Good to deal with and very easy payments by paying monthly.
From Faruk Patel
Registration FA18 ZAH
Sent 16/04/2018
Every part of the process was very quick. My plates arrived within three days. Couldn’t ask for more, perfect service.
From Gary Bestford
Registration GB05 ZZZ
Sent 16/04/2018
Will use Regtransfers again, excellent.
From Steve Green
Registration OO55 JPS
Sent 16/04/2018
Great customer service experience. No waiting or long delays. Very friendly over the phone. I would recommend you to friends and family.
From Harbans Singh Bhambra
Registration LB12 HSB
Sent 10/04/2018
Thank you for your super efficient service. I was kept informed from start to finish. Your service is first class and so easy to use. Regards Andrew
From Andrew Newsome
Registration AN63 AJN
Sent 09/04/2018
Fast, friendly and very supportive team. My plates arrived faster than expected. The aftercare is second to none. Thank you Regtransfers, I will most definitely be sharing your company name and contact details.
From Kelly Rawlings
Registration D18 DDR
Sent 27/03/2018
Overall, the transfer was completed in just over two weeks. Will definitely use again.
From Nicholas Creevy
Registration F3 UNA
Sent 26/03/2018
Ollie was really helpful from start to finish. Out of three companies I called at the outset, Ollie stood out as wanting to help me purchase a plate for my husbands birthday. He looked into many options for me before I decided which one I wanted. He then guided me through the purchase. Many thanks for your support and professional approach throughout.
From Helen Clarkson
Registration H11 TOM
Sent 21/03/2018
Fantastic through the whole build up towards the auction, very helpful and supportive. Massive thank you to Shane for making it a pleasure would defiantly recommend. Got my dream plate!
From Lee Larkin
Registration LEE 7L
Sent 21/03/2018
Just wanted to thank Noah for the excellent service he provided from initial enquiry to the actual transfer. Will be in touch when number two son turns 21 and look for one for him.
From Rowna Quill
Registration ROW 21S
Sent 21/03/2018
I had the pleasure of purchasing a private plate for my girlfriend and the transaction was perfect from ordering, receiving my plate, to transfer, all went very smoothly and the staff were first-class. Would highly recommend Regtransfers.
From Paul Elston
Registration SV52 SAN
Sent 07/03/2018
The best and friendly company, really professional team to deal with. 100% recommended for the best deal.
From Nicusor Plavan
Registration NC05 ADA
Sent 05/03/2018
First time I have purchased a private plate. I found the whole process very straight forward, everything transparent and up front. The transfer process was extremely quick. Great service and good value for money.
From John Gannon
Registration X99 TEE
Sent 02/03/2018
Very easy to order and the whole process really quick, top of the class service.
From Colin Delanaey
Registration GRA 8
Sent 28/02/2018
Regtransfers handled the whole transaction in less than a week, the age of the car is hidden and the number looks great on my wife's Toyota. When M11 WHO popped up with Regtransfers I decided it would look good on our third car. A phone call or two, a week later the number was ready to be displayed on our Tigra.
From Mark Hinchliffe
Registration M11 WHO
Sent 15/02/2018
Such a fantastic service. All staff were efficient, informative and professional. I can't wait to get my new plates on my pride and joy BMW 330 ci M sport Convertible. Thank you.
From Liz Gjoni
Registration D5 EJG
Sent 14/02/2018
Excellent service and very efficient.
From Pritesh Patel
Registration P2 TDY
Sent 14/02/2018
Fantastic service. So quick, easy and informative. Email updates a godsend. Totally impressed, Well done, team.
From Jenny Bond
Registration J7 OND
Sent 05/02/2018
Your service is next to none.
From Antonios Fantis
Registration 1955 T
Sent 05/02/2018
Both of my dealings with Regtransfers have been second to none. My searches for the right reg was easy through the app, then the purchases with the help from the staff have been excellent and hassle-free. I would highly recommend and use Regtransfers again! I really couldn’t fault the whole process from start to finish. Hats off to all involved with Regtransfers.
From Dean Hughes
Registration S19 DMH
Sent 05/02/2018
I really appreciate all you have done for me so far and I will definitely recommend the company.
