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Customer satisfaction is Regtransfers' top priority. Trustpilot rates us as 'Excellent', with over 3000 reviews (scored 0 to 10). Regtransfers are rated 9.7. We aim to improve even further.

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Many thanks to Lewis, your sales adviser, for a such a quick, smooth and hassle-free transaction in supplying it.
customer testimonial
From Paul Robson, Hampshire
Registration PR 37
Sent 02/03/2017
Thanks to all at Regtransfers for the great service, not only in purchasing the plate but arranging the transfer.
customer testimonial
From Philip Milne, Aberdeenshire
Registration TW11 ZZL
Sent 09/01/2017
Dealing with Regtransfers is as good as it gets. These guys know their business inside out.
customer testimonial
From Lindsay & Lyn Gibbons, East Sussex
Registration 75 LG
Sent 20/03/2017
Thank you for all your help with the purchase. You were great.
customer testimonial
From Jackie and John Thirlwell, South Yorkshire
Registration LDA 15Y
Sent 14/02/2017
All of my plates are done through Regtransfers for the simple procedure and customer service cannot be beaten.
customer testimonial
From Tyron Littlewood, Luton
Registration L40 EYL
Sent 13/03/2017
Your sales adviser Vicki dealt with the sale of my number plate in a thoroughly professional and courteous way. She has a very nice manner, is kind and patient and is a pleasure to deal with.
customer testimonial
From Gregory Weston, West Midlands
Registration W10 GRB
Sent 10/03/2017
Many thanks for sourcing the perfect number for our new car. A call to your sales adviser Bruno was all it took to secure the number and the certificate was with us in a couple of days.
customer testimonial
From Rob and Lesley Anne Harris, Devon
Registration RH17 LAH
Sent 16/03/2017
I was very pleased with the service provided by Registration Transfers and would recommend them to anyone searching for that perfect number.
customer testimonial
From Mike Reed, Wiltshire
Registration MJR 33D
Sent 20/03/2017
Dealt with your sales adviser Jason on the telephone and I must say the whole procedure from start to finish was superb. Very efficient and fast. Now proudly displaying my new plates. Thanks for a great service.
customer testimonial
From Stephen Sadler, Hertfordshire
Registration S6 KUG
Sent 23/03/2017
I just wanted to thank all who were involved with myself, in the process of purchasing 18 JPR for my son. He was over the moon when he opened his present on his birthday.
customer testimonial
From Wayne Railton, Lincolnshire
Registration 18 JPR
Sent 13/04/2017
Had a good deal. The plates came the next day just before Christmas. So, all round good service.
customer testimonial
From Ben Sadler, Colchester
Registration Y1 BTS
Sent 10/04/2017
I have bought several plates through your organisation and have always found you to be superb.
customer testimonial
From Tony Randall, Shopshire
Registration 111 HGG
Sent 10/04/2017
Regtransfers were a pleasure to deal with. Great communication, super efficient, no problems whatsoever. Would thoroughly recommend. Everyone I dealt with was awesome. I have also another plate for listing and looking to buy something else and will only use you guys!
customer testimonial
From Peter Aristodemou, London
Registration 48 P
Sent 16/12/2016
I couldn’t be happier with the service we received from Regtransfers, they were helpful, friendly and super efficient.
customer testimonial
From Sally Pickles, The Bowgie Inn, Newquay
Registration BOW 91E
Sent 25/04/2017
Has been a pleasure dealing with Regtransfers over the past 5 years, indeed their ability to secure pre-ordered registration plates has proven to be second to none.
customer testimonial
From Mr Harry Ramparsad
Registration F1 RAM
Sent 06/01/2017
Many thanks to your sales advisor, Henry, for all his help in a stress-free transaction. Regards to all the team.
customer testimonial
From Peter Upton, Cheshire
Registration L2 PJU
Sent 20/01/2017
Buying through Regtransfers was an extremely easy process and your sales adviser Noah, who looked after my transfer, couldn't have been more helpful.
customer testimonial
From Malcolm Wheeler, Lancashire
Registration TT13 MAL
Sent 27/02/2017
The transfer of registration was done painlessly and seamlessly with the help of a member of your sales advisor, Maria.
customer testimonial
From William James Keen, West Sussex
Registration WK05 WJK
Sent 18/01/2017
I just changed my car and thought about getting a new registration. My wife died in 2012 and, with my daughters approval, I chose CJ (Carol Jaffray) 08 RJJ (my initials). They both say it is a lovely tribute to her. The support given to me at the beginning was very helpful in making my choice.
customer testimonial
From Robert J Jaffray, Hampshire
Registration CJ08 RJJ
Sent 14/02/2017
A thoroughly trouble-free experience.
customer testimonial
From Paul Lyons, South Glamorgan
Registration PEL 752
Sent 25/04/2017
I would like to say how brilliantly easy it has been to deal with Regtransfers. 5 stars and 100% efficiency. Your sales adviser, Cooper, dealt with my enquiry from start to finish and made the whole thing simple, quick and very easy. Cooper's help and advice were perfect and completely unbiased. I'm now going to purchase a private plate for my daughter based purely and simply on my experience of buying through Regtransfers, I would recommend this company to anyone, kindest regards, Stuart Renders
customer testimonial
From Stuart Renders, Kent
Registration X1 SVE
Sent 22/05/2017
Hi, thought I'd write to say thank you to your sales adviser Bill and the team for their help with the purchase of the registration for our son, Kaden. We were very impressed with the efficiency of everything.
customer testimonial
From Luke and Devon Anderson, South Yorkshire
Registration KAD 3N
Sent 09/05/2017
I just want to say a big thank you to all your brilliant friendly and most helpful staff for the excellent fast and efficient service, enabling me to display them legally on my car within just one week of placing the order. One very happy customer.
customer testimonial
From Ronald Booth, Derbyshire
Registration XT54 RON
Sent 11/05/2017
I bought this number plate for my daughter Melissa's 18th birthday. Service was excellent and perfectly timed.
customer testimonial
From Mrs W Greaves, Norfolk
Registration M18 SSA
Sent 12/06/2017
Thank you so much for my 'Boss' number plate. All the Regtransfers team are amazing. Every time I ring, they help me so much. I always recommend Regtransfers to my family and friends.
customer testimonial
From Sukhpreet Singh, Nottingham
Registration BO55 XSX
Sent 04/07/2017
Really great service from all the staff at Regtransfers. No problems whatsoever.
customer testimonial
From Stewartie Adams, Ayrshire
Registration UK57 STU
Sent 06/07/2017
Thank you for the plate, guys. Harry, your sales advisor is a star. Had a great time when I delivered the paperwork. You guys are cool. Your service is quick. I had the plate on the car within a week.
customer testimonial
From Jon O'Brien, Luton
Registration A11 MTL
Sent 09/01/2017
Great plate, great price, great service. Thank you. The business was conducted in a really quick efficient and professional way. I got the plates and paperwork before I got the car!
customer testimonial
From Iain Mitchell, Aberdeenshire
Registration XX10 DOG
Sent 11/07/2017
I have always found their service to be fast, efficient, helpful and professional.
customer testimonial
From Michael Rodgers, County Down
Registration S11 OLD
Sent 14/07/2017
I bought this private plate for my husband, Mike. He was over the moon. You made it so easy for me from start to finish. Thank you.
customer testimonial
From Iris Lyon, Devon
Registration 440 ML
Sent 01/11/2017
Such a reasonable price for such a significant number plate. The whole process was handled by the very helpful staff at Regtransfers who even sent the new, quality plates within a few days.
customer testimonial
From Alan Harper, Norfolk
Registration XO07 AMH
Sent 12/10/2017
I would have no problem at all recommending Regtransfers. First class service and advice, and very friendly.
customer testimonial
From Garry Ursin-Smith, Shropshire
Registration CO07 CAB
Sent 21/11/2016
Our experience in purchasing the plate from yourselves was very positive. The sale went through very efficiently with the help of knowledgeable and friendly staff.
customer testimonial
From June Jones, Somerset
Registration JFB 71
Sent 11/08/2017
The transfer process was handled quickly and efficiently. The plate is already getting comments and people point as we drive past. We couldn’t have wished for a more perfect plate for the business.
customer testimonial
From Carlo Marraffa, Nottinghamshire
Registration GO09 DOG
Sent 06/10/2017
My family and I have purchased the majority of our plates via Regtransfers over the years and we have genuinely never experienced anything less than seamless, fast, efficient, friendly and 5-star service. We would highly recommend to anyone looking to secure an investment. Not only are number plates an investment they are a lot of fun, they really make your car stand out from the crowd – The Ultimate Accessory.
customer testimonial
From Daniel Bamforth, Huddersfield
Registration 1 BAM
Sent 03/08/2017
I wanted to thank the team for allowing me to finally secure my ultimate plate. I love it and will swap it on to everything I drive from now on.
customer testimonial
From Dave Keller, Bristol
Registration KE11 ERS
Sent 22/08/2017
Your sales adviser Trevor did a very good job and we are very pleased.
customer testimonial
From Mark Delf, Suffolk
Registration ERN 364
Sent 03/08/2017
I am so happy with for organising every detail when purchasing this plate. It’s been such a pleasant experience. I would recommend you to anyone.
customer testimonial
From John Rowell, Cambridgeshire
Registration GIB 516
Sent 19/07/2017
Thanks for the smooth and efficient service. The price was right and service was excellent.
customer testimonial
From Paul Farmery, Devon
Registration 294 AKF
Sent 01/08/2017
I would like to thank all the members of the Regtransfers team for their professional service and smooth process of purchasing and transferring of my first ever private number plate. As a big Chelsea FC fan, I was looking for a number plate related to the club. Because Eden Hazard is one of my favourite players, ED10 ENH was the number plate to go for.
customer testimonial
From Luke Rasic, Hertfordshire
Registration ED10 ENH
Sent 18/07/2017
I am an Independent Mortgage Broker. The registration plates are a great 'ice breaker' as many clients are interested. I always tell them about Regtransfers, the great choice of plates available, and the great service.
customer testimonial
From Simon Gavin, Lancashire
Registration SJG 423
Sent 02/11/2017
Your sales adviser, Jemma, dealt with my enquiry very efficiently, returning my call within minutes and explaining the process through to completion.
customer testimonial
From Nigel Chambers, Gloucestershire
Registration DO04 DOC
Sent 19/07/2017
First ever personalised number plate. Jacqueline likes to be known as Jax. New car, new plate. A seamless transaction
customer testimonial
From Paul Rose, Essex
Registration XX10 JAX
Sent 30/10/2017
Thank you so much for a fast, friendly and very easy service. We will certainly use Regtransfers again.
From Mrs Mandy Townson
Registration MAM 96
Sent 20/10/2011
I had a very professional and problem-free service from you guys and was impressed by the speed of the whole process.
customer testimonial
From Paul Karslake, Essex
Registration PK58 ART
Sent 30/10/2017
Regtransfers have always been really helpful.
customer testimonial
From Paul Stewart, Wiltshire
Registration P5 TAX
Sent 02/11/2017
We have recently purchased the Embla number plate from you for our granddaughter's first birthday! You kindly found it for us and we are delighted! Just to endorse your what a great gift a personalised number plate is, meet Embla (the Icelandic version of ‘Eve') with her convertible Mini! It was quite exciting for us, her grandparents, when you found the perfect number plate for us for her first birthday!
customer testimonial
From Helen Beale
Registration EMB 1A
Sent 15/11/2017
Thank you for making the purchase of my new registration so simple and easy.
customer testimonial
From Lynn Arderne
Registration NC16 USA
Sent 20/11/2017
Thank you for a faultless process and super quick service from start to finish. A very professional service and your help was invaluable. From the first phone call on Monday to plates fitted and completed by Friday many thanks
customer testimonial
From Colin Andrews
Registration T28 CMA
Sent 20/11/2017
I would like to thank Regtransfers for a hassle-free service and for excellent communication throughout the transfer process. I can not recommend them enough. Thanks.
From Harjindar Hundal
Registration MH11 DAL
Sent 27/11/2017
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help in purchasing this registration number. It has been an extremely slick and efficient process and seamless. You have acted promptly and professionally and I am pleasantly surprised at the turnaround time in getting my new vehicle registered with a private plate. Thank you so much, it has been a pleasure to do business with you.
From Amanda Holgate
Registration B15 AJH
Sent 24/11/2017
Cheers, Regtransfers, for the fast and easy process. Your sales adviser, Hugo, was fast and efficient and made the experience hassle-free.
From Mark Thorley
Registration M333 THO
Sent 08/12/2017
Excellent Service. All done over the phone and a few emails. Completely hassle-free. Would definitely recommend and would certainly use again.
From Peter Payne
Registration 4409 PP
Sent 24/11/2017
I would deal with Regtransfers again as totally reliable and truly excellent service.
From Jack Lawson
Registration OO61 BEL
Sent 23/11/2017
Thank you and I admire your professionalism.
From Raja sharma
Registration K155 XME
Sent 23/11/2017
Great service and helpful in our purchase. Thank you.
From Bernard Paul
Registration SEZ 17
Sent 30/11/2017
Very efficient service. I would recommend using Regtransfers to anyone.
From John O'Sullivan
Registration KB57 XXX
Sent 22/11/2017
I’m extremely happy with services I have been provided with on the website and on the phone when I had some questions etc. Very fast and reliable on getting things done and sent out. I will be highly recommending people to use this website if they want to purchase a number plate themselves. Thank you for my number plate and service I received.
From David Beeley
Registration N27 DGB
Sent 04/12/2017
Many thanks for all your help in assisting me with the registration plate. I bought the plate for my son's 18th birthday. He is Kieran Thomas Fordy, and he is one very happy boy. Again, thanks and will definitely use you again when I have the funds available for my plate. With kind regards.
From Jen Ward
Registration KF07 KTF
Sent 17/11/2017
I’d like to thank your sales adviser Lisa for her help organising the purchase of my new registration. I would highly recommend using Regtransfers to anyone. Great service, great company, most of all a pleasure to do business with.
From Stefen Jackson
Registration SFJ 181
Sent 29/11/2017
Your salesperson, Ben, was extremely helpful and the whole process was carried out quickly and easily. Well done and thank you.
From David Yorke
Registration 100 DY
Sent 20/11/2017
I found the whole process simple, straightfoward and stress-free. Thanks.
From Hamish McFarlane
Registration XK62 XXX
Sent 16/11/2017
Excellent service. Always stayed in touch and rang when they said they would.
From Paul Dixon, Staffordshire
Registration PVA 11E
Sent 14/11/2017
I purchased this reg for my daughter's birthday, November 29. Amber Louise Rixson. Excellent, quick, efficient service. Will definitely recommend and use again.
From Denise Rixson
Registration N29 ALR
Sent 16/11/2017
The transfer process was conducted in a pleasant and efficient manner.
From Richard Cariss
Registration B4 RLC
Sent 07/12/2017
Regtransfers were extremely helpful and they made the process much easier than I had ever thought.
customer testimonial
From Mr Andrew West-Morgan, Cheshire
Registration EGO 842
Sent 11/10/2011
Excellent service from the start. I will recommend your company to anyone. Thank you.
customer testimonial
From Mr Charles Crouch
Registration C1 ROU
Sent 11/10/2011
I have owned HOT 5N for 25 years and having now purchased a second classic car I wanted to put a similar number plate on this vehicle. I contacted Regtransfers who immediately offered me HOT 3N at a very reasonable price. I purchased this and the service I received from a your sales advisor, Denim, was first class. I now have two great number plates on my cars and am very pleased Regtransfers could help.
customer testimonial
From Robert Clark, Lancashire
Registration HOT 3N
Sent 08/11/2013
Very good service. Very friendly staff.
From Carole West, Fife
Registration V500 MRW
Sent 07/11/2017
Thank for excellent service; I'm extremely impressed.
From Arlene Smith, West Glamorgan
Registration AR12 ENZ
Sent 30/10/2017
Jess and all her colleagues were amazingly friendly and a pleasure to deal with. The website was also really easy to use and the whole process was trouble free. Look no further than Regtransfers if you want a huge range of plates to choose from and a hassle-free switch over.
From Lesley Lipczynski, Surrey
Registration MY57 EMZ
Sent 27/10/2017
I never write reviews; however, I feel compelled to this time. Excellent fast efficient service from start to finish. The staff were very helpful and very informative and everything went smoothly, what a great company to deal with.
From Shaun Docherty, South Humberside
Registration MR57 DOC
Sent 27/10/2017
Would highly recommend this company, once you’ve chosen the plate you want they do all the paperwork for you and after that, you just change your insurance details and screw the plates on. Excellent!
From Mrs C Dawson
Registration N26 LAD
Sent 26/10/2017
Found the ideal plate at a very reasonable price. Everything was covered and telephone communication was excellent. I have already got a work colleague looking into buying one from your company. First class service.
From John Riding, Merseyside
Registration T400 JCR
Sent 20/10/2017
Very happy with the whole process from beginning to end. The online ordering was very easy and later help from sales adviser Lewis, in providing details of the certificate, was great.
From Richard Webster, Powys
Registration RFW 73
Sent 13/09/2017
Many thanks for your professional, courteous and helpful sale done with a sense of humour - difficult to find these days.
From David Penhaligon, Wiltshire
Registration L80 LYN
Sent 11/10/2017
Just a quick note to say how professional and great service your sales adviser Kim Keegan gave me over the last couple of months. Always keeping me informed of everything and excellent customer service.
From Oliver Dibble, Somerset
Registration 72 OD
Sent 11/10/2017
I noticed the plate on the web site and I called and spoke to Michelle. Michelle telephoned the owner of the plate to see if they would accept an offer. She called me back with the answer I wanted. After a couple of weeks, I am now the proud owner of S2 MDL. It looks great on my bike.
customer testimonial
From Mr Martin Langford
Registration S2 MDL
Sent 18/10/2011
Very patient team and great service.
From Tayfun Ermis, London
Registration ERM 1S
Sent 09/10/2017
I thought I will write to you and compliment you and your team member Alex Adeoti. Working with Alex has been really enjoyable, he is a credit to your team. He worked really hard for me to get the best deal for my number plate, and didn't stop until he knew I was convinced we had negotiated the bottom price! My number plate purchase is now complete and very happy with it.
From Shaheen Saidy, East Sussex
Registration 11 SHA
Sent 09/10/2017
Jess did a great job in getting the transfer through in time for my daughter's 21st birthday and informing me, first thing, that the transfer had gone through in time.
From Paul Hughes, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Registration M155 HWS
Sent 09/10/2017
I’d just like to thank you for making the registration process so painless, alot different from the insurers and finance people when changing my wife’s car. Many thanks again for all your help. You’ve been a star.
From Russell Bell, Surrey
Registration E3 LEB
Sent 05/10/2017
Thanks for your speedy service.
From Mark Urso-Cale, Oxfordshire
Registration D911 ARK
Sent 05/10/2017
What a pleasure to deal with. Sent an email enquiry regarding a plate I was interested in, less than 24 hours later I was called by Shane, who explained the whole process to me, my options and timescales. He couldn't have been more helpful, he came back to me the same day with confirmation that the plate I wanted was available. The service I received was at all times professional, informative and to the point. Once I placed the order my plates arrived the very next day, and yesterday almost two weeks later my plates are now on my car, transfer carried out all done and dusted. Can't recommend enough, excellent job all round. Happy, happy customer.
From Clare Stevens, West Yorkshire
Registration Y555 CLS
Sent 05/10/2017
Highest praise and recommendations for your company. Your staff as a team are superb and made everything so easy. Many thanks to Julie and Sue in particular. You are a credit to yourselves and the company. First class customer service and so friendly and helpful. All done so very quickly in a couple of days. One word brilliant.
From Stephen Newman, Lancashire
Registration SN53 SJN
Sent 05/10/2017
Very good service and helpful. Thank you.
From Maljinder Singh, Walsall
Registration X31 ARJ
Sent 18/09/2017
Very happy with the whole process from beginning to end. The online ordering was very easy and later help from Lewis in providing details of the certificate was great.
From Richard Webster, Powys
Registration RFW 73
Sent 18/09/2017
This is the very first time that I have purchased a plate and I found that your sales adviser Gary has been so very helpful in explaining all the ins and outs of buying a plate. I had reason to phone him again today and Gary showed great patience in explaining what happens next. To sum up, you have a very helpful, knowledgeable member of your team. Congratulations.
From Kenneth Pike, Middlesex
Registration GIW 40
Sent 31/08/2017
Your sales adviser, Noah, was brilliant from beginning to end and helped sort through issues I had. He was very polite and answered all problems I had.
From Sonja Hughes, Staffordshire
Registration J50 NJA
Sent 04/09/2017
I am really pleased with the smooth transaction for my new plates. I couldn't ask for better, Thank you
From Donna Eldridge, Kent
Registration DE62 DLE
Sent 29/08/2017
Very happy with the whole experience of buying my new plate from you guys.
From Tony Holman, Kent
Registration N28 TJH
Sent 14/08/2017
Your sales adviser Reece, who looked after things, was spot on.
