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Private Plates

It seems that private plates are becoming more fashionable than ever before, and here at we are uniting more customers than ever with their perfect cherished number plates.

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As well as the number of customers, the actual level of enthusiasm also seems to be growing, with car number plates clubs appearing across the country and an increasing number of private plates rallies taking place. This growing awareness of, and enthusiasm for, this particular aspect of vehicle personalisation is also reflected in the feedback we receive from the public. As you browse our website you'll see that a great deal of our content is actually contributed by our customers. We enjoy a steady stream of correspondence from people who want to tell us what their private plates mean to them. We get photos, testimonials praising our service (thanks very much - please keep them coming!), and stories telling us fragments of vehicle registrations history of which we were previously unaware.

This feedback from you means a great deal to us, and we are delighted to be able to say that an increasing number of our customers are returning to us to purchase second, sometimes even third, registrations as gifts or for second cars. Please take a few moments to look at some of the contributions that have been sent to us. We are sure that they will give you an idea of how much enjoyment private plates can provide for their owners. We hope that you'll also see how pleased our customers are with their experience of dealing with

If your car isn't already sporting your very own personalised registration, why not try entering your initials or name into our search box in the column on the right of this page.

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