From Warren Crawford
Registration WA62 ZZA
Sent 29/01/2018
Thanks very much for all your help and work with my plate purchase. I love it.
From Chris Hanlon
Registration CHZ 7446
Sent 29/01/2018
Very professional service. Quick process and no problems whatsoever.
From Caspar Van Dongen
Registration L222 MML
Sent 29/01/2018
From finding an affordable and suitable number plate to getting the new plates on the car, I could not fault reg transfers on any aspect of the process. Communication was excellent and everything was done with no delay at all. Delighted.
From David Wake
Registration D20 WAK
Sent 29/01/2018
I would like to thank Julie at Regtransfers for her help and guidance during the purchase of my new registration plate. I would highly recommend this company. Very professional and efficient service.
From Janet Darby
Registration J9 JED
Sent 25/01/2018
Great communication. Very professional. No hard sell.
From Grahame Houlder
Registration GPH 1N
Sent 22/01/2018
Regtransfers were very good to deal with; professional and accommodating throughout. The process was simple and the paperwork side handled very efficiently. Would use again.
From Peregrine Nicholls
Registration 94 KPA
Sent 15/01/2018
Excellent all round service. Thank you.
From Gordon Wheatley
Registration TT12 JAW
Sent 15/01/2018
I had no idea how to buy a number plate. I was helped by Simon, who talked me through the procedure. I was kept well-informed as the process went through and, if I needed to ask anything, Simon was always available to help. I would highly recommend Regtransfers to anyone and am already looking to buy another.
From Sharon Lankshear
Registration B7 PJL
Sent 15/01/2018
A very quick and efficient service. Your sales adviser, Lewis, was very helpful.
From Linda Gillchrest
Registration OO07 RGC
Sent 08/01/2018
Great staff, positive and easy to talk to.
From Michael Ford
Registration G1 MGF
Sent 08/01/2018
Cannot give you enough praise. Simple steps to follow to get your plate and if there is anything you’re confused about, the staff are always happy to help and are very knowledgeable. 100% would use this company if I was ever to buy another plate and I will fully recommend. Process was also quick. I purchased my number plate on the 24th of Dec and even with the post being different over Christmas I still received my plates in excellent time. Thank you so much for all of your help!
From Yasmin-Rose Burns
Registration YA51 BBB
Sent 08/01/2018
Great service, very fast and friction free. Well done.
From Geoff Parfitt
Registration V3 GBP
Sent 05/01/2018
Great service and commitment from your sales adviser, Susan Custance. Thank you very much.
From Paul Taylor
Registration AT65 PKT
Sent 05/01/2018
Knowledgeable staff. I was kept well-informed, with a quick transfer.
From Michael Goodman
Registration H1 MDG
Sent 05/01/2018
Amazed me how quick the process was.
From Alan Haigh
Registration H41 GHY
Sent 04/01/2018
Your sales adviser, Gary, was very helpful.
From Anna Pleavin
Registration BEZ 4021
Sent 02/01/2018
I really appreciate your time and efforts this evening. This is now the third plate I have purchased from you guys and I can thoroughly recommend you. Your attention to customer service is second to none.
From Andy Brightman
Registration F18 SPY
Sent 02/01/2018
The service I received was fantastic. Your sales adviser Brad was an absolute star making sure I had the plates in time to wrap for Christmas and that the registration was completed within a few days. Thank you so much!
From Louise Lawrence
Registration T5 LXR
Sent 02/01/2018
Cheers, Regtransfers, for the fast and easy process. Your sales adviser, Hugo, was fast and efficient and made the experience hassle-free.
From Mark Thorley
Registration M333 THO
Sent 08/12/2017
Excellent service. Would recommend. A superb service. Thanks to all staff at Regtransfers. Merry Xmas.
From David Stockall
Registration K17 PAM
Sent 27/12/2017
Fantastic service. I was guided through the process with ease and Regtransfers dealt with the whole thing with great professionalism.
From Martin Usher
Registration JU52 HER
Sent 27/12/2017
My wife just passed her driving test and I order a number plate for her Very helpfully to do online and only take two days complete. Thank you very much.