From John Hogg, Tyne And Wear
Registration LS58 UCY
Sent 14/08/2017
I have received exceptional customer service from your sales adviser Samarah, she deserves a promotion!
From Bilal Nadeem, London
Registration S3 BLS
Sent 14/08/2017
Thank you very much to your sales adviser Joy. Your service was great. I really enjoyed our time on the phone together. Much appreciated.
From Andrew Pitchford, Nottinghamshire
Registration BR16 GAL
Sent 11/08/2017
Thank you for all your help and attention on my registration transfer. It was quick and easy again, thanks to your sales adviser Alfie for explaining things to me.
From Frederick Oakes, Manchester
Registration N4 FJO
Sent 11/08/2017
I'm very happy with the plate I got from Regtransfers. Its on my black AMG Mercedes and looks great. Thanks.
From Ross Gardiner, West Midlands
Registration RO55 GAR
Sent 11/08/2017
The staff are very friendly and eager to assist you in any way to make your purchase as easy as possible.
From Peter Hislop, Tyne And Wear
Registration HEZ 3283
Sent 09/08/2017
I have recently purchased a private plate and the chap whom I dealt with throughout, Alex, was a pleasure to deal with, professional and committed throughout.
From Luke House, South Gloucestershire
Registration LH 79
Sent 09/08/2017
Good service and will recommend to my colleagues and friends.
From Matthew Shardlow, London
Registration PSU 424
Sent 09/08/2017
Your customer services were excellent and you kept me informed throughout the whole process.
From Karen Sim, West Lothian
Registration GUY 22X
Sent 09/08/2017
The staff are very friendly and eager to assist in any way to make your purchase as easy as possible.
From Peter Heslop, Tyne And Wear
Registration HEZ 3283
Sent 07/08/2017
Fab service. Very quick, professional and hassle-free. Highly recommended.
From Jacqui Millward, West Yorkshire
Registration T888 JAX
Sent 07/08/2017
Love my registration. I bought it as I lost my wonderful, gorgeous, brilliant dog Snoopy last year. Thank you again to Regtransfers, especially Bill - he was so helpful kind and brilliant.
From Amanda Ross
Registration S40 OOP
Sent 07/08/2017
A massive thank you to your wonderful sales adviser, Jess, for her amazing customer service. More companies need a Jess in their lives. Second to none. Thank you so much for an easy transfer.
From Lorna McLaughlin, Glasgow
Registration L40 RNA
Sent 03/08/2017
Thanks to all at Regtransfers for helping me so courteously and efficiently.
From Andrew Hall, Oxford
Registration HA11 OXF
Sent 01/08/2017
Brilliant service very prompt extremely professional. Highly recommended. This is the perfect example of how a company should be run. Thank you very much, Regtransfers.
From Robert Snaith, Lincolnshire
Registration N27 RCS
Sent 01/08/2017
Thanks for a great service!
From Chris Jewkes, Worcestershire
Registration 285 CJJ
Sent 31/07/2017
Your sales adviser Sally is an asset to your company.
From Jason Ward, West Yorkshire
Registration 910 JGW
Sent 24/07/2017
Thanks to your sales adviser, Derek, for his speedy and trouble-free transfer of my plate. Very professional company and totally reliable. Would recommend and use services again. Very pleased.
From Ray Egan, Liverpool
Registration R333 EFC
Sent 20/07/2017
​Perfect. Many thanks again to your sales adviser Jamie for all his help! Can you also pass on my huge thank you to the rest of the team for a huge amount of support to resolve my order and the transfer. Great customer service all around.
From Debbie Price, Merseyside
Registration JC60 PJC
Sent 17/07/2017
Everything went without a hitch. Had the plates and paperwork within two days. A big thanks to your sales adviser Trevor, who dealt with the purchase.
From Connor McDonald, Lancashire
Registration CO07 MCD
Sent 17/07/2017
Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent and painless service in obtaining my personal plate.
From Simon Keats, Hampshire
Registration N20 UMA
Sent 17/07/2017
I ordered a plate for my wife as a surprise. Your sales adviser, Sue, was very helpful in guiding me through an easy process and keeping me informed of progress throughout with great communication. The transfer was completed as soon as they received my documents and the plates turned up the following morning! 'Wifey' is chuffed to bits. Would recommend using these guys!
From Steve Shortland, Leicester
Registration K5 MLS
Sent 17/07/2017
Fantastic service from Aimee at Regtransfers. I was reluctant to commit to an, as yet, unreleased plate, but Aime talked me through the process and delivered on everything promised and the plate was secured. Thanks to everyone involved.
From James Elliott, Gloucestershire
Registration BUF 1N
Sent 10/07/2017
I found your sales adviser Ben Monks most helpful and considerate in negotiations whilst purchasing my plates and would recommend him to anyone.
From Alan Whittam, Cumbria
Registration WH11 TAM
Sent 07/07/2017
Absolutely fantastic, easy to use service. Prompt delivery and they dealt with all the paperwork. All I had to do was click on the one I wanted, pay and put the plates on when they arrived. Fabulous.
From Vicky Harrison, Dyfed
Registration OO04 VCK
Sent 05/07/2017
Absolutely amazing.. Very fast service. Over the moon!
From Malcolm Owen, Kent
Registration L44 MWO
Sent 04/07/2017
No problem. Simple and prompt service. I would be happy to use you again.
From John Styles, Norfolk
Registration J30 RCL
Sent 04/07/2017
Lisa, your sales adviser, was brilliant. I purchased this number plate as a surprise birthday gift for my boyfriend, who had also rung you to enquire about the same plate. I informed Lisa it was a surprise and she helped me keep the secret from him! His face was priceless when he received the plate which he thought had already been sold. Lisa was excellent. She communicated everything with me very well and always kept me in the loop. She made me feel like a very valued customer and no request was too much. Lisa was happy to help with any questions I had. From the outstanding level of customer service I received from Lisa during the purchase of this plate, I will definitely be recommending friends and family to use Regtransfers.
From Raj Dosanjh, Middlesex
Registration G1 SSG
Sent 26/06/2017
First class service, with great staff to keep you up to date with progress. Would highly recommend it.
From Alvyn Warden, Midlothian
Registration T14 ALV
Sent 19/06/2017
A pleasant experience.
From Dr Patrick Justus, Essex
Registration P44 TOH
Sent 19/06/2017
Fantastic service. From my initial enquiry to final completion, I couldn't fault anything. Very impressive. Thanks to your sales advisor, Trevor, who dealt with this sale. Will recommend Regtransfers to anyone.
From Mark Bellerson, Shropshire
Registration E3 NAC
Sent 09/06/2017
Excellent job. Thank you for your brilliant service. The communication was superb and very useful to be able to track progress through the app.
From Neil Bruce, West Yorkshire
Registration MGL 517
Sent 08/06/2017
Came quickly and all sorted out fast. Great service.
From James Morley, Yorkshire
Registration R321 VEN
Sent 07/06/2017
Good and efficient service.
From Mr Stephen Allison, Dorset
Registration S1 RGA
Sent 06/06/2017
I cannot thank you enough for your time and for helping me to sort this out so quickly! I would not hesitate to use your services in the future and recommend your services to family friends and work colleagues.
From Kerry Rogers, Berkshire
Registration N26 JDR
Sent 22/05/2017
Absolutely made up with the service from start to finish. Top class. Will return if needed and be recommending to anyone who wants a new private plate.
From Martin Cartwright, Lancashire
Registration MC10 LFC
Sent 22/05/2017
Great service. Thanks.
From Lewis Sage, Essex
Registration 3 LJS
Sent 22/05/2017
Just what I wanted. Have passed on your details to friends who will be ordering shortly.
From Mary Catherine Carns, Worcestershire
Registration YR57 MCC
Sent 15/05/2017
I had been looking for a personal number plate for some time but more or less given up, as the ones I had in mind were more than I could afford. Then I found Regtransfers. I couldn't believe it. I found just the right one, and at an unbelievably good price. Without hesitation, I ordered and paid. Less than two weeks after, I'm now the proud owner of my personal plate on my Peugeot 207. Many thanks.
From Rosie L Parker, West Yorkshire
Registration RP59 RLP
Sent 11/05/2017
Good service all round. Your sales adviser, Shane made buying the plate very easy and hassle-free
From Peter Giles, Norwich
Registration 9 PRG
Sent 11/05/2017
Great experience. They did everything for me. Quick, simple and easy. Highly recommended. Emailed me every step of the way to let me know what was happening.
From Debbie Royle, Lancashire
Registration MY04 DAZ
Sent 02/05/2017
Brilliant well-informed service from start to finish.
From Carl Badcock, Cambridge
Registration B400 ERS
Sent 19/04/2017
A1 service from Regtransfers. Have purchased many plates from them and have always had good service.
From Yad Suwali, Leicester
Registration HA12 PSS
Sent 19/04/2017
Really great service, super efficient, quick and brilliant communications. Thank you.
From Jacqueline Moore, Wiltshire
Registration N311 JAC
Sent 19/04/2017
I wish to congratulate your sales adviser Shane Tomblin for all his hard work selling my registration. His efforts were fantastic and I am most grateful.
From Mary Waddington, Gloucester
Registration J1 NAF
Sent 13/04/2017
We looked online for our personal registration, and are pleased to say we had the best personal help ever. We are pleased with the plates. We had no issues in the process from start to finish, from ordering the plates to putting them on our car. All was straightforward we will definitely go with them again.
From Kerry Mills, Kent
Registration KJM 111S
Sent 19/04/2017
I've never purchased a personalised plate before but the assistance that I was given has been truly commendable. I dreaded buying for my husband's birthday as I thought it would be difficult, but your sales adviser Anne made it so simple and clear. I work for a large retail company and don't believe people get the recognition they deserve, so I thought I would take five minutes to say a big thanks and hope that this gets back to Anne. So pleased, that I'm looking for one myself now. Brilliant service!
From Louise Horton, Kent
Registration P10 BDH
Sent 21/04/2017
Pro-active service from your sales adviser Derek, with both of my recent purchases.
From Ian Martin
Registration 32 MAR
Sent 03/05/2017
This was my first purchase of a private plate and was a birthday present. My partner had wanted one for her motorcycle and I had been looking for a while when I saw this one. Please do not hesitate on buying from these guy's. They could not have been more helpful and hassle-free. Many thanks.
From Scott Keatings, South Yorkshire
Registration PO10 LJW
Sent 13/04/2017
Thanks to your sales adviser, Christian, for dealing with this purchase quickly and professionally.
From Emanuel Everett, Norfolk
Registration 3 DME
Sent 27/04/2017
Many thanks to your very pleasant sales adviser, Oscar, for a very fast service. I will highly recommend your company to all my friends. Thanks.
From Sean Dillon, Londonderry
Registration DD53 AND
Sent 29/03/2017
Your sales adviser, Ben, was thoughtful and patient. He made the process quick and easy.
From Kelly Hornby, North Humberside
Registration KE11 HOR
Sent 20/03/2017
Had been looking for a suitable personalised registration plate for a while. Saw one on your site. Emailed and a short time later you had secured the plate for me. Speedy completion and well-informed right through the process. Well done. 10/10
From Andrew Person, Yorkshire
Registration OO04 PEO
Sent 20/03/2017
I have made many enquiries about different Registration plates over the years and Regtransfers have been at the forefront of those enquires. The service is outstanding and, above all, honest. I recently bought a plate for my daughter-in-law with the help of your sales adviser Samaarah and, from start to finish, it took four days - and there was a weekend in between that. To anyone thinking about using them, I would highly recommend the company.
From Ian Taylor, Sheffield
Registration R29 KEL
Sent 05/04/2017
Thank you for your excellent and courteous service in obtaining my chosen personal number plate. I was most impressed at how quickly the transaction was completed in just a handful of days. I am thrilled to bits and look forward to seeing my personal number plate on my new car later this year. I will certainly use you again in the future and recommend you to others. Simply the Best.
From Martin Buckroyd, Staffordshire
Registration MB52 MPB
Sent 27/04/2017
Super fast service and simple. I thought it was going to be a couple of weeks but no, four days. Boom! Well happy.
From Keiron Storrs, Nottinghamshire
Registration W111 FAF
Sent 17/03/2017
Thanks to your sales adviser Derek for his help in securing my new registration. Job well done.
From Sean Davey, Fife
Registration R8 SGD
Sent 17/03/2017
Dealt with your sales adviser, Derek. Easy, smooth transaction.
From Ryan Parker, Cleveland
Registration P4 RKV
Sent 15/03/2017
Very impressed with the overall seamless service from Regtransfers.
From Stephen Banin, London
Registration BAN 1N
Sent 15/03/2017
I would definitely use you again.
From Ernest Millington, Merseyside
Registration R200 WOO
Sent 27/04/2017
Fine service. Very pleased. Kind regards.
From Alan Bailey, Sunderland
Registration L999 ALN
Sent 14/03/2017
Thank you to everyone at Regtransfers, especially sales advisers Julie and Paddy for all their help.
From Colin Wade, Nottingham
Registration 439 JOE
Sent 14/03/2017
Having waited many years before taking the plunge, I wanted to say thank you - in particular to Sally (sales adviser) for your first class service in handling the purchase of my new 'cherished plate'. You made the transaction wonderfully smooth, with documentation processed very quickly and most importantly, accurately. You also handled the retention of my existing number and when I requested a replacement, alternative rear plate style for the new number there was no fuss or additional fee, it simply arrived. A very happy customer. John.
From John Sykes, Cambridgeshire
Registration R1 JNS
Sent 13/03/2017
Good service backed up by an efficient workforce.
From Ray Gale, Bedfordshire
Registration S900 RMG
Sent 10/03/2017
I am very delighted to have chosen this company. They made this transfer so easy and within a few days I got my number plate. I will recommend them to everyone.
From Medi Almassi, Berkshire
Registration MD56 MED
Sent 10/03/2017
I found your sales adviser Ben Monks most helpful and considerate in negotiations whilst purchasing my plates and would recommend him to anyone.
From Alan Whittam, Cumbria
Registration WH11 TAM
Sent 09/03/2017
Your sales adviser Dean is a professional and kept me informed throughout the entire process. A real asset to your company.
From Adam Kiani, Birmingham
Registration 8 KE
Sent 06/03/2017
I would like to thank you and your team for such prompt and superb service.
From Tony Bargrove, Hampshire
Registration K9 BAR
Sent 03/03/2017
Your sales adviser Scarlett Duggan explained everything I needed to know. Because of her helpful advice, I bought a registration and plates. I'd like to thank her for her friendly and professional help
From John Drake, Essex
Registration T29 JJD
Sent 27/02/2017
Thank you for your help. I dealt with your office on the telephone and both people I spoke to were very helpful. Your service is quick, efficient, and effortless for us customers.
From Gill Prosser, Hertfordshire
Registration S333 NGE
Sent 20/02/2017
An excellent and speedy service provided by your sales adviser Samaarah, who is outstanding in my opinion.
From Jerry Corfield, Avon
Registration JC12 JMC
Sent 16/02/2017
Just thought I would take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the people involved in dealing with the lightning-fast transfer of my personal registration plate. I know it's not a massive amount of money spent with you but the plate states exactly what I wanted. I will be buying from you again for sure so, once again, thank you for a brilliant service.
From Graham Cotton, Lincolnshire
Registration GW60 TON
Sent 16/02/2017
Just writing to say thank you for all your help in securing the right number for me. I love my number, J5 ELL. I had previously looked to no avail so, I was delighted to find it With your help, it is now proudly displayed on the new A8 I have for work. I just wave back now without a clue as to who it is I’m waving to. More that one person has commented on the fact that it is the best plate and most appropriate number plate they have seen in that it is so my number.
From Joanna Sell, Essex
Registration J5 ELL
Sent 02/05/2017
We were very pleased that, for this plate purchase, we again had the expertise of Alfie Moon, for whom no request of ours was ever too much trouble. In addition, his most pleasant personality made it an altogether enjoyable experience.
From Peter Legg, East Sussex
Registration S160 AMG
Sent 16/02/2017
One word, happy.
From Lisa Kay, Manchester
Registration 3 RTK
Sent 13/02/2017
Just a great service from start to finish. They rang me to ensure I had received what I wanted and double-checked all the details.
From Debbie Goddard, West Yorkshire
Registration GG07 FEB
Sent 10/02/2017
Regtransfers certainly offers great and prompt service, with very reasonable prices. For your number plates needs, you won't go wrong with them.
From Andy Neoh, Glamorgan
Registration X6 PLL
Sent 10/02/2017
Fantastic experience. Your sales adviser, Derek, was a pleasure to deal with and extremely helpful. Highly recommend.
From Gary Hunter, County Durham
Registration GAZ 77
Sent 09/02/2017
I would just like to say the service I received from your sales adviser Dean was excellent. He was so helpful and polite with all my questions and so cheery. Makes a change these days. I would most certainly recommend your service.
From Dawn Graves, Yorkshire
Registration X55 JPG
Sent 09/02/2017
Your sales adviser Harry Kershaw was incredibly helpful, polite and genuine throughout the whole process.
From Ryan Shearsmith, South Humberside
Registration R77 SHS
Sent 09/02/2017
Your sales adviser, Derek, was helpful, polite and made the purchase of the number plate as easy as possible.
From Christopher Torre, Kent
Registration SU51 CPT
Sent 06/02/2017
I found the perfect number plate at a pretty amazing price and the whole process was very quick and straightforward. Something that could seem quite difficult was actually made completely simple. Thanks.
From Stewart Hopkirk, Bedfordshire
Registration KH07 KSH
Sent 06/02/2017
Delighted with my new reg, I received friendly and faultless customer service throughout from your sales advisor Tom. Great work guys and thanks again.
From Ben Vasey, Tyne And Wear
Registration V8 SEY
Sent 02/02/2017
I dealt with your sales advisor Sally. I found her to be very professional and helpful. She answered the many questions that I asked. I felt that she went 'above and beyond'. This lady is a credit to your company and her telephone manner is worthy of note. Thank you guys, I am very pleased with my purchase.
From Paul Graeme Lowrey, Norfolk
Registration PGL 12
Sent 30/01/2017
Very happy with my number plate and the ease of how [the purchase] went. Thanks.
From Nigel Delves, Yorkshire
Registration F1 NAD
Sent 30/01/2017
Your sales advisor, Derek, could not have been more helpful. Great guy.
From John Coulby, South Humberside
Registration P23 ROS
Sent 23/01/2017
Thanks to the wonderful help I had from your sales advisor Helen. Very helpful, very professional and a very pleasant phone manner. My personal gratitude to her and Regtransfers for an excellent service.
From David Jones, Oxfordshire
Registration D1 USK
Sent 23/01/2017
Thank you sincerely for being so efficient. 10/10 for service.
From Vincent O' Connor, Armagh
Registration M9 VOC
Sent 20/01/2017
Prompt, helpful and efficient service. Excellent at communicating when a change had to be made to due to the age of my car. I didn't have a clue what to do regards to admin, so was very pleased that someone was managing this for me
From Gillian Morrice, Lothian
Registration MM57 ROW
Sent 20/01/2017
I have never purchased a personalised number plate before and had no idea of the process of such a purchase. Your sales advisor, Derek, was a fantastic help, explaining the process in simple but precise terms, and in what seemed a few minutes, I became the proud owner of my first and probably last personalised number plate. The confirmation of purchase was emailed to me almost immediately and 48 hours later the plates were delivered to my door. Great service from a knowledgeable and efficient man.
From Jeffrey Martin, Bristol
Registration XX55 JEF
Sent 19/01/2017
The whole process was completed quickly and efficiently. I can recommend this company for anyone seeking a personalised registration plate.
From Alexander Marek, Berwickshire
Registration M300 AAM
Sent 18/01/2017
I am writing to bring to your attention the excellent service that I received from your staff, especially Simon, who was totally a professional pre- and post- sale. please give him my Regards Thank you,
From Frank Craig, Torquay
Registration FCR 41G
Sent 10/01/2017
I would just like to say how excellent the whole process of selling my registration has been with you. From first placing my registration onto the website to being contacted when there was interest in buying it. The instructions, given, both by phone and by e-mail, have been precise and timely and by timely, I mean 'immediate' with no faffing and keeping me totally up-to-date with every step needed. This is a golden selling point for your company because at no stage did I have to find out where it was all up to. I would like to thank everybody involved - I would definitely recommend you to anyone.
From Ruth Jepson, North Yorkshire
Registration Y20 RJW
Sent 10/01/2017
Very happy with the service.
From Robert Wofinden, Nottingham
Registration R77 WOF
Sent 10/01/2017
Right from the off I was kept informed and your sales advisor Elaine's manner was lovely.
From Morag Snelling, Wolverhampton
Registration MOR 41G
Sent 03/01/2017
Your sales advisor, Jason, was a really helpful and friendly guy who did more than asked, which was to complete a multi-transfer as smoothly as possible.
From Graham Scarsbrook, Cheshire
Registration 7000 GS
Sent 30/12/2016
Fantastic service. Extremely fast transfer. Even sent a text message when the plates could be displayed.
