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Private Registrations

Private Registrations

It comes as quite a surprise to many people when they learn that they don’t have to keep the number plates their car was originally registered with. Private registrations have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and it has never been easier to personalise your car. There was a time, not so long ago, that a personalised number plate meant that the car displaying it was probably driven by someone very rich or very famous. Things have indeed changed: although many of’s customers are celebrities and millionaires, anyone can have their own personal car registration with their initials, name or something else specific to them.

In the UK, the system by which private registrations are transferred means that the desired effect has to be achieved by finding combinations of characters within the standard sequence of issued plates which visually resemble the name or word, or which contain the relevant initials. For example, Regtransfers marketing manager, Len Stout, chose the registration S7 OUT for his car. It is a standard, legal registration, but the particular combination of characters quite clearly says “Stout” to the reader! Lucky Len has got himself a great plate there.

It might seem that the requirement to use a combination of characters that exists within the issued sequence of plates would limit choices and possibilities. In practice many, many names can be reproduced, or nearly reproduced to great effect following these rules. You only have to browse our searches to see.

So, why not search for your own private registration while you’re here? See the search box on this page.