From Darryl Shaw
Registration RS09 DPS
Sent 27/12/2017
Just want to say a big thankyou to you for all your help with the transfer; it's now complete and plates are on the way. It was so smooth with no problems.
From Sonia Jones
Registration N21 MDJ
Sent 20/12/2017
The transfer process was conducted in a pleasant and efficient manner.
From Richard Cariss
Registration B4 RLC
Sent 07/12/2017
Thanks for all your good work to all staff love my plate
From Peter Sutherland
Registration PS03 LAN
Sent 29/12/2017
I’m extremely happy with services I have been provided with on the website and on the phone when I had some questions etc. Very fast and reliable on getting things done and sent out. I will be highly recommending people to use this website if they want to purchase a number plate themselves. Thank you for my number plate and service I received.
From David Beeley
Registration N27 DGB
Sent 04/12/2017
Great service and helpful in our purchase. Thank you.
From Bernard Paul
Registration SEZ 17
Sent 30/11/2017
I’d like to thank your sales adviser Lisa for her help organising the purchase of my new registration. I would highly recommend using Regtransfers to anyone. Great service, great company, most of all a pleasure to do business with.
From Stefen Jackson
Registration SFJ 181
Sent 29/11/2017
I would like to thank Regtransfers for a hassle-free service and for excellent communication throughout the transfer process. I can not recommend them enough. Thanks.
From Harjindar Hundal
Registration MH11 DAL
Sent 27/11/2017
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help in purchasing this registration number. It has been an extremely slick and efficient process and seamless. You have acted promptly and professionally and I am pleasantly surprised at the turnaround time in getting my new vehicle registered with a private plate. Thank you so much, it has been a pleasure to do business with you.
From Amanda Holgate
Registration B15 AJH
Sent 24/11/2017
Excellent Service. All done over the phone and a few emails. Completely hassle-free. Would definitely recommend and would certainly use again.
From Peter Payne
Registration 4409 PP
Sent 24/11/2017
I would deal with Regtransfers again as totally reliable and truly excellent service.
From Jack Lawson
Registration OO61 BEL
Sent 23/11/2017
Thank you and I admire your professionalism.
From Raja sharma
Registration K155 XME
Sent 23/11/2017
Very efficient service. I would recommend using Regtransfers to anyone.
From John O'Sullivan
Registration KB57 XXX
Sent 22/11/2017
Your salesperson, Ben, was extremely helpful and the whole process was carried out quickly and easily. Well done and thank you.
From David Yorke
Registration 100 DY
Sent 20/11/2017
Many thanks for all your help in assisting me with the registration plate. I bought the plate for my son's 18th birthday. He is Kieran Thomas Fordy, and he is one very happy boy. Again, thanks and will definitely use you again when I have the funds available for my plate. With kind regards.
From Jen Ward
Registration KF07 KTF
Sent 17/11/2017
I purchased this reg for my daughter's birthday, November 29. Amber Louise Rixson. Excellent, quick, efficient service. Will definitely recommend and use again.
From Denise Rixson
Registration N29 ALR
Sent 16/11/2017
I found the whole process simple, straightfoward and stress-free. Thanks.
From Hamish McFarlane
Registration XK62 XXX
Sent 16/11/2017
Excellent service. Second time I have used you. Efficient. I had to email a question after sale had gone through and had a response really quickly. This was to the point and informative. Thank you very much.
From Sue Bennett, Gwynedd
Registration MB64 SUE
Sent 14/11/2017
Excellent service. Always stayed in touch and rang when they said they would.
From Paul Dixon, Staffordshire
Registration PVA 11E
Sent 14/11/2017
I loved the purchase of my registration. It was quick, and how easy to buy, as well. I would like to thank you for everything. My next number plate is coming soon!
From Harsh Patel
Registration XH14 RSH
Sent 14/11/2017
Very good service. Very friendly staff.
From Carole West, Fife
Registration V500 MRW
Sent 07/11/2017
Thank for excellent service; I'm extremely impressed.
From Arlene Smith, West Glamorgan
Registration AR12 ENZ
Sent 30/10/2017
I never write reviews; however, I feel compelled to this time. Excellent fast efficient service from start to finish. The staff were very helpful and very informative and everything went smoothly, what a great company to deal with.