From Ashley Porter, West Yorkshire
Registration P66 RTR
Sent 22/12/2016
Registration Transfers did everything in filling out the necessary paperwork and helped me throughout the whole process. Very efficient and kept me informed by telephone and email at all times. An excellent service, I would certainly use again and would recommend to others. I found them to be a very reputable company.
From James Stewart, Falkirk
Registration 240 JMS
Sent 22/12/2016
Very quick service. One week and the plate was on the car. Thank you very much.
From Mark Fessey, County Durham
Registration M600 MDF
Sent 22/12/2016
It had to be 1 ERD as Merlin ERD Ltd are the best. Award-winning engineering at its best. Purchasing for the best, from the best: Regtransfers.
customer testimonial
From Iain Hutchison, Perthshire
Registration 1 ERD
Sent 16/12/2016
Wonderful service. Thank you.
From Azmat Bajwa, Middlesex
Registration S777 AHB
Sent 15/12/2016
I would just like to thank you for your consistency in chasing up the registration my daughter wanted. She is over the moon with it and, again, I can't thank you enough for your help and professionalism.
From David Chambers, Cheshire
Registration C7 RCH
Sent 14/12/2016
The hard part is choosing the registration. Once you have decided leave the rest up to Regtransfers. Your sales advisor, Derek Daly, made the whole process very simple and I am delighted with how quick it all went through.
From Mark Godley, Hampshire
Registration X22 MRG
Sent 14/12/2016
From the very outset, your sales advisor Dan's approach was very professional. He talked me through the process and gave me regular updates as to what was happening and when. At a time just before my purchase, I'd had a bad online experience and he was very sympathetic and offered me reassurance. He also sent my certificate through sooner than anticipated.
From Janet Hills, Surrey
Registration JAY 2B
Sent 12/12/2016
Everything went smoothly. A great company to deal with.
From Victor Kerr, Glasgow
Registration W29 KER
Sent 06/12/2016
Thank you so much. We are so happy with your service and will definitely recommend you. Thanks again.
From Caron Dallard , Dorset
Registration DC10 CFC
Sent 29/11/2016
Thank you so much for a very efficient & prompt service. We are extremely pleased with how the whole process was handled and how quick this all came together.
From Wendy South, Devon
Registration AY60 AMY
Sent 29/11/2016
This is the third plate I've purchased from this company. I cannot rate them highly enough. Derek, your sales advisor, was extremely efficient. I have and will continue to recommend to all.
From Colleen Rounsevell, Cornwall
Registration W11 VEX
Sent 28/11/2016
Great service, I hope you look after your staff, they are excellent.
From Jane Johnstone, Berkshire
Registration JJC 110
Sent 28/11/2016
Excellent service.
From Stuart Hall, Norfolk
Registration 2 HAL
Sent 28/11/2016
These guys were a breath of fresh air. Simple straightforward and kept us informed every step of the way. Highly recommended.
From Philip Reed, County Durham
Registration R1 AMR
Sent 24/11/2016
Fantastic. From ordering the registration online, to having the plates put on the car, has taken eight days, and hassle free. I cannot praise you enough. Many thanks.
From Christine Stafford, Leicestershire
Registration R28 JJA
Sent 21/11/2016
Excellent experience. So simple and, if anything may change, the sales team are on hand to put this right. Great company!
From Mike Sibley, Middlesex
Registration MS13 LEY
Sent 21/11/2016
Quick response times and trouble-free.
From Andrew Dean, Greater Manchester
Registration T888 ACD
Sent 27/04/2017
I always wanted my very own personalised registration, but I used to think I could never afford it. So, when I did see my registration on the Regtransfers website, I was determined to make it mine. Your sales advisor, Lindsay, made the process so easy and the only problem I had was myself getting so impatient until I could put it on my car! You only live once and I say, if you like something, just go for it. Number plates are not only a means of stating your individuality but also a great investment for your family. I recommend it highly. Once again a massive thanks to the team at Regtransfers for making it all possible.
From Mohammed Yusoof, West Yorkshire
Registration 86 MY
Sent 21/11/2016
This is the second time I have used Registration Transfers and I can't praise them enough for such an easy professional transaction and great communication. Many Thanks.
From Raymond Adie, Aberdeenshire
Registration T5 RAY
Sent 21/11/2016
George, your sales advisor, was fantastic. He always got back to me when he said, and although the transaction took longer than expected, he was first class.
From Sam Bickley, Dorset
Registration DYB 6T
Sent 18/11/2016
Great service from your sales advisor, Derek.
From John MacFarlane, Glasgow
Registration T333 JMF
Sent 18/11/2016
Great people to deal with, very friendly, and nothing is too much trouble.
From Ralph Jumeaude, London
Registration P9 JUM
Sent 16/11/2016
Thank you for your complete help and efficiency.
From Lorraine Lakin, Worcestershire
Registration N23 LOL
Sent 16/11/2016
We have been in the fortunate position of purchasing a number of plates from you over the last twelve months and have received nothing but fantastic, efficient and above all a very personal friendly sevice from your sales advisor Derek. He has made the whole experience very easy and enjoyable with great suggestions and smooth transition to get the plates onto the various vehicles. I would highly recommend your company. Thankyou.
From Lynn Almond, Liverpool
Registration R23 NUT
Sent 16/11/2016
Can I also thank the staff who helped me to find the best number plates for me. The service I received from Regtransfers was second to none.
customer testimonial
From George Major, Surrey
Registration 8085 PK
Sent 15/11/2016
My wife and I appreciate your time and effort to get this number plate for my birthday present. Great service. Thank you to all in the company. I will be back again for my wife's birthday present.
From Shivaharan Sivananthan, Hampshire
Registration LL60 FHU
Sent 11/11/2016
An absolutely first-class service from start to finish. Thank you to all who helped to make the process so straightforward and professional. I cannot recommend your company highly enough.
From Mr James Vanstone, Surrey
Registration JRV 52
Sent 11/11/2016
I loved the purchase of my registration. It was quick, and how easy to buy, as well. I would like to thank you for everything. My next number plate is coming soon!
From Harsh Patel
Registration XH14 RSH
Sent 14/11/2017
Excellent service. Second time I have used you. Efficient. I had to email a question after sale had gone through and had a response really quickly. This was to the point and informative. Thank you very much.
From Sue Bennett, Gwynedd
Registration MB64 SUE
Sent 14/11/2017
Great service, thank you. Everything was made so easy and I appreciated the email reminders.
From Sandra Maudsley, Berkshire
Registration S444 BJJ
Sent 11/11/2016
Great service. Kept me informed of progress. Thank you. Want another one now!
customer testimonial
From Kelvin Daniels, Devon
Registration P666 GTB
Sent 07/11/2016
I tried several companies to buy the plate but I have to say that the professionalism in Regtransfers was the best. Your sales advisor Andy helped me to sort everything .
customer testimonial
From Nadeem Amin, West Yorkshire
Registration 47 NA
Sent 04/11/2016
I am really pleased with the help and advice given to me by your sales advisor Derek. He answered all my questions before and after the purchase. A smooth and painless transaction.
From Susan Lane, Banffshire
Registration JL09 SUE
Sent 03/11/2016
This turned out to be very easy, I searched Regtransfers, put in an offer which was accepted that day and the transaction went like clockwork. As usual, the Regtransfers process was flawless. An excellent and efficient service that I would recommend to anyone looking to purchase a personalised number.
customer testimonial
From Gary Stuart, Aberdeen
Registration R5 BAD
Sent 01/11/2016
Regtransfers got a good deal for me and your sales advisor, Shane, was quick to come back to me. The whole process was easy and quick. Before I knew it, the plates could go on my car. I would definitely recommend to friends, family, or anyone thinking of buying a private plate.
From Julie Bicknell, Worcestershire
Registration Y28 JUE
Sent 31/10/2016
Very happy with the way the company handled my purchase, which was a gift for my husband. The transfer was arranged for the day of his birthday and it all went smoothly with good communication.
From Nikki MacLeod, York
Registration OO04 RLM
Sent 31/10/2016
I've never bought a personal number plate before and I thought, wrongly, that the industry was full of dodgy geezers in smokey rooms with a trilby and a small dark slug on the upper lip. I could never have been more wrong. The image I now have, after dealing with your sales advisor Mike Ward, is one of complete professionalism and satisfaction. I've been treated like I'm the best customer they've ever had, I honestly felt comfortable and safe having them handle my purchase. So how do I see them now? A slick professional business that really do what they say they are going to do. The whole process of purchase and transfer has been a delight. I didn't even have to queue up to get my registration plates, they arrived in the post ready for me to fit when the registration had been swapped over. A business that clearly drives value and benefits to its customers. I couldn't wish for more. Well done Regtransfers, and well done Mike.
From Graham Clarke, Chelmsford
Registration GFC 2N
Sent 27/10/2016
I have always dealt with you and will continue to do so.
From Aaron Playle, Hertfordshire
Registration JAZ 600
Sent 27/10/2016
I just wanted to say that your sales advisor Jess Garnham has provided a 10/10 service, for which I am very happy. Thanks a lot, you're the best. Also, thanks to the rest of the team at Regtransfers.
From Ikhtasham Mahmood, Birmingham
Registration VUO 121
Sent 27/10/2016
I would like to thank your sales advisor Derek Daly and the team at Regtransfers for the professional way that they handled my purchase for me. Regtransfers made the whole process very smooth and Derek was available to support me with any questions that I had for him. I am now searching for my next purchase with Regtransfers!
From Mr Dean Jones, Bristol
Registration D1 UKG
Sent 27/10/2016
A big thank you to all at Regtransfers for the smooth purchase and transfer. I agreed to purchase the number on a Monday and by Wednesday afternoon the plates had arrived and were on my car.
customer testimonial
From Steve Saunders, Surrey
Registration A1 SCS
Sent 26/10/2016
The service we received from Regtransfers was first class and the transfer was completed swiftly and efficiently.
customer testimonial
From David R Mallinson, Essex
Registration DRM 6
Sent 21/10/2016
Purchased a registration online. Made one phone call and that was that. So easy. It was a Saturday and the plates arrived Tuesday with the transfer paperwork a few days later. Great service.
From Alastair Purdy, County Armagh
Registration HU60 BLK
Sent 20/10/2016
Excellent service from Mike Ward. Thank you for an efficient and stress-free experience.
From Tracey Neal, Staffordshire
Registration 1284 JN
Sent 18/10/2016
Excellent service from Jack. Transfer done quickly and efficiently.
From Robert Flavell, Lanarkshire
Registration N19 RGF
Sent 18/10/2016
Derek Daly, very helpful and the purchase went through very smoothly. Thank you.
From Mike Burns, Staffordshire
Registration E13 DRA
Sent 18/10/2016
I was delighted by the ease of purchase and transfer. Thank you.
From Mike Burns, Staffordshire
Registration P24 MPB
Sent 18/10/2016
Your staff were very efficient in finding my personalised number.
customer testimonial
From Eric Mackie, Kirkcudbrightshire
Registration ER13 MAC
Sent 18/10/2016
Many thanks for confirming that transfer has been completed today and that I can put the new plates on. I just wanted to say a big thank you to your sales advisor Reno for smoothing the process and making it as swift and easy as possible. He got quick answers to all my questions. I was happy with the price and the service offered. This is my second purchase through Regtransfers and I have no hesitation in recommending the company.
From Richard Denslow, East Sussex
Registration VXT 227
Sent 18/10/2016
The whole issue from start to finish was perfect. Will be coming back
From James Pickard, Lincoln
Registration KP07 JMP
Sent 18/10/2016
Excellent service throughout by Amber Moss. The process of buying, retaining and transfer could not have been easier and I put it down to Amber's total professionalism and efficiency. Many thanks.
From Michael Abram, Renfrewshire
Registration YHS 4
Sent 18/10/2016
I was amazed at the speed and efficiency of the Regtransfers team. Less than five days (with a weekend included) from purchase to being able to display the plates. I did nothing other than inform my insurance. I've already recommended this company and will continue to do so.
From Bob Atton, North Humberside
Registration T15 RWA
Sent 18/10/2016
Buying my reg number from you was so easy and hassle free. Would make Regtransfers my first choice . Big 'thank you' to all.
From Michael O'Malley, South Yorkshire
Registration R21 MOM
Sent 18/10/2016
Thank you for your time and your persistence in tracing the number plate and to bring it to a successful conclusion. My congratulations to you and your hard work.
From David Young, Glasgow
Registration DAV 10Y
Sent 18/10/2016
I can't believe how quick Regtransfers completed my order. Will recommend this company. If you want a private registration, use these. Thank you Regtransfers.
From Francis Gavan, Clwyd
Registration AD07 GAV
Sent 18/10/2016
We were so pleased when Regtransfers advised us the plate was available.
customer testimonial
From Andy and Sue Brooks, Hampshire
Registration HAG 21D
Sent 18/10/2016
Very straightforward and efficient process. Very impressed.
From Malcolm Taylor, Surrey
Registration N10 GTD
Sent 18/10/2016
A great service. Very polite and professional.Thank you.
From Andrew Coulson, Northumberland
Registration 22 ACC
Sent 29/09/2016
May I say, it would be such a pleasure if everyone was as helpful, professional and friendly as your sales advisor Josh. This gentleman must be a great asset to your company.
From John Williams, Bristol
Registration 586 WDE
Sent 29/09/2016
I found the site really good and easy to look for a number plate that suited me and loads of choices. The staff were very helpful and patient when I had queries and telephoned.
From Deborah Linnington, West Sussex
Registration R26 DML
Sent 21/09/2016
Registration Transfers did a great deal for me and the whole process was completed in less than two weeks. I would like to thank your sales advisor Carl and everyone at Registration Transfers for making this such an easy and speedy experience. I shall be pleased to recommend Registration Transfers to my friends.
customer testimonial
From Phillip Ronald-Price, Wirral
Registration PRP 22
Sent 19/09/2016
Both Jemma and Rachael, who work at Registration Transfers made the whole experience a real pleasure and kept me very well informed at every stage of the process.
customer testimonial
From Simon Stevens, Hertfordshire
Registration SS 2
Sent 19/09/2016
Your sales advisor, Derek, was respectful and helpful at all times. He had a nice telephone manner and was easy to deal with.
From John Lewis, Merseyside
Registration DU57 AJH
Sent 16/09/2016
Just a thank you!
From John Kamara, Cleveland
Registration SH65 CAM
Sent 12/09/2016
So happy with my registration. Thanks to your team for your work.
customer testimonial
From Tony Chaplin, Nottingham
Registration F16 TDJ
Sent 07/09/2016
Your sales advisor, Derek, made it very simple to find the perfect plates as a gift for my wife. He explained the process completely in easy terms. I'll definitely use Regtransfers again.
From Turkel Mahmout, London
Registration N13 VMM
Sent 07/09/2016
I am very impressed. Thanks for doing this so quickly.
From Steve Wesson, East Sussex
Registration WE52 SON
Sent 07/09/2016
From the start, your advisor was very helpful and pleasant. A pleasure to do the transaction with him.
From Stuart Havard, Gwent
Registration OO05 HAV
Sent 06/09/2016
Thank you for your friendly advice and efficient service. Plates reached me the next day.
From Peter Anandraj
Registration ANA 11D
Sent 06/09/2016
Excellent speedy service. Ordered online on Friday of August Bank Holiday weekend. Sent paperwork as requested on Saturday. On Tuesday was notified paperwork received. Plates came on Wednesday, transfer complete by Thursday afternoon. Couldn't be better and the wife is pleased we have 'our own' plates. Thank you Regtransfers.
From Paul Moulder, Wiltshire
Registration S300 PSM
Sent 02/09/2016
I can thoroughly recommend your service. Simple and so quick. Having never done this before, we were nervous, but your sales advisor, Noah, was immensely helpful and the whole process was dealt with so efficiently.
From Jeremy Bingham, Lincoln
Registration DS55 JAC
Sent 31/08/2016
I contacted your company to help me find and acquire CA11 ABY, which is the perfect number plate and, to my amazement, you did and successfully negotiated a reasonable price for me to purchase. I thank you, once again, for a fantastic job.
customer testimonial
From Rod Callaby, Hampshire
Registration CA11 ABY
Sent 30/08/2016
The support at the beginning given to me was very supportive in making my choice.
customer testimonial
From Robert J Jaffray, Hampshire
Registration CJ09 RJJ
Sent 24/08/2016
"Can't recommend Regtransfers enough. The whole procedure from start to finish was three days, made so much easier with all the help from their fantastic sales advisor, Alfie. Would definitely purchase from them again should the opportunity arise. Thanks, guys."
From Brian Skingsley, Hertfordshire
Registration BS56 BLS
Sent 25/08/2016
I was really pleased with the service that I received and the transfer of both plates was all done really quickly. I will definitely be buying again in the future.
customer testimonial
From Alan Standing, Essex
Registration MR04 ALS
Sent 24/08/2016
Regtransfers did a fantastic job in a matter of a few days. I can't tell you how happy and grateful I am.
customer testimonial
From Jake Dalton, Staffordshire
Registration 1995 JD
Sent 14/07/2016
Thank you for enabling me to complete the transfer efficiently and in a timely manner.
From Lyndon Brett, Somerset
Registration 51 LB
Sent 04/08/2016
Thank you for your excellent service.
From Grace Whitson, Ayr
Registration RE54 RAE
Sent 07/07/2016
Really happy with the service I received. Very fast and smooth.
From Shahidun Nessa, London
Registration S111 AYV
Sent 06/07/2016
I would like to thank you for the excellent service I received. Many thanks.
From Chris Scarrott, Hampshire
Registration K600 CES
Sent 28/06/2016
Your sales advisor, Bill, looked after me very well.
From Mark Platts, Cheshire
Registration 4 RA
Sent 27/06/2016
Thank you to your sales advisor, Ben Monks, who saw the transfer through and sorted out any problems that arose. I have used you guys a few times for my business registrations and this made me keep an eye out for personal plates. Thank you for all your help. I love the number plate and really couldn't be any happier.
From Ben Wallington, Oxfordshire
Registration 8 ENW
Sent 27/06/2016
Thank you for a very quick and efficient service. Much appreciated.
From Robert Clerk, Midlothian
Registration P123 RMC
Sent 27/06/2016
It was so easy. I don't know why I didn't do it long ago. I always thought it was complicated but Regtransfers made it so simple. Thanks
From Philip Hitchings, Glamorgan
Registration PH56 PLH
Sent 27/06/2016
I have your letter of 8th June and the V750 for my new V29MVC. I phoned at lunchtime on Monday, now, 12 noon on Thursday, I have the completed paperwork. I don't know if this is easy or difficult to complete but the service I have received is outstanding. The original phone call was handled with courtesy and the whole transaction was over in 10 minutes and, as I say, I have the forms three days later. Amazing. Thanks.
From Michael Cleal, Cumbria
Registration V29 MVC
Sent 24/06/2016
Delighted to report that I was amazed at how efficiently and quickly the deal was completed. Wonderful. Thanks.
From Mike Brown, Oxfordshire
Registration X300 JMB
Sent 24/06/2016
My recent number plate purchase with Regtransfers was an absolute pleasure, namely due to your sales advisor Alfie Moon. His professional and personable nature made the whole process from beginning to end a very pleasant experience. He instilled reassurance, allayed any concerns I had and proved I was in safe hands as he made every effort to ensure safe and seamless completion of the transfer. I couldn't have asked for a nicer guy to deal with. Thank you kindly, Alfie.
From Anila Hussain, Lancashire
Registration AN11 LAH
Sent 23/06/2016
Thanks so much for doing the transaction and taking the time to be interested in why I wanted the registration. You are very polite and well-mannered. It was a pleasure talking to you. Many thanks.
From Philip Evan, West Midlands
Registration GC02 BAT
Sent 17/06/2016
Well, you did it again; sent old log book Tuesday, got plate Wednesday and new log book Friday. Second plate I have had off you. 10 out of 10 again. Cheers.
From Steven R Parkinson, Lancashire
Registration T26 SRP
Sent 17/06/2016
Your sales advisor, Andrea made it so easy to do. It was a pleasure speaking to her. She was pleasant, polite and knew what she was doing. She is a credit to your company. Thought it would be nice to give you some positive feedback.
From Jan Skitt, Warwickshire
Registration J999 SKT
Sent 17/05/2016
The whole process was like clockwork, Thank you! My Birthday is January 25th, therefore, superb plate.
From Malcolm Flewitt, Birmingham
Registration 125 MAC
Sent 17/05/2016
I bought my first ever personal plate from yourselves. The whole process from start to finish was handled with ease. I would recommend your service to anyone. Thank you for making everything so straightforward.
From David McDougall,Lanarkshire
Registration Y3 DND
Sent 16/05/2016
Transaction went as smooth as it possibly could. New documents within three weeks. A pleasure to deal with. Many thanks.
