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Mothers Day

Mother's Day

Whether you want to use an apostrophe before, the 's', after the 's' or not at all, you can't escape the fact that Sunday March 30th is a special day for your mum.

So, rather than you usual chocolates or flowers, you may want to consider a really special gift that she can appreciate every day.

We have the UK's largest selection of quality registrations including novel plates like W33 MUM, MUM 444N, MUM 888Y, SU11 DAY, WH08 DAY or B16 DAY. But we also provide a unique search facility with which you can find the perfect match for her name, hobby or interest.

With our current Spring Sale offering an amazing 20% discount on literally thousands of top registrations, this could be the year to justify a present she will never forget.

Spring Sale

Spring Fever!

According to the Meteorological Office and the evidence of the weather outside, it is Spring!

To celebrate, we are offering a massive 20% off the prices of an enormous range of prestige personal number plates, so a personal number plate could just what you need to ward off those Winter blues.

You can use our sophisticated search facilities to find suitable numbers based on a name, initials or a variety of connections. Why not try it now? You may well find something you hadn't even thought of.


Soton Plate Saved

Southampton's famous TR 1 number plate could have disappeared following a controversial plan by the local council to sell it off. The plate has been saved, however, but will have a new home - on a minibus which will be used by communities across the city.

Having previously announced the impending sale, which was expected to raise more than £100,000 at auction, the plate was reprieved when a group led by former mayor Derek Burke were given time to to find an alternative way of raising the much-needed cash.

So, for the present, the iconic plate will remain on a council vehicle, albeit a humble nine-seat minibus, available for hired by local groups at a small charge.

Snow Joke

Snow Joke

Winnipeg motorist Lloyd Dueck vows to challenge a $200 fine imposed on him for failing to clear the snow off his number plate.

"I've seen it countless times," he said, "and I'm sure police officers have seen it countless times, but to actually write a ticket as opposed to just giving a warning, I just thought that was a little bit much."

Dueck was driving his pickup truck when he was stopped by a police officer because his licence plate was "obstructed". He apologised, but the officer still gave him a ticket. "We're just quite surprised at his response and just no empathy for, you know, the conditions that we live in," complained the miffed Manitoba motorist, who always makes a point of wiping the snow off his truck before hitting the road.

He admits that he doesn't always clear snow from the licence plate, especially when it's extremely cold outside. "Going back to your bumper and cleaning that off is not necessarily the first thing that comes to your mind when you're trying to get to work in the morning,"

Hopefully, any chance of significant snow here has passed for the time being, but UK motorists may want to take heed of this story since the same rules apply here.

Free Magazine

Magazine Stars on TV

Heavyweight champion Boxer David Haye, who was featured in the cover story of our magazine The World of Number Plates, recently took on some unusual challenges in a recent celebrity edition of ITV's The Cube. Unfortunately he failed to beat the electronic games poser but succeeded in raising the profile of his chosen charity, the Afro-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust.

Elsewhere, another of our cover stars, cricketer Phil Tufnell, appeared on the BBC's quiz show Pointless. Phil competed in a special charity edition where he was partnered by athlete Martin Offiah. And Martin is soon to join the ranks of celebrities featured in our glossy magazine. So, don't forget to look out for that.

Our current edition features top designer and TV 'Dragon' Kelly Hoppen.

Get your copy
Any Plate Will Do

Any Plate Will Do

If you thought buying a personal number plate was a luxury, spare a thought for the hapless motorists of Beijing. Because of the government clampdown on new car registrations, introduced to cut pollution and traffic congestion, even a standard plate can cost you more than twice the average price of a new car itself.

A black market in plates is flourishing because, while it is now illegal to deal in number plates, many frustrated motorists are willing to take the risk.

Legal plates are issued through a lottery system, so you may think yourself privileged to be able to own a plate at all let alone have the opportunity to secure a special registration at a comparatively modest sum.

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