From Shaun Docherty, South Humberside
Registration MR57 DOC
Sent 27/10/2017
Jess and all her colleagues were amazingly friendly and a pleasure to deal with. The website was also really easy to use and the whole process was trouble free. Look no further than Regtransfers if you want a huge range of plates to choose from and a hassle-free switch over.
From Lesley Lipczynski, Surrey
Registration MY57 EMZ
Sent 27/10/2017
Would highly recommend this company, once you’ve chosen the plate you want they do all the paperwork for you and after that, you just change your insurance details and screw the plates on. Excellent!
From Mrs C Dawson
Registration N26 LAD
Sent 26/10/2017
Found the ideal plate at a very reasonable price. Everything was covered and telephone communication was excellent. I have already got a work colleague looking into buying one from your company. First class service.
From John Riding, Merseyside
Registration T400 JCR
Sent 20/10/2017
Many thanks for your professional, courteous and helpful sale done with a sense of humour - difficult to find these days.
From David Penhaligon, Wiltshire
Registration L80 LYN
Sent 11/10/2017
Just a quick note to say how professional and great service your sales adviser Kim Keegan gave me over the last couple of months. Always keeping me informed of everything and excellent customer service.
From Oliver Dibble, Somerset
Registration 72 OD
Sent 11/10/2017
Very patient team and great service.
From Tayfun Ermis, London
Registration ERM 1S
Sent 09/10/2017
I thought I will write to you and compliment you and your team member Alex Adeoti. Working with Alex has been really enjoyable, he is a credit to your team. He worked really hard for me to get the best deal for my number plate, and didn't stop until he knew I was convinced we had negotiated the bottom price! My number plate purchase is now complete and very happy with it.
From Shaheen Saidy, East Sussex
Registration 11 SHA
Sent 09/10/2017
Jess did a great job in getting the transfer through in time for my daughter's 21st birthday and informing me, first thing, that the transfer had gone through in time.
From Paul Hughes, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Registration M155 HWS
Sent 09/10/2017
I’d just like to thank you for making the registration process so painless, alot different from the insurers and finance people when changing my wife’s car. Many thanks again for all your help. You’ve been a star.
From Russell Bell, Surrey
Registration E3 LEB
Sent 05/10/2017
Thanks for your speedy service.
From Mark Urso-Cale, Oxfordshire
Registration D911 ARK
Sent 05/10/2017
What a pleasure to deal with. Sent an email enquiry regarding a plate I was interested in, less than 24 hours later I was called by Shane, who explained the whole process to me, my options and timescales. He couldn't have been more helpful, he came back to me the same day with confirmation that the plate I wanted was available. The service I received was at all times professional, informative and to the point. Once I placed the order my plates arrived the very next day, and yesterday almost two weeks later my plates are now on my car, transfer carried out all done and dusted. Can't recommend enough, excellent job all round. Happy, happy customer.
From Clare Stevens, West Yorkshire
Registration Y555 CLS
Sent 05/10/2017
Highest praise and recommendations for your company. Your staff as a team are superb and made everything so easy. Many thanks to Julie and Sue in particular. You are a credit to yourselves and the company. First class customer service and so friendly and helpful. All done so very quickly in a couple of days. One word brilliant.
From Stephen Newman, Lancashire
Registration SN53 SJN
Sent 05/10/2017
Very good service and helpful. Thank you.
From Maljinder Singh, Walsall
Registration X31 ARJ
Sent 18/09/2017
Very happy with the whole process from beginning to end. The online ordering was very easy and later help from Lewis in providing details of the certificate was great.
From Richard Webster, Powys
Registration RFW 73
Sent 18/09/2017
Very happy with the whole process from beginning to end. The online ordering was very easy and later help from sales adviser Lewis, in providing details of the certificate, was great.
From Richard Webster, Powys
Registration RFW 73
Sent 13/09/2017
Your sales adviser, Noah, was brilliant from beginning to end and helped sort through issues I had. He was very polite and answered all problems I had.
From Sonja Hughes, Staffordshire
Registration J50 NJA
Sent 04/09/2017
This is the very first time that I have purchased a plate and I found that your sales adviser Gary has been so very helpful in explaining all the ins and outs of buying a plate. I had reason to phone him again today and Gary showed great patience in explaining what happens next. To sum up, you have a very helpful, knowledgeable member of your team. Congratulations.