From Peter Clelland, Renfrewshire
Registration X6 PED
Sent 12/05/2016
Browsed the site and was impressed with the search results for my name, and looking further the reviews were excellent. I can now vouch for the good reviews as I brought a plate straight away. The sales advisor was professional and friendly. I received my new plates in two days, well happy! I've even looked for my friend and he is considering one at the price they do. I found him a great plate that is personal to him. A nice feature is also the magazine Regtransfers sends on completion. So you can show your friends ideas for them. Excellent service. 10/10 communication and mail delivery better than any online services I've previously used.
From Adam Carey, Nottingham
Registration AC51 REY
Sent 12/05/2016
Within the week, I had received my new plates and when the transfer documents came through, I was able to change mine over. I couldn’t be more pleased.
customer testimonial
From Anne Spiers, Gwent
Registration RE12 HOT
Sent 11/05/2016
Your sales advisor, Noah, started taking my details: “I will need your fiancée’s exact name as on the V5C of her existing vehicle,” he said. ”X-I-U-J-U,” I responded. “Noooo” was Noah’s reaction, “Never!” I assured him it was! “That slipped through the DVLA’s computer” he added. “Thanks to Regtransfers for making our Christmas so memorable."
customer testimonial
From Simon Russell, Aberdeen
Registration X1 UJU
Sent 11/05/2016
It truly is a gift that keeps on giving. We still look at it every day and it reminds us both of our wedding day. Once again we would like to thank Regtransfers for such a smooth transfer and their help in making our dream of owning our own number plate a reality.
customer testimonial
From Craig and Lesley Tams, Leicester
Registration TAM 512S
Sent 11/05/2016
The private number plate and new graphics have made my company van look brand new again! I have never changed number plates before. I can't speak highly enough of the service I received from Retransfers. From start to finish, it was faultless.
From Nigel Davies,West Sussex
Registration N888 TRU
Sent 10/05/2016
Totally recommend Regtransfers. Phoned on Saturday and everything was finalised and the new plates were on by Friday. Couldn't believe how quick and easy it all was. Excellent service. Thank you all very much.
From Caroline Agacy, Hampshire
Registration CAZ 1651
Sent 10/05/2016
I bought my first reg plate from Regtransfers back in the early 2000s. That was K13 AUB. Excellent, friendly, helpful and fast.
From Kieren Aubrey, Staffordshire
Registration W4 AUB
Sent 28/04/2016
I think it's pretty obvious why I bought the number plate, I have been looking for a long time for a plate with my initials or surname and could not believe it when my name came up. The service I received from Regtransfers was second to none and really efficient. I have now put my previous cherished number plate in their hands to sell for me.
From Fred Bishop, Bristol
Registration FB15 HOP
Sent 28/04/2016
Thanks for the prompt service. Ordered and on the car within the week. This is the second plate I have bought from you. The first was CC08 BRC, which is our exact initials and the month of my birthday so, last week, we purchased CC09 BRC for my wife's car the '09' being the month of our wedding. So, thanks for the excellent service.
From Brian Cole, West Sussex
Registration CC09 BRC
Sent 27/04/2016
Excellent service all round, the 10% discount when quoting the consultants name helped me make my decision. Helpful, friendly staff! 10 out of 10. Excellent service all round.
From Craig Waldron
Registration T6 CNW
Sent 26/04/2016
Regtransfers were polite, informative and helpful. A good outfit to deal with!
From Godfrey Chapman, Cleveland
Registration 794 GBC
Sent 26/04/2016
Thank you to I think the plates look excellent, especially when pulling into the Flying Club car park.
customer testimonial
From George Hunter, Nottingham
Registration GE08 FLY
Sent 26/04/2016
This is just a note to express my thanks to Scott and all your staff for your professionalism. This is the second purchase I've made from Regtransfers and I could not be happier. It's refreshing to deal with a company that treats you with the same care whether you're buying an expensive plate or an economy one. I'd recommend your company to anyone without reservation
From William Brogan, Renfrewshire
Registration X19 ABX
Sent 18/04/2016
I went online and looked for a company with good reviews and came across Regtransfers. I spoke to a sales advisor who was remarkably helpful. After a 10 minute call, it was all sorted. I had the plates within 48 hours and the registration went through within six days. A fantastic service, which I would recommend to anyone who is after a personalised plate.
From Colin Hazell, Norfolk
Registration T18 HJH
Sent 18/04/2016
I decided to get my other half, Stewart Jackson, a personalised number plate for his 40th birthday. The service was very good and the delivery was quick. Very pleased with the number plate.
From Zoe Durani, Hampshire
Registration SJ56 SAJ
Sent 04/04/2016
I found the plate I wanted very easily and at a very good price. The staff were extremely helpful, quick and efficient. They got it all sorted in double quick time without any hassle, I would recommend Regtransfers to anyone.
From Geoff Hill, Suffolk
Registration R21 AMV
Sent 27/04/2016
Excellent fast and efficient service. The whole process was done for me. I am so pleased, and will tell friends and family to visit your site.
From Irene Goodwin, Cheshire
Registration J12 GOO
Sent 24/03/2016
I must admit, I was really surprised at how easy it all was. The staff at Registration Transfers were really helpful and accommodating. They made the whole process simple and the communication was just right. When I posted my wife's log book I received an email to say it had been received, which put my mind at ease. I have recommended Registration Transfers to my friends and if I was ever looking for another registration I would not hesitate to contact them.
From Raymond Moorcroft, Bristol
Registration L777 JAN
Sent 24/03/2016
Your sales advisor was brilliant and very helpful. I Would recommend this company to all my friends.
From John Ayton, Renfrewshire
Registration JO59 AYT
Sent 24/03/2016
A first class excellent service . No hassle or lost time spent. I purchased my plate online and Regtransfers completed the rest I just sat back and waited for the V5 to arrive. I would recommend anyone to let Regtransfers handle the transfer for a worry-free experience. Thank you for a first class service.
From Anthony Stevens, Hampshire
Registration V3 TKS
Sent 24/03/2016
Excellent. Speedy and efficient service. Great value, too.
From Michael Crawford, Plymouth
Registration CC09 MDC
Sent 24/03/2016
One phone call and everything was done for me. Excellent service. Will use them again.
From Alfred Oakley, Derby
Registration N6 LCO
Sent 09/03/2016
The plates arrived within days of me ordering, and the transfer was completed as soon as the documents had been received. For peace of mind you are sent an email to confirm receipt of the documents. They do all the transfers of MOT & Tax. You are supported all the way. Wish everything about buying a new car was as simple. Thank you!
From Nigel Gunn, Derby
Registration M14 MFN
Sent 02/03/2016
The service I got from Regtransfers was first class and I would recommend them to anyone. The staff from your company were spot on. Excellent!
From Craig Arnold, London
Registration B1 CRA
Sent 29/02/2016
Fantastic service. Highly recommended. Very quick and totally painless from start to finish.
From Mark Drinkwater, Milton keynes
Registration M70 TEH
Sent 24/02/2016
I purchased online on a Friday afternoon, and had the number plates and replacement log book by the following Wednesday. Just Fantastic service. Many thanks.
From Ian Brandes, Gwynedd
Registration L9 JXK
Sent 22/02/2016
I have been extremely impressed with the level of service I have received which has, without fail, been professional, responsive, straight, patient and courteous. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others and will no doubt be turning to you again in the future. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you.
From David Berman, Bedfordshire
Registration 50 DB
Sent 22/02/2016
I have been really impressed with your customer service.
From Justin Rees, London
Registration V12 XTC
Sent 18/02/2016
I would like to thank your company and your team for a superb transaction and the way I was dealt with on the phone. Very professional.
From Bob Salt, West Midlands
Registration 796 BOB
Sent 18/02/2016
We have used Regtransfers for many years and they are always great to deal with. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new number plate for a vehicle.
From Stevie Macintosh, Fife
Registration 23 MM
Sent 16/02/2016
Thanks for all your kind help. Very professional. Fantastic service. 5 star!
From Scott Mackenzie, Isle of Man
Registration OL11 VYA
Sent 16/02/2016
I just wanted to thank you for a very easy registration transfer. I had no problems whatsoever. From the day I decided to go with the plate, it really was a pleasure to deal with you, I shall recommend this service to anyone who is thinking of buying a plate.
From Sandra Lyle, Stoke-on-Trent
Registration S444 WOL
Sent 16/02/2016
Regtransfers made it all so easy for us. One five-minute call and the deal was done. They are also nice people to talk to and they explain the process very well. That's why I went back to them four more times.
customer testimonial
From Alan Graham, County Armagh
Registration R28 ARG
Sent 08/02/2016
The process was simple and easy. Thanks for the great service.
From Jamie Whittaker, South Yorkshire
Registration P600 NJC
Sent 19/01/2016
I ordered the number plate on the Thursday. They did everything for me and I had my new number 5 days later. Super service, super staff. Couldn't do any more for me. I will use this company again. Thanks.
From Angela Lindsay, Lanarkshire
Registration R27 ASL
Sent 19/01/2016
Excellent service no problems or delays. The process was made very simple by good and efficient staff.
From Zander Williamson, Fife
Registration SV 8653
Sent 18/01/2016
Fantastic, faultless service couldn't ask for more will use again.
From Thomas Murray, Buckinghamshire
Registration K8 RBG
Sent 18/01/2016
Great service and very easy. All sorted and on my car in under a week. Thanks.
From Shaun Tunstall, Tyne and Wear
Registration S29 TUN
Sent 18/01/2016
Nothing could be easier as all the administration is done by Regtransfers, making the plates and completing all the paperwork. Friendly staff make it quite simple and the prices are very reasonable, even for pensioners! Another happy customer.
customer testimonial
From Michael Herbert Wilcock, South Glamorgan
Registration MW55 MHW
Sent 18/01/2016
Quick and easy transaction. Good communication during the transfer process. Very pleased.
From Stephen Dashper, Southampton
Registration H15 MPU
Sent 04/01/2016
Had I known how easy this could be when using your services, I would have done it years ago! Superb service with minimal effort from me. Many thanks.
From Stephen Hunt, North Humberside
Registration BA59 BEA
Sent 31/12/2015
Very helpful over the phone. It was done within five minutes. Very polite too. Thank you for the amazing service. I will definitely recommend you to others.
From Halimah Kola, Bolton
Registration YA62 EEN
Sent 29/12/2015
Everybody I dealt with was polite helpful and nothing was too much trouble.
From David Martin, Kent
Registration SM07 BMW
Sent 23/12/2015
I advertised my registration for sale and within two months, Regtransfers had a buyer. Very quick sale and a very smooth process. Thank you for a great quality service. Very good communication and lovely staff.
From Dennis Fontenot, Deeside
Registration Y70 DEN
Sent 22/12/2015
Service has been spot on from you and your company.
From Claire Scott. Northumberland
Registration CL10 REJ
Sent 17/12/2015
The service was unbeatable, hassle free and within 3 days of purchasing, she was driving on a personal registration. I would recommend to anyone, for the services and expertise that I received from these guys.
From Mark Agombar, Southampton
Registration M15 WJA
Sent 14/12/2015
The staff are super-efficient and made it so easy for me to get the plate on my car. I would highly recommend them to everyone.
From June Gammond, Nottinghamshire
Registration X60 GAM
Sent 14/12/2015
My friend had previously purchased plates from Regtransfers and I decided to have a look. I found the plate I wanted, contacted them and spoke to a very nice lady. She sorted all the details out no problems at all. I can't believe how simple it was. Excellent company to do business with and I paid what I think is a good price. If anyone is looking for a plate you will not go wrong with this company. Many thanks.
From Barry Scott, West Midlands
Registration HS57 HMS
Sent 14/12/2015
I must say I'm really impressed with the Managed Transfer Service and highly recommend it. I didn't have to do anything and it was so easy and I had my new plates on my car in less than a week. Thank you so much.
From Jodie Watkins, Gwent
Registration J11 WOK
Sent 14/12/2015
The service was exceptional. I never leave feedback but, on this occasion, I have felt compelled to put pen to paper as the service was that good. The number plate will create the next level of professionalism when I arrive on site or for meetings.
From Mark Needs, West Midlands
Registration 6 ELN
Sent 14/12/2015
Thanks again for your help; so nice to deal with a 'contact centre' person that actually listens. I am in retail sales and spent the last 14 years in our training team trying to get colleagues to behave/communicate just like you.
From Stephen Willis, Northamptonshire
Registration W55 SAM
Sent 14/12/2015
Fantastic and very quick. Would certainly recommend to anyone. Thank you.
From D Markland, Cambridgeshire
Registration F5 OJM
Sent 10/12/2015
I purchased from Regtransfers because they kindly update me with possible number plates by email. I must say thank you to Jemma for working so hard to complete the sale. A pleasure to buy from Regtransfers.
From Carl Chapman, Kent
Registration C9 RLS
Sent 03/12/2015
The buying, registering and receiving of the number plates only took seven days.
From Janice Taylor, Manchester
Registration JT57 CUT
Sent 03/12/2015
Great service on the purchase of the cherished number plate. Excellent work. I had also previously used Regtransfers and was impressed with the service.
From Barry Cole, Norfolk
Registration WCO 1E
Sent 30/11/2015
I am more than happy with the service I was given. From me making an offer to finally receiving my updated documents it has been a smooth process. I'm actually shocked how quick the process has been, just over a week from making an offer to having the plate on my motorcycle. That's excellent going.
From John McManus, Yorkshire
Registration P66 BAD
Sent 24/11/2015
Effortless. Excellent service and good communication at all stages.
From Conor Patrick Mackie, County Down
Registration CM03 CPM
Sent 24/11/2015
Quick service. Very helpful. I would definitely use again. Highly recommended.
From Christian Appleton, Essex
Registration BO53 CJA
Sent 16/11/2015
It was so easy and so quick. Within the week, I had purchased the plate and sent off my documents. The new plates arrived within two days and the new log book two days later. Thrilled to bits. Thank you Regtransfers.
From Elaine Downes, Cheshire
Registration ED03 PUG
Sent 13/11/2015
I have now bought three number plates through yourselves and have always found everyone I have dealt with to be very helpful, efficient and informative. I would always use your company to sell a plate and your website is the first place I go if I am looking to buy another plate.
From Michael Marsh, Hertfordshire
Registration YE55 ELL
Sent 13/11/2015
Within five days, the plate was registered and on the car. Professional from start to finish. Without a doubt, I will use this site and totally recommend to all.
From Eileen Nicholl, West Midlands
Registration L90 LDN
Sent 09/11/2015
A fast and reliable service that delivers exactly as promised.
From Alan Ruck-Nightingale, Oxford
Registration M16 RUC
Sent 09/11/2015
Professional service with full courtesy. Fast too, all done and dusted in three days. Managed transfer services are a must for a smooth pleasant transaction. Find what you want and Go 4 It. Trust me!
From Jeff Cartier, Lincolnshire
Registration J12 BRF
Sent 27/10/2015
I have recommended you to a person here at work who may be contacting you to have his plate changed. Thank you and your team for your help.
From Kathleen Longden, Middleses
Registration T13 KAF
Sent 23/10/2015
I couldn't believe how quick and easy the whole process was.
From Lynn Philpott, Norfolk
Registration T100 PUB
Sent 21/10/2015
Called Regtransfers on Monday to buy a registration. Number plate arrived Tuesday and new V5 Friday. Now that's what I call service!
From Keith Devlin, Cumbria
Registration R31 WRX
Sent 21/10/2015
Many thanks again for the excellent and speedy service. I am very happy with my purchase.
From Derek Hammond. Oxfordshire
Registration X222 DER
Sent 21/10/2015
My purchase was completed in just over a week. The whole process was very smooth, with email updates on progress being given along the way. Excellent service from Regtransfers. Thank you.
From Derek Blackburn, Watford
Registration 8305 MY
Sent 21/10/2015
Regtransfers were very 'hands on' and kept me informed of registration plates I was looking for. You can pick up the telephone and whoever answers the phone is always polite and very helpful. I made a transaction and was informed of everything throughout. My plates came the following day. When I sent my paperwork to them, they emailed to inform me that they had received this. Will buy again and will recommend Regtransfers.
From Lee Bodfield, Sheffield
Registration L222 BOD
Sent 21/10/2015
I cannot fault your service. It's not often you deal with a company so efficient. 10 out of 10. Cheers.
customer testimonial
From Steven Parkinson, Lancashire
Registration T25 SRP
Sent 19/10/2015
Truly excellent service. I decided on my cherished number plate and telephoned your sales advisor Shane, who was very helpful and explained everything I needed to do. I found this very simple as the company deals with the transfer. I had my new plates the very next day and my new tax book within six days. I was very pleased. This was a first-class service throughout. Thanks so much.
From Stephanie O'Rawe, County Antrim
Registration B20 SOR
Sent 19/10/2015
Your sales advisors Jemma and Rachael made the whole experience a real pleasure and kept me very well informed at every stage of the process.
From Simon Stevens, Hertfordshire
Registration 1 TVS
Sent 14/10/2015
A very quick and professional service. Will certainly recommend your company to others. Many thanks.
From Graham Goodhead, Lichfield
Registration S999 GRG
Sent 13/10/2015
Such a great trouble free service from Regtransfers. Their website was easier than other sites to search for a potential new registration. Amber was really helpful and called back when promised with information regarding the registration I was interested in. Even when I had second thoughts on the original registration I chose, she still went out of her way to enquire on a different registration that wasn't even advertised on their site. After a few more phone calls, she managed to confirm a deal within my budget and we went ahead with the transfer. The correspondence was fantastic with step by step instructions of what information they needed and what paperwork needed to be filled in. There were daily emails informing you what state the transfer was at. The whole process took just under two weeks from initial phone call to the new logbook coming through the post with my new registration. I would definitely use Regtransfers again in the future if I was looking for a new registration. Thank you.
From Mark Reynolds, Worcestershire
Registration M20 REN
Sent 13/10/2015
It was a great price and the transaction went very smoothly. Thank you all at Regtransfers.
From Rob Thorning, Plymouth
Registration R200 PUP
Sent 28/09/2015
I would like to say thank you to Regtransfers for their help and expertise as they have arranged the transfer directly with the new car garage dealer to go directly onto the car before I receive delivery. They have gone the extra mile at every occasion and I would 100% recommend them in the future. Thanks guys
From Jon Fisher, London
Registration JF15 HER
Sent 28/09/2015
Fantastic service, speedy delivery efficient and simple process
customer testimonial
From Alan Compton, West Midlands
Registration P300 MOE
Sent 28/09/2015
The service I received was second to none and within three days my new plates where delivered to my address and all I had to do was sit back and wait for my new documents to arrive. Fantastic service and courteous staff. Thanks, Regtransfers.
customer testimonial
From Christopher Stuart Peters, North Humberside
Registration P15 CSP
Sent 28/09/2015
Very good service. Well pleased
From John Dickinson, Derbyshire
Registration K18 PAT
Sent 23/09/2015
Flawless service from the very first contact. Delighted with number plate.
From Ray Wade, Lancashire
Registration RAY 501W
Sent 23/09/2015
I am delighted with everyone involved in the transfer of this plate, I found your service first-class and this gave me every confidence in you. All involved were delightful, wonderful and ever so helpful every step of the way, I will be recommending you in future.
From Alan Revell, Bolton, Lancashire
Registration A1 REV
Sent 16/09/2015
Thank you for an efficient, professional and courteous service.
customer testimonial
From Frank Faulkner, Northampton
Registration A4 FVF
Sent 15/09/2015
Fantastic service from the moment I picked up the phone and purchased my number plate, to within the short few days I received my plates. The fully managed service was simply faultless and seamless, something we've been so long without nowadays, we forgot it still exists.
From Trevor Hollett, Brighton
Registration M10 TBH
Sent 14/09/2015
I can't thank enough for their excellent service from start to finish. Additional: A pleasure to have done business with you. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you. You are the best company I have ever dealt with. Such professionals in every way. Very fast and extremely efficient in every way.
customer testimonial
From Angela McLaughlin, Lancashire
Registration F16 TJC
Sent 09/09/2015
Excellent service. Staff very polite & helpful at all times. Thank you
From K18MKC Mark Collins, South Humberside
Registration K18 MKC
Sent 09/09/2015
Fantastic service.
customer testimonial
From Michael McKenzie, Southsea
Registration Y4 TUN
Sent 08/09/2015
Thank you so much for your fantastic customer service, this was just a brilliant and totally stress free purchase. Your team are brilliant, I am so grateful that I was able to buy the plate locally from you. My son absolutely loved his birthday present. Thank you once again.
From Melanie Harwood, Bedfordshire
Registration AH52 BEN
Sent 04/09/2015
Fantastic service. All changed within the week.
From Christopher Smith, Essex
Registration F6 GCS
Sent 04/09/2015
Absolutely everything about you guys is fantastic. Great staff, very personable and efficient. It took nearly a year to negotiate on the plate but have to say everyone involved was first class! Would highly recommend.
From Shane Disney, Nottingham
Registration D155 NEY
Sent 01/09/2015
Ordered my personal registration online on Monday and the V5 arrived in the post 5 days later, got the plates made and fitted that day. I was surprised how quickly the process took. Excellent hassle free service. Thank you.
From George Cheyne, Aberdeenshire
Registration R90 GCH
Sent 25/08/2015
Very helpful and professional. Second time that I have used Regtransfers. Thank you.
