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Important Private Number Plates Information

DVLA is the body responsible for enforcing UK private number plates and car registrations regulations. All UK private reg plates must conform to current DVLA specs. The DVLA was formerly known as the DVLC, but that title is now obsolete and DVLA, is the only current and correct acronym. For information on the location of Agency offices within the UK please follow the link: DVLA office locations. Please note that the link goes to a information page created as a service to our visitors. It does not go to any part of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency site. Disclaimer: DVLA is a registered trade mark of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency. is in no way affiliated to the DVLA or DVLA Personalised Registrations.

Car Registrations: Avoiding problems

Most reputable personalised number plates dealers are members of the CNDA (Cherished Numbers Dealers Association). Furthermore, all reputable car registration numbers companies follow the regulations regarding the display of dvla registrations. We strongly recommend that you avoid doing business with any numberplates company offering to make car number plates that contravene standards and regulations. Penalties are severe for breaking the display regulations: in addition to a substantial fine, you risk having entitlement to your cherished number plates permanently withdrawn without compensation. advises that all vehicle registration numbers should be displayed on the correct, legal plates.

Fancy or decorative fonts are not allowed on Car Registration Plates, and only UK national flags are permitted: other symbols, such as football club emblems or religious symbols may not be displayed on private car number plates. The only variant font allowed as an option by the regulations is a 3D effect version of the standard font. The size and spacing of characters on registration plates is also specified. More information on private registration plates character spacing is to be found elsewhere on this website.

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Please follow the PR, News and Stories link in the main menu to read our many, many pages of informative and entertaining car registrations and motoring related articles; and please don't forget to order your FREE copy of our great full colour cherished plates magazine, The World of Personal Number Plates.

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