From Kenneth Pike, Middlesex
Registration GIW 40
Sent 31/08/2017
I am really pleased with the smooth transaction for my new plates. I couldn't ask for better, Thank you
From Donna Eldridge, Kent
Registration DE62 DLE
Sent 29/08/2017
Very happy with the whole experience of buying my new plate from you guys.
From Tony Holman, Kent
Registration N28 TJH
Sent 14/08/2017
Your sales adviser Reece, who looked after things, was spot on.
From John Hogg, Tyne And Wear
Registration LS58 UCY
Sent 14/08/2017
I have received exceptional customer service from your sales adviser Samarah, she deserves a promotion!
From Bilal Nadeem, London
Registration S3 BLS
Sent 14/08/2017
Thank you very much to your sales adviser Joy. Your service was great. I really enjoyed our time on the phone together. Much appreciated.
From Andrew Pitchford, Nottinghamshire
Registration BR16 GAL
Sent 11/08/2017
Thank you for all your help and attention on my registration transfer. It was quick and easy again, thanks to your sales adviser Alfie for explaining things to me.
From Frederick Oakes, Manchester
Registration N4 FJO
Sent 11/08/2017
I'm very happy with the plate I got from Regtransfers. Its on my black AMG Mercedes and looks great. Thanks.
From Ross Gardiner, West Midlands
Registration RO55 GAR
Sent 11/08/2017
The staff are very friendly and eager to assist you in any way to make your purchase as easy as possible.
From Peter Hislop, Tyne And Wear
Registration HEZ 3283
Sent 09/08/2017
I have recently purchased a private plate and the chap whom I dealt with throughout, Alex, was a pleasure to deal with, professional and committed throughout.
From Luke House, South Gloucestershire
Registration LH 79
Sent 09/08/2017
Good service and will recommend to my colleagues and friends.
From Matthew Shardlow, London
Registration PSU 424
Sent 09/08/2017
Your customer services were excellent and you kept me informed throughout the whole process.
From Karen Sim, West Lothian
Registration GUY 22X
Sent 09/08/2017
The staff are very friendly and eager to assist in any way to make your purchase as easy as possible.
From Peter Heslop, Tyne And Wear
Registration HEZ 3283
Sent 07/08/2017
Fab service. Very quick, professional and hassle-free. Highly recommended.
From Jacqui Millward, West Yorkshire
Registration T888 JAX
Sent 07/08/2017
Love my registration. I bought it as I lost my wonderful, gorgeous, brilliant dog Snoopy last year. Thank you again to Regtransfers, especially Bill - he was so helpful kind and brilliant.
From Amanda Ross
Registration S40 OOP
Sent 07/08/2017
A massive thank you to your wonderful sales adviser, Jess, for her amazing customer service. More companies need a Jess in their lives. Second to none. Thank you so much for an easy transfer.
From Lorna McLaughlin, Glasgow
Registration L40 RNA
Sent 03/08/2017
Thanks to all at Regtransfers for helping me so courteously and efficiently.
From Andrew Hall, Oxford
Registration HA11 OXF
Sent 01/08/2017
Brilliant service very prompt extremely professional. Highly recommended. This is the perfect example of how a company should be run. Thank you very much, Regtransfers.
From Robert Snaith, Lincolnshire
Registration N27 RCS
Sent 01/08/2017
Thanks for a great service!
From Chris Jewkes, Worcestershire
Registration 285 CJJ
Sent 31/07/2017
Your sales adviser Sally is an asset to your company.
From Jason Ward, West Yorkshire
Registration 910 JGW
Sent 24/07/2017
Thanks to your sales adviser, Derek, for his speedy and trouble-free transfer of my plate. Very professional company and totally reliable. Would recommend and use services again. Very pleased.
From Ray Egan, Liverpool
Registration R333 EFC
Sent 20/07/2017
​Perfect. Many thanks again to your sales adviser Jamie for all his help! Can you also pass on my huge thank you to the rest of the team for a huge amount of support to resolve my order and the transfer. Great customer service all around.