From Patricia Mullen, Glasgow
Registration D1 VMU
Sent 21/08/2015
Excellent service and made up with my purchase.
From Jeanette Ward, Lancashire
Registration J5 JFW
Sent 21/08/2015
Great service. Thank you
From John Jones, Clwyd
Registration M666 MTJ
Sent 21/08/2015
Service was excellent and very quick.
From Ruth Nelson, Londonderry
Registration RF02 REN
Sent 21/08/2015
Clear, simple, quick, excellent customer service and efficient!
From Derkie Rubio, Dunbar
Registration R77 EDR
Sent 21/08/2015
Very fast and efficient. Could not have gone more smoothly.
From Alex Hunter, Clackmannanshire
Registration N9 HTR
Sent 21/08/2015
Professional, quick and polite. Very good service so far.
From David Rayfield, Oxfordshire
Registration R44 FLD
Sent 21/08/2015
Prompt and very helpful. Will use again for family members.
From Gordon Milne, Angus
Registration J10 LGM
Sent 10/08/2015
First class service. Bought, received and fitted all within a week. Amazing
From Derek Halliday, Gateshead
Registration R26 DER
Sent 10/08/2015
It's so easy to buy from them; it's quick and efficient. I had the plate on the car by the end of the week!
customer testimonial
From Vick Bissessur, Hertfordshire
Registration VD13 SEL
Sent 06/08/2015
I was so pleased I bought from because of their professional and rapid service. I would certainly recommend this company to anyone thinking of purchasing their own plate.
From David R Tangye, Cumbria
Registration Y1 DRT
Sent 03/08/2015
Thanks for the very speedy process. I will be recommending you to friends and family.
From Richard Shaw, Swindon
Registration G3 RES
Sent 03/08/2015
Excellent, and handy that you are open until 10 pm. Your sales advisor, Helen, was a great help in the process. I am now going to buy another plate for my girlfriend.
From Alastair Campbell, Lanarkshire
Registration K77 UGH
Sent 03/08/2015
Your sales advisor Yvonne was outstanding. Everything went through so smoothly. Thanks again.
customer testimonial
From Mr C D Williams, Mid Glamorgan
Registration L12 CDW
Sent 29/07/2015
I called one evening and spoke to George who was really helpful. When I called back I actually spoke to another lady who was equally helpful. I am a busy person so they sorted it all out for me within a week. Hassle free, perfect service. Thank you!
From Heather White, Norfolk
Registration HW15 RAW
Sent 29/07/2015
Very good service.
From Linda Hughes, Mid Glamorgan
Registration LH02 MWH
Sent 28/07/2015
My thanks for your excellent service throughout the purchase and transfer of this registration.
From Ross Hussey, County Tyrone
Registration RO55 HUS
Sent 28/07/2015
Your sales advisor, Charlie, was very helpful with my purchase and always happy to answer my questions. I was very satisfied with the service I received and I am very happy with my personalised registration.
From Andy Knight, Milton Keynes
Registration P6 AEK
Sent 28/07/2015
Your sales advisor, Yvonne, was first-class with the purchase. Very pleased.
From Christopher David Williams, Mid Glamorgan
Registration L12 CDW
Sent 28/07/2015
Great service. Would recommend to anyone buying a plate.
From Stephen Booth, Lancashire
Registration H1 TRU
Sent 28/07/2015
Great service. Effortless. Thanks.
From Patrick Ryan, County Down Patrick Ryan, County Down
Registration RR10 DAR
Sent 24/07/2015
The whole transaction was clean and crisp and well managed. I was happy with the price sold to me, and the service was excellent.
customer testimonial
From Paul Coles, Middlesex
Registration B18 BLO
Sent 24/07/2015
Would also just like to say a big thank you to Regtransfers for a very easy, pleasant and smooth transaction.
customer testimonial
From Jill Cook, Norfolk
Registration JIL 618
Sent 22/07/2015
Another great purchase thanks to Regtransfers.
customer testimonial
From Martyn Leedham, Stoke-on-Trent
Registration L3 MHL
Sent 22/07/2015
Easy, simple and straight forward. My wife was pleasantly surprised.
From Mukesh Kashyap, Nottingham
Registration SU51 KSP
Sent 21/07/2015
Fantastic service. Will definitely recommend.
From Deborah Leeks, Sheffield
Registration L333 KSS
Sent 17/07/2015
Just wanted to say thank you for the service I have received whilst purchasing the three new registration plates from you.
customer testimonial
From Sandy Baxter. Cleveland
Registration 256 AWB
Sent 14/07/2015
Saw it on a Saturday, put in an offer on Sunday, was accepted on Monday. Brilliant, stress free transaction. Many thanks.
customer testimonial
From Alwyn Lloyd Williams, Clwyd
Registration ALW 560
Sent 13/07/2015
Regtransfers were highly respected as a trusted brand, so I approached them and they matched the price. The service was brilliant, the response timely, and within a week the plates are on.
From Steven Drewett, Staffordshire
Registration 5555 SD
Sent 07/07/2015
I can't thank Regtransfers enough for their excellent service from start to finish. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you. You are the best company I have ever dealt with. Such professionals in every way.
customer testimonial
From Angela McLaughlin, Lancashire
Registration F16 TJC
Sent 07/07/2015
Thank you for your fast delivery. Within a week I had my new plates on my car and tax and MOT all covered.
From Peter Gollogly, Motherwell
Registration PG09 PMG
Sent 06/07/2015
Got a great price from Regtransfers and even agreed/concluded the deal/price at 9.50pm on a Saturday night. Thanks.
From Martin Taylor, Cheshire
Registration H1 FEE
Sent 02/07/2015
Really happy with the number plate and the price I paid. The sales advisor I spoke to was very professional and guided me through the process and I couldn't really ask for more. This was my first experience with buying personalised number plates and I was so happy with the way it all went through so I also bought my partner one and she is really happy with it too.
From Stan Mihaylov, Essex
Registration K15 TAN
Sent 29/06/2015
Excellent service. I was kept fully informed at all stages of the transfer. Payment was very prompt. All round service was superlative.
From Oliver Ashton, Somerset
Registration K800 COL
Sent 29/06/2015
Thank you very much, for your very quick deal with my registration. Very quick payment.
From Ann Key, North Yorkshire
Registration TKH 1
Sent 29/06/2015
Thanks, Regtransfers, for a fast and efficient service. The number plate has pride of place on my classic MG.
customer testimonial
From Roger Wardle, Buckinghamshire
Registration MMG 48
Sent 29/06/2015
What a great service. I was given a registration consultant, Raz, who guided me through the process from start to finish. This was made simple because of the expertise of Regtransfers. I certainly will be buying again from this outstanding company. Thank you.
From Graham Walford,Staffordshire
Registration GKW 711
Sent 29/06/2015
The process could not have been easier from start to finish. These guys come out on top.
From Brian Frost, Somerset
Registration AF 5355
Sent 29/06/2015
Very happy with the service; a few problems my end waiting for a log book; however you were very patient with me. Thank you.
From Lisa Pedrick, Northamptonshire
Registration V3 PED
Sent 29/06/2015
Regtransfers had a professional looking website so I decided to try it. I made an enquiry and an advisor phone me back straight away. Everything was done there and then and in a week and a half I had my plates on the car. Thank you so much.
From Derek Clark, Edinburgh
Registration T3 FDC
Sent 23/06/2015
Thanks for the excellent service I received throughout the process.
From Neil Davies, Stoke-on-Trent
Registration NSJ 564
Sent 23/06/2015
In less than a week I had the number plates and the log book back. I appreciated the emails informing me of the progress. I will not hesitate to recommend you.
From Anthony Seagrove, Buckinghamshire
Registration T222 AWS
Sent 23/06/2015
Thanks to everyone involved with making my registration purchase go very smoothly. A special mention goes to your sales advisor Raz, who promised and delivered, to get my form to me on time. Thank you again, and I will not hesitate to use your services in the future.
customer testimonial
From David Chorkum, Chesterfield
Registration TH15 WKS
Sent 10/06/2015
I am working through my 'bucket list' and can now tick that one off! A pleasant and professional experience!
From Nick Hitchcock-Spencer, Hampshire
Registration NN53 EHS
Sent 02/06/2015
Very easy transition from start to finish. I would recommend Regtransfers.
From Maurice Zahra, Tyne and Wear
Registration 2329 MC
Sent 01/06/2015
I have to say that the process of buying and having the plate transferred was made really simple by your sales team. Sales advisor Sue gave me great advice and was very professional in dealing with my purchase. My number plate was on my car in 13 days.
From Bob Prince, Bristol
Registration MU51 CBP
Sent 22/05/2015
The services offered by Regtransfers are excellent. Your sales advisor, Shane, was very helpful and knowledgeable.
From Patricia Maxine Treagus, Hampshire
Registration MT13 PMT
Sent 21/05/2015
Your sales advisor, Laura, kept me informed every minute of the day. What fantastic customer service and a great pleasant personality to go with it. A credit to your business.
From John Bissett, South Yorkshire
Registration JB 130
Sent 21/05/2015
Thanks to Regtransfers for dealing with the sale and purchase and making it a simple transaction.
customer testimonial
From Graham Cox, Surrey
Registration P1 GNC
Sent 21/05/2015
I am extremely pleased with my experience of your company. Your sales advisor, Raz Shah, whilst very helpful, was far from pushy, so when I decided to put in an offer, it was not through any pressure he put on me, making me comfortable with my decision. The whole process for me was hassle free and Raz kept me informed throughout it and returned any phone calls I made when he wasn’t available. He has been friendly, courteous and professional the whole time.
From Julie Slater, London
Registration 72 JS
Sent 15/05/2015
I did not hesitate to explore Regtransfers, and my plate was the first I saw. I purchased it immediately as the price was affordable. Since then, I have had my plate valued and it has doubled in worth. I'm the happiest and most big-headed person alive right now.
customer testimonial
From Floyd Rowe, Essex
Registration F10 YDR
Sent 13/05/2015
Ben Monks was supportive and helpful during the period of negotiation. I would not have any hesitation in using your service again if the need arose.
From Richard Harwood, Buckinghamshire
Registration XKC 1
Sent 12/05/2015
Although we saw the number plate on several web sites, Regtransfers were instrumental in striking a deal between myself and the seller. The purchase and administration process were carried out very efficiently.
From Michael Paul Baker, Essex
Registration P9 MPB
Sent 11/05/2015
It took less than two weeks to buy and put the plates on. You e-mailed progress and kept in touch. What a wonderful service. I have already already recommended you and have friends looking at your site. Well done and thank you
From Terri Hammond, East Sussex
Registration MR02 FUN
Sent 05/05/2015
Superb service!
From Len Laws, Kent
Registration R21 AWS
Sent 05/05/2015
A huge thank you to Regtransfers for all their wonderful help and and making it so very easy to personalise my van. I would recommend anyone to speak to them as they make it so straight forward and hassle free. Superb and friendly.
From Amanda Mitchell, West Yorkshire
Registration AJM 837A
Sent 28/04/2015
Good company to deal with, They do everything.
From Eddie Roberts, Plymouth
Registration J333 EJR
Sent 28/04/2015
Everything was so simple. I did it all over the internet. The whole process took three weeks, but that included the Easter break.
From Paul Mitchell, Cumbria
Registration AM08 PJM
Sent 20/04/2015
I was looking round your website and saw a registration with my initials and year of my vehicle. I could not believe it and had to go for it price was right. All went smoothly, I would do the same with the wife's vehicle. Very happy. Would recommend you to family and friends.
From Ricky Sanches, Leicestershire
Registration RS08 RBS
Sent 20/04/2015
I had been searching for a while and the first search I did with Regtransfers came up with E13 HTB which is perfect. I'm so happy with it. Thank you, Regtransfers.
From Harry Brewer, Essex
Registration E13 HTB
Sent 17/04/2015
This was my first time purchasing a private plate for my business van. I looked round at other websites and decided to go with I am glad I did, as they gave a superior customer service. Very helpful with any questions and kept me up to date with the transfer of number plate. If I was getting another private plate, I would choose
customer testimonial
From Ben Thomas, Kent
Registration TE11 BEN
Sent 13/04/2015
The service we got from you was outstanding.
From Jayne Jones, Dyfed
Registration S111 TYN
Sent 31/03/2015
Excellent. Straightforward. No hassle.
From Kieran Fitzpatrick, County Down
Registration J5 PKF
Sent 31/03/2015
I would unreservedly recommend them company to anyone wishing to purchase a personal plate.
From John Dunnaway, Hertfordshire
Registration D20 JCD
Sent 27/03/2015
I got this plate for my daughter, Rubyanne. Regtransfers is a very good company to deal with. 10 out of 10.
From Levi Bruce, Sidcup, Kent
Registration RU13 YAN
Sent 16/03/2015
I spoke with your sales advisor, Alfie, who was really friendly, helpful and walked me through the whole process.
From Max Homer, Cheshire
Registration X88 ASD
Sent 11/03/2015
I was very pleased with the quick service you provided. Couldn't believe how one day I ordered number plate and, in a couple of days, I had received it. Thank you very much. I would recommend you to friends and family.
From Maxine Law, Surrey
Registration MT53 LAW
Sent 11/03/2015
This is the 4th number plate I have purchased. Regtransfers are excellent to deal with. The staff are very polite and everything is done immediately. They make life very easy when buying a number plate.
From Phil Askew, CornwallPhil Askew, Cornwall
Registration P22 ASK
Sent 11/03/2015
Thank you for your excellent service and support. I would have no hesitation in recommending you in the future.
From Tony Singleton, Hertfordshire
Registration K66 JAS
Sent 09/03/2015
I contacted Regtransfers and they could not have been more helpful. They provided a fast and efficient service.
customer testimonial
From Martyn Leedham, Stoke-on-Trent
Registration L3 MHL
Sent 26/02/2015
I would like to thank the team at Regtransfers for their excellent service. Special thanks to your sales advisor Shane Tomblin who patiently guided me through the whole process, which only took a fortnight from start to finish. Very well done!
From Martyn Leedham, Stoke-on-Trent
Registration 68 TH
Sent 26/02/2015
I have so much confidence in Regtransfers, especially when you are handing over substantial sums of money and trusting a number plate broker. Just to say thanks very much and I will be using RT again as my wife is looking for an upgrade on her plate.
From Stuart Shelton, West Midlands
Registration 2 STU
Sent 19/02/2015
This was my first ever purchase of a personalised number plate and couldn't have been easier thanks to the professionalism of Regtransfers. Quick and completely painless. Thank you.
From Keith Morton-Davies, Cheshire
Registration T25 KMD
Sent 19/02/2015
I would just like to say a very big thank you to all at Regtransfers for the professional way in which you dealt with the transfer.
customer testimonial
From Garry Loynes,South Wales
Registration M17 GVL
Sent 17/02/2015
Would recommend this company to anyone. Fast delivery of number plates and very helpful from day one. Excellent online tracking service.
From Julie Drury, South Humberside
Registration J3 DRU
Sent 10/02/2015
Couldn't have been easier. I picked the plate I wanted, had a chat with your sales advisor Vish, told him my budget and he did the rest.
From Mark Parlett, Plymouth
Registration DEB 108V
Sent 10/02/2015
The process of purchasing through Regtransfers was impressive.
From Gordon McDowell, Berkshire
Registration LGM 11
Sent 09/02/2015
Outstanding customer service and ease of transfer. As this was my first personal plate I am glad I chose Regtransfers. The knowledge of the staff, polite and courteous, an absolute pleasure to deal with. I will recommend and use you again, Thank you.
From Mike Louth
Registration L8 UTH
Sent 04/02/2015
I would like to thank your sales advisor Greg for making the change over so easy & smooth.
customer testimonial
From Geoff Gale, Reading
Registration GG11 GMG
Sent 22/01/2015
I wanted to thank you for the exceptional service provided and the super level of assistance and understanding from your staff. The purchase of the registration was a Christmas gift from my wife and could not have been easier. Even down to requiring non-standard plates as my car is an American Pontiac. The V5 and plates arrived within two weeks, which is exceptional! Great value for money and a pleasure to have dealt with you guys.
From Steve Summers, Somerset
Registration W26 USA
Sent 12/01/2015
I would just like to say a big thank you for the smooth running of my transfer. I am so pleased with the service and would recommend you to everyone.
From Amanda Ward, Hampshire
Registration P2 ALW
Sent 05/01/2015
Good company to deal with. Excellent service
From Nassar Hussain, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Registration NA55 ARK
Sent 05/01/2015
I'd been giving thought to buying a plate for some time but, on the assumption it would be a nightmare to coordinate continually put it off. This year I decided to bite the bullet, readied myself for the hard work, then Regtransfers stepped in. They proposed numerous options to ensure I found the perfect plate, handled the transactions and guided me through the entire process. Really easy to work with and I am delighted to have the plates on my car less than a month after I started looking. Highly recommended. Sales advisor Yvonne Sullivan is a credit to your team.
From Ben Dale, West Midlands
Registration BEN 8Y
Sent 24/12/2014
Thanks for the easy transfer.
From Andrew Yard, South Humberside
Registration N17 DMY
Sent 12/12/2014
Many thanks to Noah and everyone involved at Regtransfers for your superb service. I would have no hesitation in recommending you guys.
From Gregory Campbell, Glasgow
Registration GC 1614
Sent 12/12/2014
Just a quick email to say how pleased I was with my recent purchase.
From Lee Webster, Essex
Registration EC05 OLD
Sent 11/12/2014
Charlie, who works for Regtransfers, was great. She helped me with the whole process, which was very easy to do and also my plate was at the door within days. Excellent customer service great company.
From Greg Macaulay, Renfrewshire
Registration GRE 99G
Sent 08/12/2014
Thanks to Regtransfers for the excellent service they have provided.
From Mohammad Sajjad, Huddersfield
Registration MO54 JAD
Sent 08/12/2014
Your service was excellent and if I am interested in purchasing another plate I will definitely use Regtransfers.
From Richard Morgan, Wolverhampton
Registration RM06 GAN
Sent 01/12/2014
Having ordered the registration the plates arrived the next day (excellent service) and the whole process was complete within two weeks. Very pleased with the service.
From Amanda Goffe, Worcestershire
Registration P14 GOF
Sent 01/12/2014
Thank you very much for your prompt service, I shall certainly use your services again.
From Kim Hancock, West Midlands
Registration M15 JVH
Sent 25/11/2014
I had great service from Regtransfers. I had not purchased a number before and they help me through the whole process and pretty much did the whole thing for me.
customer testimonial
From Reg Groombridge, Kent
Registration WH05 OFF
Sent 24/11/2014
I was extremely pleased with the level of service that I received from Regtransfers and found the whole process to be extremely simple and smooth.
From Nick Andrews, Gloucestershire
Registration N50 GLF
Sent 24/11/2014
Brilliant. Thanks to Mike and his team. My wife is thrilled.
From Derek Cooke, Leicester
Registration DC03 BJC
Sent 19/11/2014
Excellent service from start to finish. Transfer happened faster than expected. Would certainly recommend Regtransfers. Many thanks
From John Rees, Oxfordshire
Registration M200 JGR
Sent 04/11/2014
I couldn't fault the team at all, they were so helpful from the beginning to the end. You're were kept up-to-date with all that was happening and at what stage you were at. When you phoned up for help, they were always ready to help you. So I would like to thank the team and I would highly recommend them to anyone.
From Alison Belsham, Plymouth
Registration BEL 278A
Sent 20/10/2014
I sat back and did nothing but make a phone call, that's how simple the procedure is. I can-not tell you how happy I am with the customer service I received. I can highly recommend you to anyone who is thinking of changing their plates.
From Hilary Paterson-Jones, Gwynedd
Registration HIL 7177
Sent 17/10/2014
Very pleased with the service and communication I received from you guys. Keep up the good work.
From James Lewis, Hertfordshire
Registration JL59 XXX
Sent 13/10/2014
Thank you for the very professional way you conducted my business transaction. I would thoroughly recommend your service to my friends.
From Trevor Dews, Essex
Registration 48 TD
Sent 10/10/2014
I've always wanted my own number plate but didn't think I would manage the paper work. I didn't need to; they do it all for you. I had a lovely man sort it all out on the phone; he just took the payment and did the rest for me. I would highly recommend this company.
From Jayne Verity, East Sussex
Registration J900 VER
Sent 06/10/2014
The sales person from your company was very helpful and responded to all my calls within a few hours so I was never left in the dark about what was happening. The full deal only took about 24hrs
From Chris Wishart, Renfrewshire
Registration 83 CW
Sent 06/10/2014
First class service. I only took a week for my new plate to arrive. I would use you again with out hesitation.
From Ian Miles, Bedford
Registration V31 AAN
Sent 06/10/2014
What a great service you provide. Many thanks.
From Peter Whitehouse, Nottinghamshire
Registration PW64 PAW
Sent 30/09/2014
Absolutely brilliant from start to finish.
