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Regwise Newsletter - April 2014

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tax disc

The End of the Line for Youngster's Disc Archive?

Eleven-year-old Jude Currie is not happy about the forthcoming changes to the road fund licence system, which will see the abolition of the traditional tax disc. Unlike many of his peers, Jude is not so much into football or science-fiction. Instead, he collects car tax discs and has over 12,000 of them.

The collection spans an enormous period from 1926 to the present and includes, along with the UK examples, discs from Australia, South Africa and Ireland. He estimates that they may be worth something like £10,000.

Jude considers that the whole system should be based on mileage driven each year but is particularly upset by Chancellor George Osborne's plans to abandon the traditional windscreen-displayed paper receipt.

Many will not be sorry to see the end to the yearly or half-yearly routines of tearing round that circular perforation, but Jude's collection will be curtailed. One can only hope that this may lead to an increase in the value of the current archive.

Acrylic Number Plates

Acrylic Number Plates from Regtransfers!

Order your new acrylic plates from Regtransfers and be assured of quick service, high quality and full compliance with all UK and EU regulations.

We offer a range of number plate styles with many flag and border options, and in sizes to fit all cars, motorcycles, trailers and caravans. Orders received before 1pm Monday to Friday will be dispatched that day.

Enforcement of the regulations is becoming more stringent. Display of number plates that don't meet the legal requirements can result in withdrawal of the registration without compensation, a hefty fine and an MOT failure. All plates supplied by Regtransfers are completely legal for use on UK roads. For your peace of mind, we offer only those options permitted under the regulations.

Order your new acrylic number plates
Spring Sale

Spring Fever!

According to the Meteorological Office and the evidence of the weather outside, it is spring!

To celebrate, we are offering a massive 20% off the prices of an enormous range of prestige personal number plates, so a personal number plate could be just what you need to ward off those winter blues.

You can use our sophisticated search facilities to find suitable numbers based on a name, initials or a variety of connections. Why not try it now? You may well find something you hadn't even thought of.


Regtransfers Auction - Special £5 Easter Weekend Listing!

With Easter upon us, the prospect of a four-day weekend may be the ideal time for many people to think about buying a new number plate. If you have one for sale, this could be just the right time to advertise it. To help you to take the best advantage of this opportunity, we are offering a special £5 listing for the whole of the bank holiday period on our number plate auction page.

Our unique online auction service allows you to enter your own reserve price and, the moment your listing appears, we will notify all the people in our database who are looking for a matching or similar plate.

The Regtransfers Auction is both safe and secure, and we will deal with the entire transfer process for you once your plate is sold.

So why not give it a try? Click the button below for full details and registration.

Visit auction

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