From Debbie Price, Merseyside
Registration JC60 PJC
Sent 17/07/2017
Everything went without a hitch. Had the plates and paperwork within two days. A big thanks to your sales adviser Trevor, who dealt with the purchase.
From Connor McDonald, Lancashire
Registration CO07 MCD
Sent 17/07/2017
Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent and painless service in obtaining my personal plate.
From Simon Keats, Hampshire
Registration N20 UMA
Sent 17/07/2017
I ordered a plate for my wife as a surprise. Your sales adviser, Sue, was very helpful in guiding me through an easy process and keeping me informed of progress throughout with great communication. The transfer was completed as soon as they received my documents and the plates turned up the following morning! 'Wifey' is chuffed to bits. Would recommend using these guys!
From Steve Shortland, Leicester
Registration K5 MLS
Sent 17/07/2017
Fantastic service from Aimee at Regtransfers. I was reluctant to commit to an, as yet, unreleased plate, but Aime talked me through the process and delivered on everything promised and the plate was secured. Thanks to everyone involved.
From James Elliott, Gloucestershire
Registration BUF 1N
Sent 10/07/2017
I found your sales adviser Ben Monks most helpful and considerate in negotiations whilst purchasing my plates and would recommend him to anyone.
From Alan Whittam, Cumbria
Registration WH11 TAM
Sent 07/07/2017
Absolutely fantastic, easy to use service. Prompt delivery and they dealt with all the paperwork. All I had to do was click on the one I wanted, pay and put the plates on when they arrived. Fabulous.
From Vicky Harrison, Dyfed
Registration OO04 VCK
Sent 05/07/2017
Absolutely amazing.. Very fast service. Over the moon!
From Malcolm Owen, Kent
Registration L44 MWO
Sent 04/07/2017
No problem. Simple and prompt service. I would be happy to use you again.
From John Styles, Norfolk
Registration J30 RCL
Sent 04/07/2017
Lisa, your sales adviser, was brilliant. I purchased this number plate as a surprise birthday gift for my boyfriend, who had also rung you to enquire about the same plate. I informed Lisa it was a surprise and she helped me keep the secret from him! His face was priceless when he received the plate which he thought had already been sold. Lisa was excellent. She communicated everything with me very well and always kept me in the loop. She made me feel like a very valued customer and no request was too much. Lisa was happy to help with any questions I had. From the outstanding level of customer service I received from Lisa during the purchase of this plate, I will definitely be recommending friends and family to use Regtransfers.
From Raj Dosanjh, Middlesex
Registration G1 SSG
Sent 26/06/2017
First class service, with great staff to keep you up to date with progress. Would highly recommend it.
From Alvyn Warden, Midlothian
Registration T14 ALV
Sent 19/06/2017
A pleasant experience.
From Dr Patrick Justus, Essex
Registration P44 TOH
Sent 19/06/2017
Fantastic service. From my initial enquiry to final completion, I couldn't fault anything. Very impressive. Thanks to your sales advisor, Trevor, who dealt with this sale. Will recommend Regtransfers to anyone.
From Mark Bellerson, Shropshire
Registration E3 NAC
Sent 09/06/2017
Excellent job. Thank you for your brilliant service. The communication was superb and very useful to be able to track progress through the app.
From Neil Bruce, West Yorkshire
Registration MGL 517
Sent 08/06/2017
Came quickly and all sorted out fast. Great service.
From James Morley, Yorkshire
Registration R321 VEN
Sent 07/06/2017
Good and efficient service.
From Mr Stephen Allison, Dorset
Registration S1 RGA
Sent 06/06/2017
Absolutely amazing. Very fast service. Over the moon.
From Malcolm Owen, Kent
Registration L44 MWO
Sent 04/07/2017
Love my registration I bought it as lost my wonderful gorgeous brilliant dog, Snoopy, last year. Thanks again to Regtransfers, especially your sales adviser Bill. He was so helpful, kind and brilliant.
From Amanda Ross, County Durham
Registration S40 OOP
Sent 09/08/2017
I would deal with Regtransfers again as totally reliable and truly excellent service.
From Jack Lawson
Registration OO61 BEL
Sent 20/11/2017