From Nicola Elliott, Seaham, County Durham
Registration N5 JHE
Sent 07/01/2014
Thanks a lot. A trouble free and quick service for this time of year. I've never done this before, so I was a bit apprehensive, but shouldn’t have been.
From Geoffrey Kisley, West Bromwich
Registration J999 SDK
Sent 27/12/2013
I would like to thank you and your company for a excellent first class, 5-star service. I will recommend you to all my friends
From Keith Melville Payne, Gloucestershire
Registration P15 KMP
Sent 23/01/2013
Can't believe how easy buying a plate is. Received V5 and tax disc in less than two weeks. Excellent service.
From Steve Duncan, Montrose
Registration 547 AED
Sent 21/10/2013
Chose the digits and checked if they were available and Regtransfers did they rest. The only thing I had to do was inform my insurance and fit the plates. Thank You.
From Ian Taylor, Cleveland
Registration 7 PPH
Sent 01/03/2013
I thought the way I was constantly been informed of the progress of my purchase was excellent. It was getting close to Christmas and I thought I had left it too late to get all the necessary documentation in time. Thanks to staff informing how and where to go for the paperwork, my gift to my son was sorted in time. Thanks again to all staff concerned.
From Julie McAllister, Bradford, West Yorkshire
Registration DA11 MAC
Sent 10/01/2013
My car looks brand new now, rather than seven years old! Thanks again for your helpful and quick service.
From Julian Patrick, Leeds
Registration 3 KGP
Sent 10/01/2013
I want to say the service was excellent. I was kept informed at all stages. So, well done Regtransfers
Registration PUG 171
Sent 20/01/2013
I was extremely pleased with the service you provided. Thank you.
From Barrie Taylor, Staffordshire
Registration X70 DPT
Sent 09/12/2013
The thing that I liked about you guys was that you kept me informed throughout. I got the utmost best possible service. I can't praise you all enough and would recommend this company to anyone.
From A S Bhatti, Birmingham
Registration AB 858
Sent 03/07/2013
It is refreshing to deal with a company that is so professional in their dealings. I greatly appreciate that, from initial contact to conclusion, you have kept me informed.
From Gus Armstrong, Edinburgh
Registration E1 RDL
Sent 09/12/2013
An absolutely excellent, no fuss, clear, concise and speedy service by Regtransfers. Couldn't believe how easy it was and they took care of absolutely everything and told me when, exactly, that it was now legal to affix the plates to my car. Top marks and very highly recommend to anyone. Many thanks.
From Brian Stewart Marsland
Registration BR55 MAR
Sent 10/01/2013
I bought another plate through Regtransfers a few years earlier so already knew they provided a swift, easy service. The whole transaction went through in just a few weeks without any problem and the Raj kept me updated at every stage whilst the DVLA processed the necessary documentation
From Paul Speer, Brighton
Registration Y123 BOX
Sent 06/07/2013
The service we received from all members of staff was outstanding, particularly Patrick Flood. What was really nice, was that you took care of all the paperwork and we received the new plates the next day after the deal was completed.
From Alison Allen, Norwich
Registration 35 GT
Sent 28/02/2013
I have been extremely and pleasantly surprised by how helpful a member of your team, Adrienne, has been today. I wanted to purchase new plates as a surprise Christmas present. I did not know what to do or how to go about it but Adrienne did not make me feel awkward in any way. I look forward to seeing my husband's happy face on Christmas morning since he has always wanted a personalised plate.
From Alison West, Hertford
Registration BY59 ATW
Sent 30/12/2013
Regtransfers did an excellent job in processing the paperwork and getting the number plate to me. Thanks team
From Phil Hoden, Lincoln
Registration 7 PPH
Sent 11/03/2013
Thank you for seeing to all the paperwork and correspondence. It made things very simple for me
From David Edward Forbes, South Yorkshire
Registration M14 DEF
Sent 20/01/2013
I can't praise your company enough on the professional smooth transaction of my number plate. Special thanks to Tony in your office, who talked me through the whole process from start to finish. My order from start to finish completed in two weeks. They even made the plates up for me and I received the next day after I submitted my order. Thank you once again.
From Angela Higginson, Cheshire
Registration HIG 1162
Sent 03/07/2013
Very smooth transaction and fast transfer. I may recommend and use you next time. Thanks a lot, Regtransfers.
From Roly Romer Malaluan, Gloucestershire
Registration S22 RRM
Sent 20/02/2013
Superb. First class service. Delighted with our cherished plate.
customer testimonial
From Steve and Emma Hughesm Swansea
Registration SHZ 4628
Sent 16/09/2014
I am very happy with the level of service and professionalism of all of your staff. They kept me informed along with keeping to all promises and expectations. Many thanks to all involved.
From Oliver Gaskell, Surrey
Registration T1 OLY
Sent 01/09/2014
Regtransfers, and in particular Scott, were brilliant and couldn't have been more helpful if he tried.
From Christine Sanger, Cambridgeshire
Registration N222 SLS
Sent 29/08/2014
The whole experience of transferring the plate onto my car was handled expertly by Regtransfers. I am very impressed by the customer service offered.
customer testimonial
From Andy Ferguson, West Midlands
Registration AN04 FRG
Sent 22/08/2014
A lovely lady called Adrienne guided me in the direction of purchasing AN11 REA. She was so helpful and I can't thank her enough. She managed to find a number plate that reflected my name.
customer testimonial
From Andrea Ridgard, Derby
Registration AN11 REA
Sent 15/08/2014
Regtransfers provided a great service: simple, swift and efficient and, most importantly, totally hassle free. I am sure I am going to be in touch again.
From Philip Kenneth Caine, Barrow-n-Furness
Registration L111 PKC
Sent 11/08/2014
This was excellent customer service by your team. I am very pleased and would like to thank both Lee and Michael for all their help and assistance. Thank you.
From Stephen McBride, Wirral
Registration KE07 MCB
Sent 07/08/2014
You can't improve perfection. From start to finish, very, very professional. Great price, great plate. Chuffed to bits. Thanks, again.
From Robert Arthur, West Lothian
Registration RAB 71
Sent 05/08/2014
Fast efficient transaction, good value and good communications. Recommended.
From Mr Bernard Robinson, Worcestershire
Registration S6 DKD
Sent 04/08/2014
Just to say a huge 'Thank You' for taking the time to take us through the process of purchasing a dateless registration plate for our newly acquired car.
From Julia Morris, Nottinghamshire
Registration KBM 787
Sent 31/07/2014
I now use the plate as a key marketing tool for my business. Thanks to Regtransfers and their amazing products, this was made possible. Their prices are better and are certainly a market leader as their expertise and knowledge is vastly superior to all competitors.
customer testimonial
From Adam Corke, Sheffield
Registration C20 RKE
Sent 30/07/2014
Very pleasant and professional service. Always happy to help you and update all the time, which is excellent. Thanks a lot for all your help and my perfect plate.
From Joni O'Neill, Lancashire
Registration JON 15S
Sent 25/07/2014
The marketing team at Regtransfers contacted me recently by email to inform me of a number plate that had come up for sale that looked very similar to my surname. Well spotted guys! I went straight on to their auction site and snapped it up. If it wasn't for you guys I would have missed this opportunity. The plate arrived in the post the day after the auction finished. Fantastic service, I couldn't be happier.
From Graham Adkin, North Yorkshire
Registration ADK 111N
Sent 24/07/2014
One phone call, one form to fill in and job done. Very impressed and made so easy. Had plate, registration document and tax disc all with in two weeks
From Chris Leighton, Cheshire
Registration H3 NWL
Sent 21/07/2014
Excellent customer service agents working on the team. Bought my number plate over the phone. Next day delivery. Highly recommend.
From Jamie Andrews, Essex
Registration J8 YPA
Sent 11/07/2014
Just a big 'thank you' for dealing with the sale. Everything ran very smoothly and it is much appreciated. I received the cheque for payment of sale very quickly as well. Thank you once again for all your help and I look forward to dealing with you in the, hopefully, not too distant future.
From Peter Carruthers, Stirling
Registration FIL 343
Sent 09/07/2014
Thanks, Regtransfers, for a seamless service from first phone call to completion
From Jonathan Gale, Derbyshire
Registration 2 WJG
Sent 07/07/2014
I Googled 'Transfer Registrations' and you came up. Fantastic service from end to end. Absolutely faultless. Wouldn't hesitate to use you again.
From Terry Orford, Essex
Registration H6 TGO
Sent 30/06/2014
The service, from start to finish, was very smooth and quick. Every thing arrived as ordered and as promised. Excellent service from your company.
From Davina Caceres, Dorset
Registration G8 CWG
Sent 30/06/2014
Looked at your site and found a really reasonably priced plate which was very quickly dealt with by yourselves. Thank you, Regtransfers.
From Richard Clarke, Kent
Registration M13 YRP
Sent 25/06/2014
I would be happy to say that the transaction was not only expedited with speed but handled in a very helpful and professional manner. I am extremely satisfied and would not hesitate to use this service again. Particularly good service at all times.
From Mrs Mandy Jayne Thompson, County Durham
Registration KT13 MJT
Sent 09/06/2014
Your sales advisor, Zoe, was an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish, keeping me fully aware of what was happening all way throughout the purchase. Thank you all at Regtransfers.
customer testimonial
From Darren Egan, South Yorkshire
Registration 78 DKE
Sent 09/06/2014
A big thank you to your sales advisor Adrian, who has helped with the Sale of T6 CAB. Fantastic service, everything has been simple and straightforward. The cheque arrived today much quicker than we thought. I will certainly be recommending Regtransfers to our friends and family.
From Karen Clarke, Essex
Registration T6 CAB
Sent 04/06/2014
The process of purchasing my number and plates, along with the management of the transfer, was totally painless. The whole transaction was completed within a three week period and I was kept informed, via the website, at every step of the procedure. I cannot think of any ways that I could improve the service and the results I received from Many thanks.
From Michael Johnson, West Midlands
Registration T88 MJJ
Sent 02/06/2014
Many thanks, guys, great quality and super fast delivery. Good job.
From Steve Sparks, Lincolnshire
Registration SGS 500
Sent 02/06/2014
Your sales advisor, Jasmine, was very helpful at all stages of the process.
From Peter Radcliffe, Shrewsbury
Registration 2 PTR
Sent 29/05/2014
Buying a personal plate used to be a nightmare ten years ago, but Regtransfers couldn't make the process any easier. Their communications let you know where you are in the process, which is great for peace of mind.
From Ian Willis, Bristol
Registration WIL 6543
Sent 27/05/2014
I can only thank Regtransfers for their helpful and very efficient service. Phoned and spoke to a very pleasant lady who explained everything well. This has turned out to be a very good experience. Plates turned up promptly and the registration paper a week later. Regtransfers dealt with everything for me. This is the first time I have purchased a private plate and would certainly use them again. I can only recommend them to others. Thanks.
From John Robert Noble, Surrey
Registration M20 JRN
Sent 27/05/2014
Perfect number plate for me, at a great price. Had to have it. Perfect service from Regtransfers.
From Sarah Johnson, Derbyshire
Registration H1 SYJ
Sent 27/05/2014
The service from the company has been second to none. It's my first time in purchasing a plate and wasn't sure how to go about it, but I received help and support every step of the way. Quality service and communication. This site is well worth a visit. A pleasure to do business with.
From Mrs K L Slevin, Lancashire
Registration S222 KLS
Sent 27/05/2014
Looking through the pages of your magazine allowed us to create something that fitted our situation in terms of budget and looks. Your service was excellent all the way through.
From Frank and Sue Duffield, East Yorkshire
Registration S11 FNS
Sent 23/05/2014
I am just your ordinary guy who has always wanted to own a private registration for his car. I cannot thank Regtransfers enough for the wonderful plate they got for me.
customer testimonial
From Paul Millner, West Yorkshire
Registration PM11 NER
Sent 21/05/2014
I would like to thank your sales advisors Zoe and Kara for the quick and efficient way in which the selling of 2231 KW was dealt with. Very good people and company to deal with.
From Mr Kevin Watts, Romford
Registration 2231 KW
Sent 20/05/2014
Very pleased with the speed of the service and the little amount of work I had to do to obtain the right registration.
From Anthony Peter Blackshaw, Lancashire
Registration T555 APB
Sent 01/05/2014
What a pleasure to deal with. Lovely smooth transaction. Your sales advisor, Donna, was very helpful.
From Andrew Miller, Sunderland
Registration BEV 795X
Sent 28/04/2014
Thanks for an excellent service only 11 days to complete. At last a registration I can remember!
From John Naylor, North Humberside
Registration F5 JDN
Sent 17/04/2014
Thank you for your great service, and the professional manner of all the staff I worked with to get the number plates purchased and allocated to my car.
From Andrew Hicks, Gloucestershire
Registration H12 KSX
Sent 17/04/2014
Great service, lovely customer service team, really friendly and easy to talk to, I phoned up to ask how the order was going and, by luck, got the same lady who I spoke to the first time I called. She remembered me and remembered how I'd bought the plate First class service.
From Laura Forsyth, Banffshire
Registration L40 KYE
Sent 17/04/2014
I would like to thank Greg George for helping me with my purchase. His knowledge and professionalism was first class and second to none. I would definitely choose Regtransfers again for my next purchase.
From Sukhbir Bhamrah, Leicester
Registration B50 NNY
Sent 09/04/2014
Many thanks for supplying my private number plate. I was more than pleased with the service that you provided and will certainly recommend your company to friends and family in the near future, Once again, many thanks.
From David Markland, Lincolnshire
Registration M5 ODM
Sent 08/04/2014
First Class service. I would certainly recommend this company. Thank You.
From Brian Francis, Berkshire
Registration G12 BWF
Sent 07/04/2014
I wanted a reasonably priced number for my Jaguar XF Sportbreak and Regtransfers did not disappoint. The service from start to finish was first rate.
customer testimonial
From Simon Parrott, West Midlands
Registration N7 XFS
Sent 02/04/2014
Many thanks to your team, especially Laura who made the sale and carried out the transaction very professionally.
From Fiona Byrne, Hertfordshire
Registration M1 EJP
Sent 01/04/2014
I couldn't thank your sales advisor Sam enough for his help in securing the perfect number plate for my first car. I would definitely recommend Regtransfers to anyone, as their customer service couldn't be any better.
From Donna Gittins, Norfolk
Registration G4 LJG
Sent 01/04/2014
Despite delays in receiving my registration documents from the DVLA, the customer rapport and overall service was excellent - and I'm a cantankerous old git employed to assess appeals in the complaints dept of a national concern. Comfortable at every turn with the company - thank you.
From John McIntosh, Lincolnshire
Registration K666 OCH
Sent 28/03/2014
Sincere thanks for the great service provided at Regtransfers, it was a totally effortless transfer. First plate purchased from Regtransfers. Thanks again.
From Neil Sykes, North Yorkshire
Registration NM54 SJS
Sent 25/03/2014
Thank you for a quick and easy service.
customer testimonial
From Kyle Bullough, Lancashire
Registration K7 YYL
Sent 25/03/2014
I can't speak highly enough of the customer service of Regtransfers.
customer testimonial
From Eden Kaye, Warwickshire
Registration ELK 15C
Sent 25/03/2014
A huge thank you to you all for your endless patience in answering my questions and, when I explained that my hubby was returning from Afghanistan on Monday, you made sure his surprise personalised plates were here waiting. Not many companies go the extra mile for customers the way you do.
From Mandie Merrett, Gloucestershire
Registration SM56 SWM
Sent 25/03/2014
It was a positive and wonderful experience, firstly buying the plates, then dealing with Regtransfers.
From Carl Trainor, London
Registration E4 CBT
Sent 25/03/2014
A very easy and efficient transaction.
customer testimonial
From Richard Witney, Dorset
Registration RIW 9
Sent 18/03/2014
The service was not only fast but dealt with in a friendly personal manner. Massive thanks.
customer testimonial
From Natalie Overton, Tyne and Wear
Registration BAB 3X
Sent 10/03/2014
Seamless and your sales advisor Charlie was very very helpful throughout the transaction.
From Shaun Thompson, Bournemouth
Registration BL03 NDE
Sent 07/03/2014
The transaction and all formalities were all taken care of expertly. Thanks for your excellent service.
From John Campbell, West Midlands
Registration F11 FSH
Sent 07/03/2014
What excellent service right from the start. May use you again as my wife is looking. Many thanks
From Darren William Jones, Weston-Super-Mare
Registration 11 DWJ
Sent 06/03/2014
Thank you for making the whole process trouble and pain free. Should have done it years ago.
From Ian Blair, Tyne and Wear
Registration UUI 4990
Sent 03/03/2014
I was seeking advice as to number plate transfer and spoke to Craig. He was very helpful and knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend their service.
From Graham Hart
Sent 03/03/2014
Wow, thank you so much for your fantastic sale and transfer service. It was painless and hassle free. You handled and returned all new documents, tax disc etc. I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to all my friends.
From John Wiltshire, Clwyd
Registration W29 POA
Sent 24/02/2014
What an excellent service I had when buying my cherished private number. I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to my family and friends.
From Dr R Sharma, Gwent
Registration RKS 1M
Sent 17/02/2014
I bought this registration for my 21-year-old son. His name is Lyle he is also my third son so this registration was perfect. I got it for him as a 21st birthday and Christmas present and he was totally over the moon when he got it. Regtransfers were brilliant to deal with. Your sales advisor Alfie was great. I would recommend Regtransfers to anybody who is buying a registration
From Audrey Kane, County Antrim
Registration L3 YLE
Sent 14/02/2014
Excellent service. I will recommend you to family and friends.
From Janet Flavell, Powys
Registration JF55 GAF
Sent 13/02/2014
Very good service. Your sales advisor, Raz, was brilliant. Many thanks.
customer testimonial
From Paul Silburn, Peterborough
Registration PLS 11
Sent 11/02/2014
It was nice to hear a friendly voice, even if it was a Sunday afternoon. And the service was quick and precise.
From Michael McKenzie, Hampshire
Registration BO52 MCK
Sent 06/02/2014
Very good service. I will use you again.
From Hugh Scott, Cheshire
Registration V6 HUH
Sent 06/02/2014
My wife is buying herself a new BMW in April and I thought that I'd surprise her with a personal plate to go with it. Looked on Regtransfers, as I'd known and used this company in the past, and immediately came up with R7 TUM for a really low price. This matches her Indian Sikh nickname 'Ritu' and our surname begins with 'M'. She's chuffed to bits. Because I have had a deep fascination with personal registrations since I got my first car (a 1963 Morris Minor for £5!) with the plate 7740 PG, I couldn't resist and searched out, found and purchased TYM 1M for my own BMW. Very naughty but nice. Thanks to the whole professional team at RT, but especially Bruno who clearly knows the transfer business and achieved exactly what I wanted in double quick time.
From Tim McBrown, West Sussex
Registration R7 TUM
Sent 03/02/2014
Fantastic. Very very highly recommend
From Victor Muzyka, West Yorkshire
Registration 2348 AP
Sent 29/01/2014
"I want to thank all the staff at for helping me getting the plates I wanted and for taking all the stress out of purchasing them. You did me a very good service and I have told all the lads at work how good you are, so hopefully you will get some enquiries from them.
customer testimonial
From Kevin Serrell, Derbyshire
Registration V15 KJS
Sent 27/01/2014
I was very pleased with the transfer process, it was done quite quickly given the DVLA changes. I must point out how your company has provided me with excellent service and would recommend you to friends and family.
customer testimonial
From Karl Formstone, Clwyd
Registration SAU 1L
Sent 16/12/2013
I part-exchanged my Freelander for a BMW X5, a car I'd always liked, at my local garage, , imagine my surprise when, after looking at your ad, I came across X5 PLS, a plate I just had to get. This is the first time I'd even contemplated owning personal plates and I thought the registration process would be difficult. However, having haggled over the price and my subsequent visit to your office, I found the process could not have gone more smoothly. Your staff could not have been more helpful and explained the process in detail. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company. Thank you.
From Peter Swannell, Hertfordshire
Registration X5 PLS
Sent 18/11/2013
My wife and I bought the number plate HL51 LOV for our son, Harry Luke Love. The service was first class. We opted for the managed service and everything went without a hitch. The number plates arrived the next day after placing the order. Great service. Thanks
From Stuart Love, Northamptonshire
Registration HL51 LOV
Sent 06/01/2014
Great service and very quick with my transfer. Would recommend to anybody. Many thanks to your sales advisor, Shane Tomlinson.
From Keith Ellison, Tyne and Wear
Registration L8 KDE
Sent 16/01/2014
I started a business one year ago, which exceeded all expectations. I wanted to reward my wife for being so supportive and kind, so as her initial and mine are the same I thought that MR51 HAY (Mrs I Hay) was appropriate. I thought she would think a cherished plate as a Christmas present was a meaningless 'man' thing, but she absolutely loved it and thanks to the efficiency of she did not have to wait too long to have the new plates proudly displayed on her new car. Her boss is wild with jealousy, which makes the gift even sweeter! Very fast, helpful and friendly. Questions were answered before I even got around to asking them. I was impressed and would use again.
