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Find a Number Plate with any of our searches below

The search panel below features tabs that give you a number of search options. Super Search is an all-purpose search that will suggest matches based on the details you provide. Naughty Numbers and Jobs & Interests are self-explanatory, themed selections. The Make Your Own approach allows you to construct your own personal registration in prefix or current registration formats.

With millions to choose from, we are sure that we will have just the plate for you. Happy searching!

Gift Idea

The majority of our number plates can be supplied on certificate to you, in as little as three days! Ideal for that surprise birthday, Christmas present or special gift.

Ray F Wilding, who was celebrating his 55th birthday on March 19th then these excellent registrations could be found.

The first registration represent a kiss X on their 55th Birthday, and their first name RAY. On the second registration the M represents the month of birth (March), the 19 represents the birth day (19th) and RAY being his first name. A great personalised gift.

This registration could be found for Michael D Shaw, whose birthday was on September 23rd.

Gift Idea

The S represents the month of birth (September), the 23 represents the birth day (23rd) and MDS represent the initials. An affordable personalised gift.

Naughty Numbers

Naughty number plates, 53 XEY, STR 11P, B11 XOM

Humorous number plates are very popular, and amongst the light hearted numbers it seems to be the cheeky ones that attract the most attention. By popular demand we have included this section of the site for those looking for something that may raise the odd eyebrow.

We are aware that no two people will entirely agree about what is funny or about what is in good or poor taste. The last thing we want to do is to upset any of our visitors, so if you may be offended by registration numbers that bear a coincidental passing resemblance to a rude word or insulting phrase then please don't proceed any further into this section.

The registrations depicted are all genuine, legal registrations. They were not created to deliberately resemble words, it just sometimes happens by chance. Most number plates in this category reflect nothing more than the kind of traditional, bawdy British humour that one used to see in Carry On films and in the television comedy of Benny Hill, Frankie Howerd and others.

naughty numbers

Please let us know if you think any of these number plates may be genuinely offensive. We want to get the balance right. Meanwhile, we hope you find something here to raise a smile or two.

Make your own Plate
New Style: post-2001 registrations
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Select 2 Letters Select Year Type 3 Letters
Make your own Plate
Classic Style: pre-2001 registrations
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Select a Letter Select a Number Type 3 Letters

With a little imagination!

M20 BEN Gift for Ben who was born on March 20th
M50 CFC Gift for Mark on his 50th birthday who supports Chelsea FC
M3 BMC Brian M Chapman who drives a BMW M3
J5 DXN Mrs. J S Dixon

About Job & Interest Registration Numbers

The Jobs and interests search allows you to pick a job or interest category and our systems will show you relevant registration matches. As well as looking good these registration marks are great fun and can be a great on going marketing tool and asset for a company or individual for a one off cost!


pimlico plumbers

One example is Pimlico Plumbers who have purchased many registrations from us (DRA 1N, BOG 1, LAV 1 etc) over the years to adorn their company vehicles, which make their sign written vehicles and company vans, stand out from the competition.

The Ultimate Plate


Number "1" registrations are regarded as the ultimate number plate. When you purchase a number "1" registration mark you know you own the very best.

It was whist he was sitting in his hospital bed, that Alan Morrow saw a personalised number plate that was just right for him - 1 KEG. "It was made for the type of business we are in.
When I saw it advertised in the Sunday Times, it just struck a cord. My brother David already has the number plate A1 KEG, so I suppose the idea had been in the back of my mind." The number plate is currently on his Jaguar XJR. "When I arrive at a brewery, it brings a smile to everyone's faces."
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Search for Number 'One' Plates

We have a wide range of affordable dateless registrations for you to choose from.

» Click here for Cheap Irish Number Plates

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Dateless registrations can be assigned to any vehicle regardless of its age.

Quality Dateless Numbers

Use this search to find a registration with a particular number of letters and numbers.

e.g. If you were looking for a registration with 2 letters and 1 number, you would use the '2 x 1' search.

For a fuller explanation, use the table below to see what each search does.

Pick an option from the list below and enter the maximum price:

Search for Dateless Numbers
Search Explanation Example
1 x 1 One Letter and One Number X 1
1 x 2 One Letter and Two Numbers C 11
2 x 1 Two Letters and One Number MG 1
1 x 3 One Letter and Three Numbers 800 N
3 x 1 Three Letters and One Number VIP 1
2 x 2 Two Letters and Two Numbers MS 11
3 x 3 Three Letters and Three Numbers 911 BAS

Other Searches

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