From Iain Hay, Surrey
Registration MR51 HAY
Sent 21/01/2014
I have been after a private plate for ages. I have just bought a nice new car, well new to me, and I had just got a PPI cheque, so I thought I would treat myself and give the car some individuality and now the plate is on, it looks great. I want to thank all the staff at for helping me getting the plates I wanted and taking all the stress out of purchasing them. Very good service and very helpful. Thanks very much.
customer testimonial
From Kevin Serrell, Derbyshire
Registration V15 KJS
Sent 21/01/2014
Absolutely brilliant from start to finish.
From Nicky Elliott, County Durham
Registration N5 JHE
Sent 15/01/2014
Thank you for you excellent service and helping me buy my first number plate. I want to appreciate the help and guidance that was provided by Sophie. I believe she went the extra mile to help and represented your company in a professional manner. I wish Sophie and your team the best for future and hope to shop with you again.
From Imran Jahangir, London
Registration M33 WOA
Sent 03/01/2014
I wanted personal number plates for a long time but thought they were to expensive. I browsed the internet just to have a look and come across a registration I was interested in. I requested more information and Shane contacted me by phone and explained everything including the cost and what I needed to do. I ended up buying the registration T13 JWW which was exactly what I wanted. Regtransfers done everything including making my new plates and all the paperwork and all in under two weeks. The price and service from this company was outstanding and I would highly recommend them.
From John Watts. Gwent
Registration T13 JWW
Sent 02/12/2013
Thanks for all your help in sorting out my new number plate. The money I spent was from my late father. He had his own plate all my life and, for one reason or another, RJ 8878 was taken out of the family. He would be happy to see that I have spent a little money on my own plate for the Audi. Once again thank you for all your help. I have passed on your website address to a lot of friends.
From Mark Young, Suffolk
Registration N3 MTY
Sent 21/01/2014
Excellent company. 100% satisfaction. The staff go that extra yard to satisfy. I will be certainly dealing with them again in the future.
From Graeme Walker, Sunderland
Registration DNG 4T
Sent 05/12/2013
This is the first time I have bought a registration plate and I found the service I got from your office was first class and also, being a novice, to have everything dealt with in house was another bonus. It is now on my son Ryan's car in time for his Christmas present.
From Ryan Kelly, Ayrshire
Registration R70 KLY
Sent 18/11/2013
I bought this number plate for my fiancé Wayne Rodney Pritchard, for Christmas. He was very pleased with it as it is both of our initials. It was here in plenty of time for Christmas, even though I only ordered it about a week and a half beforehand. Very pleased with the service and the very helpful friendly staff. All my questions were answered within one or two days.
From Nicky Stevens, Somerset
Registration N5 WRP
Sent 13/01/2014
May I take this opportunity to say what a pleasure it was dealing with Regtransfers, and that is a real compliment coming from me as I am not one to bite my lip about substandard service.
From David Worrow, Devon
Registration V8 BHP
Sent 28/05/2013
Many thanks for the help and assistance provided by Regtransfers. They were, by far, the best customer service focused company. Your sales advisor, Aby, who dealt with my enquiry, was friendly, helpful and very courteous. I am already looking to purchase my second number plate shortly from Regtransfers. Keep up the good work.
From Major Mahil, West Midlands
Registration FA13 BAL
Sent 03/01/2014
Donna and Andy have been great, guiding me through what appears to be a minefield, especially when you're trying to keep it a secret. My husband is over the moon. The plates were sent to a pre-arranged different address. Your staff have been great and a credit to your company. Will be and have already recommended you and I may be asking for another registration shortly. This was a special gift and the speed of everything from start to finish with no effort from me. Just great. Thank you all.
From Sharon Marsay, Middlesborough
Registration MAZ 5025
Sent 04/11/2013
Just received my new registration number plate and wanted to say a big "thank you" for the excellent service through out my purchase. Well done.
From Helena Hayward, West Sussex
Registration J12 HMH
Sent 11/09/2013
I bought this registration for my husband for our 25th wedding anniversary. So pleased with the service, Very simple and easy. Highly recommend this company.
From Julie Buckland, Berkshire
Registration BG02 LEE
Sent 04/11/2013
Excellent buying and transfer experience. Thank you. The whole process went without a hitch. I would use Regtransfers again. Highly recommended and professional throughout.
From Duncan Woods, Lancashire
Registration JIG 9016
Sent 02/08/2013
Great customer service. Selling was fast and easy. I will be back buying other registrations from Regtransfers.
From Andrew Kennedy, Dunfermline
Registration S10 LRK
Sent 09/12/2013
This was the closest I could get to my surname. Really pleased with the number and the service you get from Regtransfers, this is the second registration I have bought through Regtransfers. Hassle free. Thanks again.
From Mark Fahy, Tyne and Wear
Registration F6 HYS
Sent 21/01/2014
l would like to thank Regtransfers for such an easy transfer of my number plate. Everything was done for me, log book changed tax disc was done and all completed so quick.
From John Mann, East Sussex
Registration JM61 JSM
Sent 21/10/2013
I can honestly say that the service I received from Regtransfers was excellent and I would highly recommend them. By the way, this isn't some lying actor hired to say this like on an insurance advert.
From Andy Wheeler, Colchester
Registration R8 AND
Sent 03/06/2013
I thought I would get two cherished numbers for our two grandsons. C18 AHS for Albert Hollis Singh (the 'C' stands for Carrie, his mother and my daughter-in-law) and EN11 TED, for Edwin (also known as Ted), whose birthday is November 11. We are very fortunate to get these registrations. Very satisfied with Regtransfers staff and service. I have already recommended you to my family and friends.
From Ron Singh, Carmarthen
Registration C18 AHS
Sent 13/08/2013
I have purchased in total three registrations from your company over the years and have always been pleased with the way I have been treated. My latest purchase was for a wedding gift which was a surprise and when I asked the lady to only contact me through mobile and she did just that so it was kept quiet. Long may I continue to buy others.
From Julie Nuttall, Durham
Registration C13 ROW
Sent 23/07/2013
My wife, Idarian, is from Indonesia and since she was born her parents and friends have always referred to her as ‘Ary’. Translated from Indonesian into English the ‘Si’ means ‘The’, so "S1 ARY" is the perfect registration being ‘The Ary’, a wonderful registration that was made available by your company at half the price offered with another agent; so a great negotiation was completed by your sales advisor, Ben.
customer testimonial
From Mr Paul Beale, Colchester
Registration S1 ARY
Sent 16/07/2013
Thank you for the cheque payment concluding the sale of E1 RDL. It is refreshing to deal with a company that is so professional in their dealings. I greatly appreciate that from initial contact to conclusion you have kept me informed.
From Mr G D Armstrong, Surrey
Registration E1 RDL
Sent 18/11/2013
Fantastic all round service. Just 4 days to get my private reg sent out, just one phone call and that was that. If you want good honest service use this company.
From Mr Keith Rogers, Renfrewshire
Registration M6 KFR
Sent 02/11/2013
I recently purchased KG11 LES from Regtransfers. It was a simple phone call to the office and the deal was completed, hassle free. The perfect plate for my name! I'm well happy.
customer testimonial
From Kim Giles, Oxfordshire
Registration KG11 LES
Sent 30/10/2013
I have recently purchased two number plates, TR02 TMR for my M3 BMW and TR03 TMR for my Smart car. Excellent service.
From Tristan M Rich
Registration TR03 TMR
Sent 18/10/2013
Well I bought a new car and worked hard saving up so I thought I would treat myself. Great website, easy to use. Amber was superb. Thanks very much to all of you.
From Laurence Funnell
Registration S66 LMF
Sent 09/10/2013
I bought the number plate because it is my initials and the numbers add up to 6 which is my birthday. It was a smooth transaction. I also sold my old number plate through your site, it was very easy to do and Regtransfers were very helpful, thank you.
From Carol Farrelly
Registration CAZ 1671
Sent 30/09/2013
I've just purchased my second private plate from Regtransfers. A pleasure to deal with, you make it so easy, the only thing I had to do was fix it to my car. I will recommend you to all my friends.
From Mr Tristan Matthew Rich
Registration TR02 TMR
Sent 27/09/2013
I cannot praise your staff enough for the very helpful way that they dealt with my order and follow-up. They kept me informed at every stage of the transaction and answered all the odd queries I dreamed up, being completely new to number plate transfers. Again thank you, it has been a pleasure to do business with you.
From Mr George Cattanach
Registration W100 GMC
Sent 21/09/2013
Since the GB car registration number plates have been related to the year, it has been easy enough to remember the number on my car - except the letters seem to bear little relation to anything, anyone or any place. As I change my car every three years or so on average, it takes me a while to memorise the obscure combinations that have been supplied each time. The answer was to have a memorable number plate which contained something relevant. But what should it be? When I settled on a new Peugeot 3008 and searched on the Regtransfers website the answer was obvious: P for Peugeot; 300B for 3008; and LH for yours truly! Your service is so straightforward and highly efficient. It also is to be commended that only legal combinations and presentations are available. 
customer testimonial
From Mr Lawrence Hunt
Registration P300 BLH
Sent 18/09/2013
I was looking for a number plate for my wife's anniversary present and couldn't find the plate I wanted, in particular a dateless version. Regtransfers found the perfect plate and arranged the transition in less time than originally stated. Now our Mercedes GL has the plate to go with the great car it is - thank you Regtransfers - I will definitely use Regtransfers again when I look for another plate for my family. 
From Mr Robert Teagle
Registration 344 MAU
Sent 25/08/2013
I have just celebrated my wonderful 50th birthday and my husband bought me a lovely Audi A3. I had always fancied a private plate so when my Mum and Dad gave me money for my birthday I wanted to get a gift that I would always have, I thought a private plate would be just that gift. I didn't want jewellery or anything like that, this plate would forever be a lovely reminder of Mum and Dad's special gift. My lovely new registration is GEZ 1302. 'GEZ' is the name I'm known by and '13' is the year of my 50th birthday (the 02 is not that relevant). Most odd, it turns out it's an Irish plate which was registered in the town my Dad was born in, so it was meant to be. I am very happy with my purchase, Regtransfers were a great, very efficient company. They were very helpful all the way through the sale, which went through in just a few short weeks. Many thanks Regtransfers.
From Geraldine Whitehead
Registration GEZ 1302
Sent 24/08/2013
I'd always wanted a personal number plate but always imagined them to cost thousands of pounds. I was over the moon when I found one at such a good and affordable price that was so close to my own name. My car now looks fab and my partner loved it so much he's ordered one himself.
From Sian Williams
Registration S18 NWX
Sent 18/08/2013
I retired on 5th Feb this year and treated myself to a Mercedes SL500. I saw this reg on your website and decided to treat myself and my new car again. It looks awesome!
From Mr Bryan Logan
Registration B16 GAN
Sent 11/08/2013
I have just replaced my car. The old plate contained my initials but also said something about the Mercedes it was on, so I left it on the car when it sold. I then started to search for a new number for the Range Rover. I came across V1 MGC which was priced much higher than I wanted to pay but the team at managed to negotiate with the owner on my behalf and secured the plate at a price I was prepared to pay. I am extremely pleased to own this number and cannot wait to transfer it onto the Range Rover. Many thanks to all the team.
From Mr Mike Cottingham
Registration V1 MGC
Sent 05/08/2013
I sold a number plate using Regtransfers and was very happy with the service, having used one of the weekend auctions when it didn't move after a few weeks. I found the staff on the telephone particularly pleasant to deal with and anxious to help with any queries. Altogether a good experience, thanks to a successful sale and excellent staff attitude. Thanks for your cheque, which arrived safely and promptly. 
From Mr Annesley
Registration R50 DEE
Sent 03/08/2013
Absolutely A star service, faultless from start to end. Thank you.
From Dawn Geering
Registration S3 WVD
Sent 01/07/2013
A very professional company with helpful staff. I dealt with Glenn and everything went smoothly. The plate looks great on my puma, thanks.
From Mr Nicholas Snelleksz
Registration S55 NLX
Sent 27/06/2013
I bought ASB 858 because it is my initials, Amarjit Singh Bhatti. I also bought AM06 SAM for my wife, this reg covers my name Amo and my wife's name Sam, we've had the plates made up as AM0 6 SAM. Regtransfers did all the relevant transfer with the DVLA which took about 3-4 weeks. Regtransfers were very helpful and kept me informed throughout the whole process, excellent service, many thanks. If I called Regtransfers, I got the utmost best possible service. I can't praise you all enough, I would recommend this company to anyone.
From Mr Amarjit S Bhatti
Registration ASB 858
Sent 22/06/2013
Absolutely over the moon. I always wanted my initials on my personal number plate but in the past the 'Z' has been the problem. I always had Volvos which last forever, the last reg was 'R'. Anyway last year I purchased a Volvo XC90 on a '57' plate. When I checked your site and found 'JR57 JZR' I could not believe it and had to check twice. It was so easy to order and buy. It's like I am dreaming. Fantasidodo! I can't wait to get them on my car.
From Mr John Zbyszek Rawski
Registration JR57 JZR
Sent 21/05/2013
I saw this, and got it for my Dads 70th!! Shane at Regtransfers sorted the lot, and kept me informed all through the process! My Dad loves it, and I'll use these guys again! Absolutely no doubt.
From Steve Chuck
Registration T30 CHK
Sent 17/05/2013
I'm absolutely thrilled with my new plate. I have never owned one before with my initials. I still own a similar Fiat Tipo with another private plate that I purchased around 1995. The car concerned is a 1.4 and I purchased A14 TPO. The service that I have received from you has been brilliant from start to finish and I shall use you again in the future. Absolutely excellent service.
From Derek G Lawman
Registration L20 DGL
Sent 18/04/2013
Thank you again for a perfect transaction on my number plate sale. I hope to use you again, I will not hesitate to recommend you to our customers.
From Mr Ken Thompson
Registration NGW 28
Sent 03/05/2013
I recently purchased a number plate from your company and all my dealings have been conducted with sales advisor Adrienne White. She was highly motivated, professional, considerate and dedicated in her approach to ensuring the success of the transaction. She is to be commended for her patience and perseverance and I am most grateful for all of her help.
From Ms V Eyles
Registration N80 SJE
Sent 22/04/2013
I just wanted to thank you for the speedy service that I experienced when buying my number plate. It was professional and prompt and I would not hesitate in recommending your service to others.
From Mr Colin Cowings
Registration S900 BTH
Sent 15/04/2013
My dad, Ravinder Gill, bought this number plate of our surname. This number plate will be used for future generations so one day it will be used on my car! Thank you for providing us with a good service. 
customer testimonial
From Karan Gill
Registration GIL 1936
Sent 14/04/2013
No story, I just wanted a plate to compliment my Audi. Best service ever, I would thoroughly recommend.
From Mark O'Shea
Registration MRK 290
Sent 05/04/2013
I purchased a new car in November and I have always wanted my own personal number plate relating to my birthday and name. My birthday is on the 6th and my name is Elizabeth Leishman Forsyth which I use officially. It looks so good on my new car. The service was first class, I could not believe how quickly it was all done. Thank you.
From Betty Forsyth
Registration F6 ELF
Sent 22/03/2013
I saw this number plate on and I bought it. It is my initials with a lucky 7 and it looks fantastic on my car. I'm really pleased with it. Regtransfers did an excellent job in processing the paperwork and getting the number plate to me. Thanks team.
From Mr Phil P Hoden
Registration 7 PPH
Sent 09/03/2013
I recently bought BU04 TAR from Regtransfers for my wife's new car on her birthday. It spells out our surname Buttar. Regtransfers were brilliant in helping me to find such a good number plate and sent me texts regularly about possible plates. Thanks guys for all the help and the number plate. I love the magazine and am always looking for other excellent plates.
customer testimonial
From Mr Hafeez Buttar
Registration BU04 TAR
Sent 05/03/2013
My new registration reflects my birthday (27) and my initials (NJT) so I am delighted to have found one which fits so well at a very reasonable cost. Excellent customer service. I had to wait 4 weeks for the log book to arrive as the car was a dealer purchase, but I was always kept informed by e-mail very promptly of my options and what was required in order to complete the transfer. I was very impressed with the standard of invoice, DVLA certificate etc. and the speed of transfer once you had received my documents, 10 days on the dot as you had predicted. My car is now adorned with my plate and looks great. Thanks Regtransfers (especially to Susan Custance) for a very satisfactory experience.
From Nick Tilling
Registration T27 NJT
Sent 14/02/2013
I got the car of my dreams, an Audi A5 coupé. I wanted a nice cool plate but not a name or initials. I found it, and with help from your guys, bought it. It's on the car now, you want to see it as it looks amazing. Everyone asks about my registration and where I got it from. Do I tell them or do I not? Well course I do, and just thanks a lot for basically doing everything for me and keeping me informed all the way. A very fast service and a stress free job. Amazing, my car is now complete. Thank you.
From Mr Patrick McGarry
Registration K155 LTR
Sent 10/02/2013
I would like to say thank you for the great service you provide, this is the second private plate that I have bought from you.
From Mr James Davies
Registration R14 JJD
Sent 12/06/2012
This is the fourth private registration I have purchased from Regtransfers. A couple of years ago, I bought two plates for my father, Francis David Johnston, F1 FDJ and F2 FDJ, which also match the initials of my two young sons. I also bought Y321 KEL about three years ago. The service from Regtransfers is excellent and I was delighted when my offer on JON 57ON was accepted.
customer testimonial
From Mr Barry Johnston
Registration JON 570N
Sent 03/05/2012
I bought this for my 18 month old daughter Elle as an investment for when she is older. Great fast service.
From Mr Dave Bellwood
Registration E11 ESU
Sent 01/02/2013
I would like to thank Regtransfers for their very kind help when I purchased my beloved plates.
customer testimonial
From Andy Wragg
Registration W28 GGY
Sent 20/06/2012
I sold my plate through yourselves. I want to say the service was excellent, I was informed at all stages so well done Regtransfers. Service: 10
From Sarah Cullis
Registration PUG 171
Sent 19/01/2013
Shortly after the birth of our beautiful daughter Ariella two years ago, it became apparent that it would be possible to purchase a registration symbolising her name. But we were going to be in for a long wait; two years before the '13' plate series to arrive. After two years of anticipation I finally discovered that AR13 LLA was going to be released for sale by the DVLA. Fantastic news! After a call and a conversation with Ben from Regtransfers, we were were assured that there was going to be a very good chance of obtaining my daughters name Ariella. Finally on the day of release I had a phone call from Ben with excellent news that Regtransfers had actually obtained the registration on my behalf. I was thrilled. Okay, my daughter is only two years old, but this is a once in a life time opportunity to purchase something that not only represents my daughters name but is a sound investment too. I would like to thank Regtranfers and Ben for a seamless transaction, your communication was excellent and I would quite happily recommend the service to colleagues, friends and family. Thank you. A very satisfied customer.
customer testimonial
From Stuart Cliff, West Midlands
Registration AR13 LLA
Sent 21/01/2014
I recently purchased a TVR Tuscan to go with my two other TVR's which both have private number plates. I searched other sites for a number plate, but I could not find one that I liked. Then I looked on Regtransfers and found a few that I liked and they were a very good price. Eventually I got the number plate which is now on the car. I am pleased with my number plate and the service that Regtransfers provided, which was very good. Service: 10
From Gary Judd
Registration W15 TVR
Sent 18/01/2013
I saw this plate after missing out on Y1 STU (which would be my first choice) and I thought I just had to have it!!! After Bruno being extremely patient with negotiations over several months I finally secured the plate. The Y1 bit was important as it matches my parents plates. Cannot wait to buy another from RegTransfers! Service: 10 Additional: Bruno was extremely patient, persistent and helpful throughout my entire purchase. And I had my plates and retention document very fast. Thanks for making it easy!!!
From Stuart Kinge
Registration Y1 SLK
Sent 17/01/2013
I have always fancied seeing my name/initials come up behind someone's rear view mirror, so after being a good fiancé all year, my wife-to-be decided to buy me a personal reg for Xmas. I had never really looked into the cost and the logistics of buying a private plate, coincidentally I found an app on my iphone and started to look about and see if I can find myself a suitable registration plate and, believe it or not, it was less than I ever thought. I made a call, spoke to a very nice guy called Shane, who helped me every step of the way and always kept me update and informed via courtesy calls and emails. Could not have been happier and to top it all, I got my plates in a matter of days, and I am now the proud owner of a one of a kind reg for my new car. A BIG thank you to Shane and thank you Regtransfers. 
From Soroush Akhavan
Registration S88 SSA
Sent 16/01/2013
A special thanks has to go to Carl and Ben at Regtransfers for securing GA11 ESH, as well as several other plates from the ‘11’ series, in a swift and professional manner, as always.
customer testimonial
From Raj Ramparsad
Registration F1 RAJ
Sent 19/07/2012
After 26 years of driving I finally treated myself to a plate which is very personal to me given my name. Also, being on a budget, this plate was available at a cost that didn't break the bank. To the unsuspecting it looks just like a standard registration number but to me and those who know me, they get it and think it's fabulous. I think it looks amazing on my car because it's MINE! Service: 10 Additional: An absolutely excellent, no fuss, clear, concise and speedy service by Regtransfers. Couldn't believe how easy it was and they took care of absolutely everything and told me when, exactly, that I was now legal to affix the plates to my car. Top marks and very highly recommend to anyone. Many thanks.
From Mr Brian S Marsland
Registration BR55 MAR
Sent 13/01/2013
I'm over the moon with my purchase. I had a cheaper version of my name on my Range Rover Sport but since I got 3 GAR I can't wait to get out driving. I feel my car looks so much better now. The service I got from Regtransfers was first class & I would recommend them to anyone. Amber, from your company, was spot on! Excellent! Two of my friends have bought from you and highly recommended you so it proves word of mouth is a strong selling tool. Keep up the good work!
customer testimonial
From Mr Garry Mitchell
Registration 3 GAR
Sent 23/03/2012
I bought the plate for my son Daniel as a special Xmas gift after he spent Xmas 2011 in hospital! I thought the way I was constantly being informed of the progress of my purchase was excellent. It was getting close to Xmas and I thought I had left it too late to get all the necessary documentation in time. Thanks to staff informing how and where to go for the paperwork, my gift to my son was sorted in time for Xmas. Thanks again to all staff concerned!
From Julie McAllister
Registration DA11 MAC
Sent 09/01/2013
I bought this registration plate for my husband as a surprise Christmas present and I debated for ages over the 666 element and whether it would be bad luck. It turned out that not only did he love the 666 but that he had always wanted this on his number plate along with the name ROB. I couldn't have bought better. He's always said that there are only 3 things he has ever really wanted - Scalectrix (he got that our first Christmas together) a personalised number plate (enough said) and an Aston Martin! I suppose I'd better get saving! Service: 10 Additional: Excellent service from Mike!
From Wendy Atkinson
Registration V666 ROB
Sent 05/01/2013
I was highly delighted with the service that I received. I ordered the registration plate on the Tuesday, received them on the following day and two weeks later all of the paperwork followed. I would recommend this site if you want an excellent service. Well done to all the staff, thank you, a very satisfied customer.
From Lynn Pope
Registration JP04 JGP
Sent 13/12/2012
My cousin Isobel's (called Bel for short) 60th birthday was coming up in November and I remembered a discussion on private number plates when she said she would love a number with BEL for her car. Found a few numbers and called Regtransfers and they gave me another couple of numbers they had including M11 BEL. She picked this one. Regtransfers dealt with everything including her new number plates. She only had to send the documents they requested. In just a little over 3 weeks everything is completed and she can now display her new number. She and I are both delighted with the service provided by Regtransfers. Everything seemed so easy- a couple of phone calls and one letter with documents. 
From Marlene Scott
Registration M11 BEL
Sent 01/12/2012
Excellent service, George rang me back and we discussed plates I was interested in. Two days later he rang back with prices and even better it was cheaper than advertised! Then it was as simple as paying the money and next day my plates arrived, 12 days later my transfer was complete and plates on my car. It was a lot quicker and easier than first thought. 
From Rebecca Smith
Registration T80 BEX
Sent 01/12/2012
For quite a while I had been searching for my ideal personal number plate... Result! Regtransfers to the rescue and my plate was found. I was born on the 3rd June (the year I'm not going to disclose!) and all my friends and family call me Ju... 36 JU... Sorted and very very happy!
From Julie Webster
Registration 36 JU
Sent 23/11/2012
I have a pink Fiat 500 which I love and the number plate suits my car. Fantastic service two and a half weeks from start to finish, fab.
From Donna M Tennant
Registration P500 DMT
Sent 18/11/2012
I bought the registration number J13 VML because I was born on the July 13th and my name is Vanessa May Lane. I am very happy with the whole transaction it was so easy. This is one happy lady. Thank you.
From Vanessa M Lane
Registration J13 VML
Sent 15/11/2012
It was my very best friends 40th. What better gift than to get her a plate? Clare's birthday is the 4th November, so the plate represented her birthday and her 40th. Regtransfers were brilliant, they got a set of plates out straight away, whilst doing the paperwork for the transfer. It was a painless, no hassle and quick transfer, not like the dentist! Once again thank you for making my friends birthday a special one! One word...PERFECT.
From Wayne Meehan
Registration N40 CLL
Sent 15/11/2012
I brought the number plate as an Xmas present from the children to their dad, the letters stand for his name and his companies name and unit number. Although he has had to have it early, he was over the moon. It is the 3rd number plate I have brought, and never have had any problems, the people are very helpful.
From Mrs Middleton
Registration RM06 RCM
Sent 03/11/2012
I purchased ARO 1X around 10 years ago as it contains my initials and the number 1 which was the number I wore on my football shirt throughout my playing days, even still today. I have since started my own chauffeur business and the plate has proved excellent in being recognised at busy venues. As my business has grown another vehicle was purchased and so I wanted to get a matching plate. Coincidently my daughter also has the same initials and so was delighted when I purchased X1 ARO recently. She now has her plate ready for when she is older! Thanks for a great deal and good quality service as always. 
From Andy R Osborne
Registration X1 ARO
Sent 27/10/2012
My husband's name is Tony. I brought this registration for him as a present for our Ruby Wedding anniversary. It was so easy to do.
From Mrs Thompson
Registration L7 ONY
Sent 23/10/2012
I purchased the number in 10 minutes and negotiated a cheaper price by the telesales person discounting the acrylic plates. A very professional company and a very satisfied customer!
From Shaun Smith, Lancashire
Registration V600 SMS
Sent 14/11/2012
It must have been months that I have been looking to purchase myself a personal number plate. After visiting Regtransfers' website and spent a small amount of time I finally found my dream plate and within weeks it is now on my car! Excellent service with the use of online tracking. Perfect thanks Regtransfers.
From Mr John Brash
Registration P18 JON
Sent 14/10/2012
I purchased this plate because if anyone asks why Y18 its what my date of birth adds up to, and SMP are my initials-very personal to me. Excellent service. Thank you all. 
From Susan M Pitcher
Registration Y18 SMP
Sent 01/10/2012
I bought this reg as it resembled my name which is Julie, although I'm called Jue by friends and family. The price I paid was within my budget. My husband also bought his reg from Regtransfers a while back and was very pleased with the service. Thank you Regtransfers. 
From Julie
Registration T60 JUE
Sent 29/09/2012
From start to finish a first class plus service, thank you.
From Andy Scales
Registration SJ51 DAS
Sent 23/09/2012
I bought a registration number as a present for my wife and put her old number on retention. I had never dealt with before but was most impressed with their service throughout. I was promptly kept informed of every detail of the transaction which went without a hitch. Very professional and impressive one-stop service, and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
From Ian Reid
Registration 2322 KR
Sent 18/09/2012
It was simple, I ran through your list of numbers and I found the one I could afford, which says my initials GTW, and Bingo I decided that it the one for me. It would have been nice to have had X5 GTW, as I drive an MX5 it would have been perfect, but still you can't win them all I am grateful for what I got. Thanks once again I will deal with you again.
From Glyn T Watton
Registration R5 GTW
Sent 05/08/2012
I never thought we'd buy one, but it was so easy that we just went for it. We are dedicated rottie (rottweiler) owners and have rescued quite a few over the years, hence the reg. Looks great on the motor too. Thanks for a trouble free transfer. Fast, stress free transfer, sent required paperwork and waited for authorisation to fit plates... easy. Many thanks.
From Rob
Registration R55 ROT
Sent 29/07/2012
The registration helps to identify this future classic as being something special. Always very helpful back-up in chasing outstanding information. Service: 10.
From Bary Bland
Registration SZ 6863
Sent 29/07/2012
Thank you very much. Louise dealt with everything in a very friendly and professional way, even phoning me during the transaction to give updates etc. She is a credit to your company. In fact, the whole process from choosing my plate to receiving all the documents, including the documents from DVLA, was completed in 14 days, in fact, everything arrived on my birthday which was fantastic. Once again thank you.
From Michael Snell
Registration S6 MGS
Sent 28/07/2012
You recently sold a plate for me, M47 TEO. Thank you ever so much for the fast and efficient way the sale was dealt with. I would definitely use you again to buy or sell any numbers I have.
From Dave Greenhalgh
Registration M47 TEO
Sent 24/07/2012
The number plates were bought as a gift for my granddaughter, her name is Joanna and she gets called JoJo by her friends, the plate was her choice. It is her 21st birthday this year and she has passed all her exams at university for accountancy, she will get her honours degree and graduate from Stirling University next year. Joanna passed her test 2 years ago and now has a Mini Cooper. From a very proud Gran. Great service. My other granddaughter is 17 just got provisional licence so the next buy will be something for Pamela.
From Margaret Crichton
Registration JO02 JJO
Sent 21/07/2012
This is the second number plate I have purchased from Regtransfers. It was such an easy process and the sales team were excellent as always. Thank you Regtransfers, for all your help.
From Mr Ray Watts
Registration E3 RVW
Sent 07/07/2012
We bought the number plate for our youngest daughter Molly as a surprise gift. She is about to start her first full time job and really wanted to buy a new car but was not sure whether to as it will be a big chunk out of her wages each month. We have called her Mollz/Mollzey ever since she was a toddler so when we saw the plate, it was the perfect thing for her. She deserves it as she has always studied hard and has now grown into a lovely young woman, and now she has seen her plate, she definitely wants a new car so she can show if off to everyone! A very easy process, I will certainly use you again.
From Lorraine Goodwin
Registration MO11 ZEY
Sent 08/06/2012
You have done what the majority of businesses are incapable of doing. Efficient and informative, with clear instructions, a pleasure to deal with.  Service: 10
From Roger Paulson
Registration M500 JPN
Sent 10/06/2012
I always wanted a private plate since I was a teenager, but never quite had the car to put it on until I realised my boyhood dream and bought a Porsche, so, new car and a plate to match. Regtransfers were very helpful and understanding and the whole process took less than a week, lovely experience, thank you. Service: 10
From Robert Livingston
Registration R102 FEB
Sent 22/06/2012
Personal number plates were something we had always wanted but, during our working lives, other things, like mortgages and our then busy lives in general during those early years took priority. Now we are retired, we thought we would treat ourselves at last. So we decided that we would buy them for our birthdays which were both during October. Thank you so much for the excellent service we received and well done to your salesperson, Saf, for finding us two such appropriate numbers, S8 KEN and A14 LYN. As a bonus, we also got one for our motorhome which had to be something to do with motorbikes. Ken has been a motorbike man since his teens and is passionate about old British motorbikes, having restored many to perfection in his time. So, E1 BSA definitely suits us.
customer testimonial
From Lyn and Ken Hougham
Registration S8 KEN
Sent 11/06/2012
Just a brief note to all the staff involved - from the initial valuation, advertising, negotiating, securing a purchaser, processing documentation and keeping me informed throughout the process - associated with the sale of the above registration number, to say a big 'thank you'. I've been most impressed with the speed of the transfer, namely from receiving an offer to the banking of the cheque - within one month and that included Christmas post - Well done! This number had belonged to my late father, who had cherished this number for 34 years. You can only imagine the family's reluctance in parting with it. But your staff not only handled the transaction professionally but also, and above all, sensitively. Having both sold and purchased numbers through Registration Transfers over many years, I must say that your service has proved to be consistently excellent and a credit to you all. Your staff's advice proved correct in that all numbers - if realistically priced - will eventually sell. Again, many thanks and kind regards.
From Mr Chris Pead
Registration 50 DTP
Sent 09/01/2013
From the very first contact your staff were polite, helpful and gave confidence that the matter would be handled by them in full. You kept me informed of progress throughout. Absolutely top rate service to your customers and one I would highly recommend.
From Mrs Nancy Holmes
Registration A12 OWH
Sent 15/05/2012
Always wanted my own personal number plate, bought mine from Regtransfers, no hassle, very professional, one person dealt with me throughout, I could also go online and watch at any time the progress of my purchase. Just got to wait for the delivery of my new car now!
From Mr Paul Whittaker
Registration 6540 PW
Sent 15/05/2012
I would just like to comment on what an amazing service I have received- totally professional at all levels! I went through the whole process with your colleague Shane and have to admit that I have never dealt with a more professional sales person! Well done Regtransfers for making everything so easy for me. My new plate looks amazing and is a brilliant investment! THANK YOU!
From Mr Peter Ioannou
Registration WEB 1L
Sent 05/01/2012
I sold this number plate via Regtransfers and I was impressed with their approach and with how easy it was. The staff were friendly and helpful. Thanks.
From Ms Eleanor Cartwright
Registration 524 BGW
Sent 05/01/2012
This is the second time I have used you. You are actually cheaper than using DVLA because you offer the complete package. You are efficient, your website tells you everything in a simple easy understood type of fashion. You update customers immediately. Your tracker site is superb. I am already telling people how easy it is to change your registration using your company.
From Mr Christopher Cleal
Registration V800 CJC
Sent 05/01/2012
I would just like to thank you for providing such an outstanding service. On both occasions, I have been more than pleased with the attentive and personal service provided. The staff have been incredibly helpful and polite. I would recommend Regtransfers to anybody and look forward to dealing with you again in the future.
From Miss Devon Hutton
Registration M44 XAV
Sent 21/10/2011
I was really pleased with the service Regtransfers provided. I always go to them when I need a personal plate and have told my family and friends to do the same.
customer testimonial
From Mr Nazum Akhtar
Registration 24 WR
Sent 21/10/2011
It was a very straightforward transaction and your on-line tracking system regularly kept me up-to-date with what was happening with the documentation. Once again thanks for dealing with my transaction in such an efficient manner.
From Mr Chris Fardell
Registration 83 CF
Sent 20/10/2011
I was really pleased with the service Regtransfers provided. I always go to them when I need a personal plate and have told my family and friends to do the same.
customer testimonial
From Mr Nazum Akhtar
Registration N77 UMA
Sent 18/10/2011 has always given me excellent service and the number plates you provided have given me, my family and my friends a lot to smile about.
customer testimonial
From Mr Neil Brown
Registration 22 N
Sent 18/10/2011
I consider CCF 100 a good investment in the present economic climate. I’m delighted with the new plate, and I was equally delighted with Alfie’s professionalism and good service.
customer testimonial
From Mr Colin Fraser
Registration CCF 100
Sent 18/10/2011
Will is an excellent member of your team. Purchasing this plate was a great experience. I am still keeping the team busy through your RegAlert service, as I am looking for another plate. I have looked at other firms out there, but none of them come across to me as professional and helpful as you guys at Regtransfers. Thank you.
customer testimonial
From Mr Fraser Russell
Registration 65 HC
Sent 18/10/2011
This is the third number plate I have purchased through Regtransfers and on every occasion the service could not have been better. Keep up the good work.
From Mr David Kershaw
Registration X3 DSA
Sent 21/10/2011
Thank you for your superb service. From the first moment I contacted you, all the way to finally getting my plates on my car, it has been first class.
From Mr David Rees
Registration P1 USY
Sent 21/10/2011
I was very pleased with your service and will recommend to anyone.
From Mr Brian Ackroyd
Registration D1 AKY
Sent 11/10/2011
I would like to thank everyone at Regtransfers for a pleasant transaction.
From Mr Sidney Bean
Registration SB06 SYD
Sent 11/10/2011
Your service was excellent in every way. Thank you very much.
From Mr William Dowell
Registration K90 TRD
Sent 11/10/2011
I was very pleased with the quick and effortless purchase of my new registration. Thank you.
From Mr Hedley Brookes
Registration X1 HGB
Sent 11/10/2011
Thank you so much. I would recomend you any day. I have been very happy with the service I have received.
From Miss Susan Clarke
Registration BE59 JOY
Sent 11/10/2011
Very efficient service, I was kept up to date at every stage of the transfer.
From Mrs Christine Summers
Registration X60 DGS
Sent 11/10/2011
I received an email about the number plate. I simply followed it up and then called Regtransfers. They were able to match the price, and better yet they beat it afterwards.
From Mr Amerjit Jeer
Registration AM07 EER
Sent 11/10/2011
Cannot thank Regtransfers enough for such a smooth transaction. Will definitely be dealing with you again, as I have decided to treat my wife to her own personal number plate. Would recommend you to anyone.
From Mr John Stansfield, Preston
Registration J5 NWA
Sent 11/10/2011
Very good service. Couldn't ask for anymore. Fast delivery and super help with all the paperwork. Smiles all round!
From Mr Craig Slocombe, Gloucestershire
Registration C17 CGS
Sent 11/10/2011
Thank you very much for your time and good effort.
From Mr Vincent Valente, Durham
Registration VNC 470
Sent 11/10/2011
Many thanks for all your help and advice in this matter. I'll start saving again see if I can buy some more from you.
From Mr Lee Sherborn, Devon
Registration BAS 142
Sent 11/10/2011
We've used your service on many occasions in the past and our decision to do so is always vindicated by a very professional service.
From Mr Leroy Jackson, Hertfordshire
Registration TMJ 1
Sent 11/10/2011
Great working with you on this transaction - thank you for the personal service and prompt timeline achieved.
From Miss Gabi Shepherd, Berkshire
Registration GAS 882
Sent 11/10/2011
Just wanted to say how impressed I was with the purchasing and selling of my registrations through your company. Everything went so smoothly and I had literally nothing to do. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone and would certainly buy from you again. Well Done to All the Team.
From Mrs Susan Williams, Middlesex
Registration SUE 4W
Sent 11/10/2011
Tax disc and MOT cert arrived today for new reg GEZ 999. May I just say how impressed I have been with the way the purchase has been handled and I would not hesitate in recommending your company in the future.
From Mr Gerry Avery, Southampton
Registration GEZ 999
Sent 11/10/2011
I received the road tax/MOT today. Thank you very much for all your communications and assistance. It has been a pleasure dealing with you.
From Mrs Baljinder Sembhy, Leeds
Registration S3 MBY
Sent 11/10/2011
I would just like to say that it was an absolute pleasure dealing with you guys. Each time I called, the staff were friendly, professional and extremely effecient. I would certainly recommend your company to everyone. Thank you.
From Mrs Val Bennett, Hertfordshire
Registration P16 XXX
Sent 11/10/2011
Great service and no pressure. Very satisfied with all the transactions.
From Mr Mike Burnham, Surrey
Registration L111 HMB
Sent 11/10/2011
Thanks hugely for a very quick turnaround and polite service.
From Mr Kenny Mitchell
Registration K90 DUC
Sent 11/10/2011
Great company, great service, very highly recommended.
From Mr Mike Crump, Perthshire
Registration L10 VMC
Sent 11/10/2011
I have not had this no mess no hassle service for many a year. Thank you very much, I will certainly recommend your business.
From Mrs Janet Nicholson, Hull
Registration T1 JKN
Sent 11/10/2011
Quicker than I was expecting. The deal was done, plates mailed to me and relevant documentation issued. First class all the way. A thousand thanks to all the staff, especially Shane at Regtransfers.
From Mr John Vessey, West Yorkshire
Registration M12 JCV
Sent 11/10/2011
Such a straight forward process. The whole thing was easy and hassle free. Simple to follow instructions online and letter.
From Mr Kevin Richardson, Isle of Wight
Registration R30 KJR
Sent 11/10/2011
I would like to thank you for the ease of purchasing this plate. You came up tops. Rosey has been asked by many people how she got a plate so good to match her name and just says contact Reg Transfers. Thank you for your sales team for making it so easy from start to finish.
From Mr Craig Hynd, Fife
Registration R17 SEY
Sent 11/10/2011
A pleasure to do business with you. Your customer service was excellent from start to finish and kept me totally informed from start to finish. You made it a speedy transfer which made it even better. I will have no problem recommending you to my friends. Many thanks.
From Mr Paul Reeder, Middlesex
Registration PKR 251
Sent 11/10/2011
Thanks again for excellent and prompt service. I will not hesitate to contact Regtransfers again if I ever want another plate.
From Mr Kevin O'Leary, Essex
Registration KO56 LEX
Sent 11/10/2011
Just bought my reg plate and was really impressed with the service received from Regtransfers. It was quick and made changing my car registration very easy. I now have it on my car and it makes the car look great. Also I can now remember my car registration! Thanks.
From Ms Helen Owen, South Glamorgan
Registration H7 HLO
Sent 07/10/2011
Absolutely amazing. Very fast service. Over the moon.
From Malcolm Owen, Kent
Registration L44 MWO
Sent 04/07/2017
Love my registration I bought it as lost my wonderful gorgeous brilliant dog, Snoopy, last year. Thanks again to Regtransfers, especially your sales adviser Bill. He was so helpful, kind and brilliant.
From Amanda Ross, County Durham
Registration S40 OOP
Sent 09/08/2017
I would deal with Regtransfers again as totally reliable and truly excellent service.
From Jack Lawson
Registration OO61 BEL
Sent 20/11/2017
Thanks very much to Regtransfers for giving me the opportunity to have my dream number plate.
customer testimonial
From Steve Wallace, Tyne And Wear
Registration WA11 LCE
Sent 14/02/2017